Getting bored with those applications on your device? Looking for something new, but don't have hours to devote searching the market? Fear not, we bring you our weekly dose of our favorite selections that we use daily, and hopefully you can find some of the same value in the that we do!

Chris Parsons - Plex 9 Remote


Given that there are a few Plex Media server applications in the Market, I figured I'd plex-9highlight on of my favorite remotes for it. Plex Remote 9 does all that I need it to. It allows me to remotely control the Plex Media app on my MacBook all from my Nexus One in a easy to use, intuitive interface. While it's not as feature rich as some of the others in the fact you can't view which media you have or stream to your Android device from your Mac it does offer simplicity and if that's what you're looking for then using Plex 9 remote will be a treat. Just kick back and soak in the media all controlled from your Android device. Plex 9 Remote is available for free in the Android Market. Keep in mind though, you must have Plex 9 installed on your Mac. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jerry Hildenbrand -- Aldiko Reader


We've spent a good bit of time looking at eReader apps lately, but we've kept focus on aldikothe big guns like Amazon or now Google. Aldiko is a reader of a different sort. Not only can you download from a choice of thousands of book, most of which are free, but you can import any ePub file straight into the app. This is a feature many of us miss when using the more popular reader apps. Other great features like night mode, orientation lock, and fully adjustable fonts and sizes make this a great, if under-appreciated app. Aldiko comes in both a free and paid version, check out the free version from the Android Market. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Andrew Melnizek - Taylor Swift


Kanye West might have snatched her microphone, but Taylor Swift has snatched the taylor-swiftmasses. There is no denying that this doe-eyed girl has taken the world by storm. So, naturally, there's an app for, erm... her. The Taylor Swift app is the only official app for the country/pop artist. Mobile Roadie has done an excellent job updating the app constantly, by providing fans with something new and fresh each time. Fans of Taylor can watch videos, read her tweets, check blog posts, download photos, and even sample some of her albums. Not bad, eh? Granted, Swifty's music isn't for everyone, but when you sell millions of albums, there's definitely an audience! The app is free, give it a spin. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Sean Brunett - Google Books


google-booksGoogle had a lot of important announcements this week, including their ebook store going live. Google’s strategy in this space is simple: allow users to read their books on as many devices as possible; very similar to Amazon’s strategy with the Kindle. There are over 3 million books to choose from on Google, making them instantly relevant in this area. The Google Books app gives users the ability to read all of their books on their mobile devices. The app provides users with a simple interface of all of their purchases, which are stored in the cloud. For anyone looking to use Google’s ebook service, this is a must have. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - SliceIt


Often times I look for a fun game that I can pick up for just a few minutes, play a level or two when I have a free minute, and not worry about needing to reach a save point, or getting too addicted and not being able to stop playing. SliceIt is a great game that really gets you thinking about how to solve the puzzles and continue to defeat the levels. They start off easy, you have to slice objects in half, or thirds, and as it grows you have to make more and more cuts, with less moves, and keep them all even. The game is very entertaining, and keeps me busy, sometimes it even upsets me when I can't figure out how to cut the object evenly as the game requires. If you are looking for a free way to pass some time, this is a great choice. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jesse Potter - SwitchPro


switchproI get a lot of questions about this widget, so here it is. SwitchPro is an excellent widget that allows you to add a desktop widget with up to 8 system buttons. With SwitchPro, you can disable/enable Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, sync, and more. The widget allows for a lot of customization, so you can tweak its colors to match your current wallpaper, or theme. It'll cost you $.99 in the Market, but well worth it if you find yourself constantly turning things on and off. There are many apps like this in the market, but where this one stands out is its customization.  [Market Link | AppBrain]