Advertising on the sly for Nexus One

Same as with the Motorola Droid, the Nexus One has found a place (at least at one point) on Google's home page. And if you're in an airport with Google's free holiday WiFi (what up McCarran!), at one point you were redirected to upon log-in.

Personally, I'm not crazy about the precedent Google set with the Droid advert, subtle as it may be. If that space were for rent by anybody (and it may be, if the price is right, though we likely would have seen something else by now), all would be Kosher. But Google cherry-picking its own products leaves a slightly worse taste in our mouth than we had even after the final night of CES. That said, it's their home page, and they can do whatever they darn well please with it.

  • If I were selling a product, I would put it on my home page too.
  • The Google Homepage is slowly getting a little busier.
  • article makes no sense. google owns that page and why wouldnt they advertise their product??? common sense here. the phone was made to sell not sit in a warehouse.
  • I agree. It's almost as bad as advertising your Android Central Store at the top of your website would be. Oh... wait...
  • Covert FTW! })
  • Almost forgot... that bad taste in your mouth? It's called hypocrisy.
  • i choked on a cinnamon toast crunch! :)
  • I have no objection to ads, in theory. In general though, their implementation leaves a lot to be desired. Few things annoy me more than waiting for a page to render, only to look at the bottom of my browser window and see "waiting for", "waiting for", or "waiting for"
  • Phil's not too smart, is he?
  • If they sold advertising to anyone, I'd have absolutely no problem. But you're right. It's their page, they can do whatever they want. It's not nearly evil -- just raises an eyebrow.
  • I think over the past few posts this week you have just lost a couple of users, and I am one. Quit trying to Maximize your posts by posting random stuff that hurts your feelings leave that for your twitter account. Do not bring in what your friend left tasting in your mouth or anything. Google has the right and I find the add non obtrusive. You are seriously biased against the Nexus One.
  • is this even Android Central or what? You wouldn't see a dumb blog post like this on Crackberry about BlackBerries being advertised anywhere. They celebrate Blackberries and since this is ANDROID central why don't you try celebrating them instead of berating them and Google with this complete nonsense. Much more of this crap and I will not hang out here.
  • Hypocrisy at its best. Get some common sense Android Central !!!
  • I agree with most everybody else, this post was stupid and is just acting as clutter. It doesn't provide ANY value at all.
  • Well, that didn't go over like you planned I bet.
  • Sorry......but I agree with most on this. I don't see any big deal. I jut opened up Google's homepage and the ad isn't there any longer.
  • the hypocrisy/drama gives more clicks/traffic to the advertisements to this site..similar to BGR lol
  • Is the cropped ad for Chrome an issue too? Or the links to Google's other services like Gmail? Google is always going to use their homepage to push their products, since consumers go to for all their services, not just search. As Android fans let's hope they start pushing "" more when they start carrying more models, and be thankful they only use one line ads instead of a Nexus One flash banner.
  • The Links to the Android Community Store on the mainpage of is a clear attempt to force us to click on there products and purchase them. This is clearly leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I believe you cherry picked your store on your page. Perhaps you should advertise apples store instead? Seriously though as you can see from all these posts. Use your twitter for this not the website.
  • Its google's home page... Go to Who advertises there?? Oh yeah microsoft.. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with google advertising their product and no one else's on their homepage. Period.
  • If it bothers you don't use their search engine...
  • Acts like this reveal Google's over-arching power to sell their product, and if they continue it will help to eliminate third-party Android phones. If you were a company who was about to develop an Android-based phone, would you want to compete against the Nexus One with all of Google's power fixed on selling their hardware?
  • Sure why not? If I make a better device, sure I'm going to market it. Google is doing web adverts and on their search engine page. Others do magazine, radio, web and tv ads. And I'm sure my company would be placing their ads where they thought best to put them, to catch the eye of the intended consumers. The N1 is just one phone, but not everyone is going to buy it no matter how many places Google or anyone else places ads, links or banners for it. I think the thing that Phil is forgetting, is that ads or no ads on Google's pages, does not force people to click on them. I have ignored TV ads for 40 some odd years and web ads since my Compuserve and The Source days. So if Google wants to fill up all that white space on their search page, I say fine, have at it, but for me the second those ads start taking too long, or I'm forced to click through ads to get to my search results, then it will be time for me to start using another engines. SO for now I'll keep doing what I have been doing, see an ad, ignore the ad, unless I have nothing better to do than click the ad, and that doesn't happen often.
  • Lol, definitely not the response he was looking for.
  • Hey, all. No, this is *exactly* the response I hoped for. We're all talking about it. This isn't some grand conspiracy, and likely in my post-CES funk (what did YOU do this week?) I didn't explain my thoughts very well (or use the best choice of words). If I'm wrong on something, call me on it. But this isn't about a company's *right* to advertise. We all do it. (And again, "On the sly" wasn't the best choice of words.) But I think that Google advertising on its home page -- remember that the Google legacy is as much from its Spartan design as it is what it does -- is worth discussion. And discuss it we have. And we are not the first to do so.
  • I'd say there are some at Google that thought this was controversial as well, otherwise the ad would still be on the front page. Maybe the Android Program Manager, etc.
  • No, no... let's not muddy the waters on what's being discussed here. Google advertising on their page for their products isn't worth discussing, Phil, and we haven't discussed it. The only thing we've been saying is that we're incredulous that *you* find it worth discussing (much less worth doing an entire spot on it with wording that is at times disparaging... I won't belabor the point as you've seemed to have apologized, at least implicitly, for it).
  • Your "Headline" Should of been more about Google filling up there page and not being so "plain" than being more about a I hate google for advertising article, if you were truly getting at that. I do agree it is un-google like but also see you came off about it in the wrong way.
  • I think its happen first because Google do not advertise for anyone on his home page like yahoo and other search engine do.
  • With iPhone 4.0 and a 4th generation iPhone due June/July 2010, how selfish are we to beg all comers to “bring the awesome!” so that Apple is incentivized to bring their own innovation to market faster? Exactly this selfish: well done, Nexus One, you’re not failing to impress.
  • Just noticed this today on Google Maps home page, right under the "Get Directions" link: "New! Introducing Nexus One, the phone from Google with free Google Maps Navigation (beta)." I guess they are running the ad in various places now, home page, maps, airport wifi...
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