The Amazon Smart Plug is Alexa's BFF and it's half-off for Prime Day

Amazon Smart Plug
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Amazon loves to mark down its own products for Prime Day, and that means great deals for you and me. This half-off Amazon Smart Plug is no exception, and is just $12.99.

You need to know that it doesn't work with Google Assistant or Siri. If you need a smart plug to use with your Nest Hub, you'll find the best ones here. What it lacks in compatibility it makes up for in spades with its super easy setup, though.

A smart plug only needs to do two things: turn on and off when you want it to do so, and be simple to set up and use. The Amazon Smart Plug does an awesome job at both. You can set it to turn on or off on a schedule through the Alexa app on your phone, or just yell at your Echo and tell Alexa to make magic happen.

When it comes to setup, all you need to do is plug it in and open your Amazon Alexa app if you have an Echo device already up and running. Amazon calls this "Certified for Humans," but I like to call it no headaches. In either case, it works and that's great — nobody should need a computer science degree to get a smart device running properly.

A great deal on Alexa's BFF


Amazon Smart Plug: $24.99 $12.99 at Amazon

If you use Alexa you really should grab an Amazon Smart Plug or two. They're super simple to get up and running, and when it comes to turning on and off this thing is a pro. And that's all anyone should expect from a smart plug.

There are a lot of cool things that work with Amazon Alexa, but the lowly smart plug is one of the most useful. From lights to coffee makers, you can automate almost anything with the Amazon Smart Plug.

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