This week we decided to switch it up a little bit, and bring you a special edition of our favorite weekly applications. Not only are these some of our favorite applications, but all of this week's pick require root access on your device. Be sure to join us after the break to take a look at some of these applications!

Jerry Hildenbrand - SQLite editor


If you're going to root and hack away at your phone, eventually you're going to need to SQLiteedit some of the database files. While big, complicated edits are best done on the computer, tweaking and testing things like additions to the HTC Sense weather city list, or the telephony database to fix funky MMS issues is a lot more convenient to do on the fly. That's where SQLite editor comes in. You can view, open and edit the databases, both for third party apps and the included db files from your manufacturer -- right on your phone. It's easy to understand and use, and the explorer lists all your db files to save you from having to hunt them down. I find myself using it a lot more than I thought I would, and don't mind spending the £1.80 (about $2.94) at all. You can grab it from the Market. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Cachemate for root users


CacheMateAdmit it: Android at times has issues with cleaning up after itself. Be it leftover files or just file caches the system is not sure it should delete -- it often times will consume a good amount of space that could be better utilized. Luckily though, Cachemate for root users exists and you'll no longer need to wonder where your space is going.. just one click at the end if the day and you've cleaned up most of the unneeded files on your de device. With both a free and more advanced paid version available you have nothing to lose. Try it and see how much space you're wasting on junk files. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - SGS Tools


SGSSince we’ve decided to do apps that only work on rooted devices, this week, my choice is SGS Tools. It’s an app that’s only designed for Samsung Galaxy S phones, and one section (ROM Tools), is specifically for the Captivate. With SGS Tools, users can access secret codes, apply various scripts, modify bootup/shutdown sounds, apply MarketFix, upgrade Stock Apps and much more. It’s a very good app for anybody with a rooted Samsung Galaxy S. The Captivate specific section, ROM Tools, allows you to access ROMS, Kernels and Modems for that device. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Root Explorer


Ever load a ROM and it came with some things preloaded that you didn't want Root-Exploreranymore, or simply just wanted to remove some bloat from your original OS? Navigating the files of your device, modifying, renaming, and even deleting is exceptional easy with Root Explorer. Sometimes applications won't update from the market, and the best way to get the update is to remove the original, but for some devices and applications you can't just simply remove them, such as Google Voice, but having Root Explorer you can go in and delete the apk. The application does carry a price tag of a little over $4, but if you are into moving and playing with the files of your device, this is a must have. [Market Link]

Alex Dobie - MyBackup Pro


backup-proThere are a bunch of rooted backup apps available on the Market, but my weapon of choice is MyBackup Pro. It offers local and cloud-based backup functionality for everything from contacts to alarms to home screen icon arrangements and system settings. Rooted users also have the option of backing up app .apk files and associated data, which makes switching between ROMs even more painless. The paid version even includes 100MB of cloud-based backup storage, which is great if you're regularly switching between phones or ROMs. [Market Link]