Prime Day is the right time to save on the Echo Dot with clock

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen)
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Whether you want to buy your first Alexa-powered device or have a house full of them, Prime Day is a great time to pick up the 4th gen Echo Dot with clock because it's on sale for just $32.99

This little ball of usefulness has all the features you'll find in the more pricey Echo devices, but it has one thing many others don't — an LED clock built in so you don't have to constantly ask Alexa what time it is.

The small LED display can also show your alarms and timers for a bit of extra functionality, and you can touch the top of it to snooze if you need just a few more minutes in bed.

Of course, it also can control your Alexa-compatible smart devices and tell jokes, answer your questions, or even give you the weather forecast if you ask for it, and its tiny size hides a surprisingly nice set of speakers if you want to listen to some music.

A real super ball

4th gen Echo Dot with clock:$59.99$32.99 at Amazon

4th gen Echo Dot with clock: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$59.99 $32.99 at Amazon

The little round Alexa device has all the features you'll find in bigger models plus a unique LED display to show the time, your alarms, or a timer. It's great for your first Alexa device or to add to a house full of them.

Amazon has built a huge ecosystem around Alexa and Prime Day is a great time to pick up any of Amazon's devices. Whether you're building out a smart home or just want an easy way to play some music, you'll probably love the way Alexa can do it.

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