This battery bank fits in the tiny pocket in your jeans and you can get two of them for just $30

The Moto G Play (2023) charging
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We've all been there. Our phone is almost dead, we either don't have a way to charge it or there is no place to plug it in. You either accept the fact that your phone is going to die or you shut it off. Either way, you're not happy about it.

Maybe time away from a phone is actually good for us, but most people aren't happy about that either. The solution is, of course, a battery pack that you charge at home and use to juice up your phone when the battery gets low. You can buy some really cool — and really big — battery packs that will charge your phone to full a couple of times. Then you have to tote that big heavy thing around for when you need it.

The alternative is something smaller, but not so small that it's useless. You need something like this uber-portable charger from HETP.

HETP 2-pack portable 5200mAh battery:$49.95$31.96 at Amazon

HETP 2-pack portable 5200mAh battery: $49.95 $31.96 at Amazon

This portable battery pack may be small, but it packs in plenty of power. Its USB-C connector plugs into your phone and delivers PD fast charging and you can even use it while you are recharging it. Two for $30 is a great deal.

You're not going to be able to fully charge your phone more than once with this one (unless you bring both of them along) but it's got plenty of power for something so small. At 5200mAh, its capacity is pretty close to the size of the battery inside your phone itself.

You have a bunch of colors to choose from and if black and white isn't your thing pink, purple, and blue are also on sale as a late Black Friday deal. There's even a small display that lets you know how much juice is left in the battery itself.

There are a couple of other cool things that made me buy these: the small size, of course, is one. The manufacturer says they are the size of a tube of lipstick so I can cram one into my pocket and toss the other in a cup holder in my car.

The other thing I really like is they are full USB-C PD with a passthrough connection. That means they should charge your stuff fairly quickly and you can plug it into the wall while you're using it to charge two things at once.

Seeing a deal where I could get two of them for about $30 was the kicker. A single charger is on sale for $20 so I'm getting another for just $11. I love saving money as much as I hate charging my phone.

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