Amazon Echo can now get news from CNN, NPR and Discovery

Amazon continually updates its Echo speaker, bringing improvements and new features to make it more useful, and this week, improvements focus on news. Users can now add even more sources to the Echo's Flash Briefing feature through the Settings section of the Alexa app. New sources include CNN, Bloomberg, NPR, Discovery News, ESPN Radio, and The Economist.

A couple of new skills have also been highlighted this week. RhymeZone is a rhyming dictionary that you can speak to. You can ask questions like "Alexa, what rhymes with stare?" and get a rhyming word in reply. You can also ask about baby names, getting answers about popular names in particular years. New skills can be added from the Skills section of the Alexa app.

You can, of course, pick up the Echo directly from Amazon, while the Alexa app is available for download on the Google play Store

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Joseph Keller