Body Glove Droid 2

Like many of you out there I have a love/hate relationship with cases on my device, I love the protection, but often times hate the feel. With a recent change of career I found myself looking for a nice rugged case that I could use with a belt clip, or without if I wanted, and while this may seem like a lot to look for in a case, I was able to find it all with the Body Glove Case for the Motorola Droid 2. Let's hit the break and take a deeper look at this case, along with some more pictures of the fit.

Body Glove SideBody Glove Side 2

To say I was excited for the arrival of the case would be an understatement, so as soon as it arrived I immediately installed it on the device. At first I was scared that I wasn't going to enjoy the extra bulk, but then once I remembered it would be hooked to my belt, and not in my pocket I was OK with giving it a chance. The fit of the case itself is very snug to the device, but unlike many other snug cases it was not a pain to install it on the device. The two pieces snap very easily in place, and would require some force to remove so there is no fear of the case just falling off the device during use. The back of the case has a removable belt clip piece, and they also include a flush back insert for those who do not wish to use the belt clip.

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Body Glove Kickstand

The clip itself is a whole other level of awesome, as it is not only a belt clip, but it also doubles as a stand, allowing your device to remain standing once placed on a desk. This is amazingly useful for those of us who enjoy to stream media, or watch a movie on our device while trying to do something else, no worries about having to hold the device to keep it viewable. As far as the actual belt clip it is very sturdy, and well constructed, I would say it could take a pretty good beating on a daily basis. One thing I wish is that the clip would be a little firmer when trying to rotate the device, as I have seen on some other clips, just to keep the device in the same position, but this is just a minor wish, not a flaw.

Android CentralBody Glove Back

Overall, if you are looking for a case that will give you some serious protection for your device, you need to be OK with adding some bulk to the device. The Body Glove case has a great rubberized feel, which allows for it to be held comfortably in the hand, and while it does add bulk it is not a huge amount. The ability to use the case with or without the belt clip without being forced to have the knob on the back is a huge plus for me, as I do not always use the clip and don't want that protruding from the back. The Body Glove Case for the Motorola Droid 2 is a great case for those who need protection and want a nice feel of the device still, and it is available in the Android Central Store for $24.95.

Side Body Glove