Acer is a Taiwan-based consumer electronics company that is best known for its laptops and desktops, which run Windows, but the company is also prolific at making desktop monitors, projectors, servers and networking equipment. Readers of Android Central will also know Acer for its line of Android phones and tablets, as well as its emergence as a leading Chromebook maker.

In terms of phones, Acer has a somewhat-successful line of devices in the mid-range segment under the "Liquid" brand name, though for the most part they aren't actually sold in Western markets. The phones are better known in the Asian markets, where they hit solid price points with good features and design. The best chance of seeing Acer phones in North America is when they're bought unlocked and off-contract.

Acer's tablet line follows the "Iconia Tab" branding, with model numbers denoting whether the device runs Android — starting with an A — or Windows — starting with a W. Just like its laptops Acer covers a solid range of price points and feature sets with its tablets, though the group of them tend to lean toward the mid-range like its phones. Folks in Western markets are likely familiar with the Iconia Tab line more so than Acer's phone lineup, as the company's existing partnerships with retailers from computer sales often get the tablets good placement in stores.

Building on its success as a traditional computer maker, Acer has really taken hold of a good portion of the market in the Chromebook space. Its C710 and C720 models are some of the best-selling devices in the segment, and it continues to iterate with devices of different sizes with a variety of processors and form factors. Acer has also dabbled in the Chromebox segment with its CX model nettop-style Chrome OS computer.

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