Applications -- they make the world go 'round. OK, maybe not exactly, but there sure are a ton of great ones in the Android Market, and finding the right one can be a bit difficult. Take a look after the jump, as we bring you another edition of our weekly selections.

Jerry Hildenbrand -- Whack The Hillbilly


Google's App Inventor was meant to be a way to educate and allow users to build useful applications for themselves, but it's great for tom-foolery too. Enter my pick for this week, Whack the Hillbilly. It's a simple game -- try to tap on the roving hillbilly to get a point. But beware, each time the hillbilly get a sip of his beer, your points start to trickle away, or freeze in place for a few seconds. While it might not have the best plot, and the graphics won't exactly knock your socks off, it's fun to fool around with, harder than it looks, and you can only get it at Android Central. Grab it here, and have fun. It should work on any Android device running 1.5 and higher, but it's tested on Eclair and Froyo.

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Kyle Gibb - XKCD Viewer


XKCD is a webcomic you should be familiar with (and lets face it, if you are reading this site you probably are). Suffice to say, its a hilarious blend of science, tech, math, and general geekery. In other words, perfect for me. I am bad about checking the site regularly, so I use XKCD Viewer app to keep up to date. You can view the comics in landscape or portrait, and can quickly skip to your favorites if you remember the number. Really, you have no excuse to NOT download this app. Take a gander at the attached picture if you still have lingering doubts. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane -

speedtest is a great little application to run in various locations to see what kind of speeds your device is running on. Many people think their data connection is great, or quite the opposite, but there is never a great way to tell. This application is rather simple, its basically a single click that runs some tests to determine you upload and download speed. Inside the application it will store your results so you are able to compare speeds by day or between location. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Sean Brunett - Google Voice Callback


Google Voice is one of the best apps available on Android and certainly one of the best apps Google has made to date. However, the official app is missing one key feature, the callback, which is an important feature if you want to make free calls. Luckily, Android developers are awesome and have made Google Voice Callback, an app that will use Google Voice to call you back and connect you, making the call free. Some settings need to be toggled with to work, and it would take too long here to explain it. So check out my forum post on Google Voice Callback. There are two versions, free and unpaid, so if you enjoy the free app, consider supporting the developer. Free - [Market Link | AppBrain] Donate - [Market Link | AppBrain]

Phil Nickinson - Quadit


Sometimes you just need a basic game to pass the time. Enter Quadit. It's kind of like those bubble pop games, though you're looking for groups of balls with the same colors at the four corners. It's tougher than you think (and a bit challenging on the eyes), so it's keeping me occupied. Free. [Market linkApp Brain]