Accessory maker Nomad is donating 1 million masks to communities in need and you can help

Nomad Medical Supplies
Nomad Medical Supplies (Image credit: Nomad)

What you need to know

  • Nomad is best known for making some great accessories.
  • Now it's turning its attention to helping those who need masks.
  • The company is donating 1 million masks and matching donations.

Nomad is a name that regular readers will be familiar with thanks to its chargers and whatnot. But today it's making waves for another reason – charity. It's helping those who might otherwise struggle to get hold of medical supplies by donating 1 million masks. And it needs your help to find out where they need to go. People need masks now more than ever and with the COVID-19 pandemic unlikely to go away any time soon, the more masks, the better.

Nomad wants us to help show it where its masks need to go and people can nominate organizations right now. If it's a relief group or nonprofit, Nomad will reach out and do the rest.

We are donating one million face masks to USA-based nonprofits and organizations in need. We want the Nomad Community's help: we are asking you to nominate relief groups, nonprofits, community foundations, and anyone who might need medical supplies to receive face masks. Alternatively, if you represent or are part of an existing nonprofit in need of face masks, we will donate masks to you. Nominate an organization or request supplies for your own organization below.

Nomad Medical Supplies

Source: Nomad (Image credit: Source: Nomad)

That's not all. Nomad is also matching contributions by anyone who can help, meaning more organizations can get the supplies they need without having to spend a penny.

If you don't want to nominate an organization to receive masks, but still want to help out, you can help Nomad donate even more masks here. We will be giving all additional contributions to Direct Relief, Glide, Meals on Wheels, American Red Cross, and United Way. These organizations provide aid on a wide range of causes from humanitarian relief to Native American support and Senior Citizen care.

You can contribute to this great cause now. We know that not everyone can, though, and any help is greatly appreciated. Just sharing the initiative on social media is a wonderful way to help out!

Oliver Haslam