Excellent battery life

Amazon Echo Buds

Super convenient

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Amazon's Echo Buds have managed to nail the fundamentals such as battery life, convenience, and portability. However, Micro-USB in 2019 is downright embarrassing.

$130 at Amazon


  • Solid active noise reduction (ANR)
  • Up to 20 hours of total listening time
  • Great support on both iOS and Android
  • Compact charging/carrying case


  • Micro-USB for charging
  • No wireless charging

The Galaxy Buds from Samsung are a solid pick if you have an Android phone, even a non-Samsung one. They're solid overall, but suffer when it comes to battery life.

$120 at Amazon


  • Long, 15-hour battery life
  • Customizable on Android
  • USB-C wired and Qi wireless charging case
  • Good sound with decently neutral frequency response


  • Case battery life is mediocre at best

Both the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Amazon Echo Buds are great in their own right. However, Amazon's newest Echo Buds easily beat out the Galaxy Buds in several ways including much longer battery life, better support on iOS, and active noise cancelation.

What sets them apart?

Samsung Galaxy BudsSource: Android CentralPictured: Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Being truly wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds and Echo Buds have many things in common. They both feature auto-pause/play when you remove an earbud or put one back in respectively and have a required charging case that is relatively small and should fit in most people's pockets. Both buds feature in-ear designs, which require silicone tips and include several different ear tip sizes in the box.

Battery life will be the biggest differentiator between the two earbuds. The Galaxy Buds last up to six hours on their own while the Echo Buds net you five hours. A one-hour difference isn't a huge deal, but where the Echo Buds pull ahead is with its charging case. The Echo Buds case is able to give you up to 15 additional hours of listening time while the Galaxy Buds only adds seven.

However, the Galaxy Buds has the edge when it comes to how you charge your earbuds. It offers USB-C for wired charging and is wireless charging capable, while the Echo Buds uses the outdated Micro-USB connector and doesn't offer any type of wireless charging.

Sound quality is solid on both buds. Neither are great but both are good in their own right. The Galaxy Buds lack bass almost entirely throughout, while the mids are fairly neutral. The low- and mid-treble is neutral, and the upper-treble is slightly boosted which means the Echo Buds may be slightly piercing and sharp for some.

The Echo Buds takes sound quality slightly differently with an overall punchy bass that's overemphasized by a good margin. The mids are neutral, flat, and natural, while the treble is underemphasized slightly, giving the Echo Buds a warmer and darker sound overall.

Amazon Echo Buds Samsung Galaxy Buds
Bud battery life 5 hours 6 hours
Case battery life 15 hours 7 hours
Wireless charging case No Yes
Active noise reduction (ANR) Yes No
Ambient sound mode No Yes

Here's where it gets kind of funny. The Galaxy Buds feature an ambient sound mode that let you hear your surroundings without removing a bud. However, the Galaxy Buds don't feature active noise reduction (ANR) at all. The Echo Buds are the reverse, where they feature ANR but don't include an ambient sound mode. The ambient sound mode on the Galaxy Buds is excellent. It amplifies the sound around you without making it sound unrealistic.

The ANR on the Echo Buds are pretty good. It's powered by Bose, and is a notch worse than the active noise cancelation (ANC) tech it uses for over-ear headphones. Compared to other ANC truly wireless earbuds such as the Sony WF-1000XM3 and AirPods Pro, the Echo Buds perform slightly worse than both. It still blocks out a good amount of low-end noise, but struggles a bit everywhere else, making them ideal for commuters and office use.

Echo BudsSource: Android CentralPictured: Echo Buds.

Comfort is superb on both the Galaxy Buds and Echo Buds. Both are relatively small and compact, with the Echo Buds only being slightly larger than the Galaxy Buds. They both come with the standard small, medium, and large silicone ear tips so size and fit won't be much of an issue. Neither will give you any sort of ear fatigue, nor will they fall out of your ear with a proper fit.

At the end of the day, the Amazon Echo Buds are the better option here. Battery life on the Galaxy Buds is simply not good enough for a truly wireless earbud. The Echo Buds feature up to 20 hours of listening with the included charging case and that's with ANR enabled. It may be lacking an ambient sound mode but that can be easily combated by simply removing one earbud if you need to.

Great Battery Life

Amazon Echo Buds

Great if you live within Amazon's ecosystem!

The Amazon Echo Buds feature superior battery life, active noise reduction, and a portable design. However, Micro-USB in 2019 should be a sin.

Super convenient

Samsung Galaxy Buds

For those who are looking for ultimate portability and convenience.

The Galaxy Buds features good sound, wireless charging, and great customization on Android. Battery life and support on other platforms would be nice.

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