Amazon Echo Wall Clock goes Disney with a Mickey Mouse edition

Mickey Mouse Wall Clock
Mickey Mouse Wall Clock (Image credit: Amazon)

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means — Total Disney Domination. If you haven't gotten caught up on The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, or taken your kids to see Frozen II, maybe it's because you need to manage your time better! Amazon suggests you try the Echo Wall Clock, now with Mickey Mouse. The Disney Mickey Mouse Edition Echo Wall Clock is $20 more than the original, but it's got the classic Mickey Mouse clock style, complete with moving arms that point to the correct time.

The Echo Wall Clock was originally a no-brainer impulse buy, since it's inexpensive and convenient for things like setting kitchen timers. Our reviewer thought the automatic Daylight Savings setting was worth the price of admission alone. The new Mickey Mouse Edition costs much more, but it still won't break the bank, and if you're a true Disney fan, you're used to paying the Mickey tax.

Besides the Mickey Mouse arms, the clock has 60 glowing LEDs around the edge of the clock that act as a timer, or even multiple timers. The Echo Wall Clock pairs easily with any Echo device. You essentially tell Alexa to set up your new Wall Clock and Amazon figures out the rest behind the scenes.

Philip Berne