This Anker power strip is what you need behind your television

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I've spent the better part of two days trawling through Amazon looking for great deals on stuff worth sharing and almost missed one of the things I really needed. This small Anker power strip has enough outlets to power everything, including a Chromecast with Google TV through one of its built-in USB ports. And it's on sale for $26 on Prime Day.

Look I know buying a power strip isn't rocket science and for most people, it's difficult to get excited over one. But this one was exactly what I was looking for because it works just right for my average entertainment stand.

The outlets are spaced apart so any brick will fit, which is nice. I have my television, my A/V receiver, and a PlayStation 5 plugged into them. It also has three USB ports — two USB Type-A ports and a USB C port with power delivery. That's perfect for plugging in my Chromecast with Google TV. I don't need anything bigger so I don't want to make room for anything bigger.

On the safety side, it offers overload and over-voltage protection as well as guarding your stuff against short circuits and overheating plugs. Of course, it's grounded and works from 100 to 220 volts.

Amazon says it would also be great for a home office or a dorm room and I reckon it would. I only know what I would use it for and that's why I picked one up. I like things that are easy almost as much as I like saving money.

Anker USB C Power Strip with Power Delivery:$39.99$25.98 at Amazon

Anker USB C Power Strip with Power Delivery: $39.99 $25.98 at Amazon

Power strips are handy as heck but sometimes you don't have room for a great big one. This model from Anker is just the right size for my average entertainment center setup.

If you don't need a bunch of outlets but you do need a trio of handy USB ports, this Anker power strip might be what you're looking for. It's perfect for stashing behind your new television and forgetting it's even there.

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