So you want some more apps installed on your favorite Android device, but don't know exactly what to download? Fear not, we bring you another edition of our favorite applications, in hopes that they will soon become some of your favorites as well. Take a jump past the break, and check out our favorites for this past week!

Menno - Doggcatcher ($2.99)


There's nothing more frustrating than being half way through a podcast just to have the app reset on you an doggcatcherlose its position. (I'm looking at you Listen). As a podcast addict, I've tried several podcasting applications, both paid and premium, but I just discovered Doggcatcher, and I'm happy I did. Doggcatcher has a ton of advanced features that I'm still working through, but the important thing is that it works right right from first boot. Adding a podcast is as simple as clicking on the RSS link from my browser and it's ready to go. And most importantly, it remembers your location, even if you power cycle your device. At $4.99, it's not the cheapest app around, but I think it was well worth it for how often I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. It's even on sale this week for $2.99, and if you purchase it all of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross-Horn of Africa drought fund. If you're looking for a podcasting application that looks great, is feature rich, and "just works," be sure to check out Doggcatcher. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - TexTab ($2.10)


One of the main functions a lot of people (myself included) find most important in a tablet is the ability to replace your smartphone when you want it to. I'm not saying as a permanent solution, but it would sure textabbe nice to be able to keep your phone in your pocket while you have your tablet in hand. One app that brings us closer to that dream is TexTab, one of a slew of new SMS syncing apps for Honeycomb. TexTab connects your tablet with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and syncs incoming and outgoing text messages between your two devices. When your phone receives a text, it will show up in TextTab on your tablet. And instead of having to reach for your phone to reply, simply reply to the message on your tablet and it will be sent from your phone. What sets this app apart from the others like it is that it simply works. I have yet to encounter a bug or hiccup, and the developer seems to be updating as issues arise. A few caveats: the app won't sync your entire SMS inbox and outbox, only messages that have been sent and received after a connection has been established will show up. And if you use GO SMS, Handcent, or any other third party SMS software on your phone, you'll have to prevent it from blocking the native messaging app notifications in order for TexTab to work. With a slick UI and a free lite version that gives you a taste of how it works before you buy, TexTab is my favorite Honeycomb SMS client to date. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Random Factor Mahjong (Free)


Random Factor Mahjong is one of the best mahjong apps available for Android. It's solitaire mahjong (kyodai) and offers great gameplay, beautiful graphics, and replay factor -- something a lot of games Mahjongdesigned for mobile platforms seem to lack. The 50 levels are different every time you start the game up (hence the random tag) and you have three levels of difficulty. You can also get a little fancy and build custom levels once you become a pro and need a bit more challenge. On the flip side, if you're a beginner, there's also great options like undo and shuffle, and every level offers visual clues that you can turn on to give a hint when needed. Roll all this up into an app that runs on just about any Android device, and I think you have the recipe for a real winner. Random Factor Mahjong is free in the Android Market for devices running Android 1.6 and higher, and an ad-free version is available for about two bucks (depending on the exchange rate). Give it a try if you love to play mahjong, I promise you won't be disappointed. [Market Link

Alex Dobie - Mobile (Free)

Speedtest is a well-known service that allows you to see exactly how much real-world data you're pushing through whichever infrastructure is connecting you to the Intertubes. However, it's a flash-heavy speedtestsite that isn't exactly ideal for smartphone use, and that's where the official Mobile app comes to the rescue. At its most basic level, you can just hit the big glowing button to begin, and the app will automatically select the nearest test server and see how fast you can download and upload (check out our awesome 3G speeds!) There's also the option to choose from a list of servers, arranged by distance from your location, if you're having trouble with the one it's selected by default. The app also keeps track of all your test runs, their results, servers, IP addresses and even the precise location where the test took place, which is a nice touch. The Android app is available for free from the Android Market, and is supported by relatively unobtrusive text ads that are shown near the bottom of the screen. [Market Link]

Joshua Munoz - WidgetLocker Lockscreen ($1.99)

Widget Locker

widgetlockerThere's no getting around it. One of the biggest draws about Android, to me, is that I can make it do what I want. I like things how I like 'em, and WidgetLocker lets me do just that. HTC really knocked the lockscreen out of the park with Sense 3.0, but it still can't trump having whatever I want looking back at me when my screen turns on. Be it a sassy Lloyd, Batman, any number of widgets or shortcuts, WidgetLocker has something for everyone. It's simple to set up and definitely easy to use, and isn't too expensive. Plus, it lets you have the best lockscreen around, bar none. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Flickr for Tablets (Free)

Android Central

flickrA nice and simple app for tablet users to view and upload images to Flickr - you can set images to auto upload, view your own photos (tags, galleries, collections, sets) and even delete, all directly from your tablet. If you're looking to just browse around -- you also have access to all public photos in a beautiful and easy to navigate layout. [Market Link]