Poll: What are you buying for Amazon Prime Day?

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 spans from Tuesday, July 12 through 11:59 p.m. on July 13, and the company is promising its usual "millions" of deals for Prime members. But no one has time to sift through millions of deals outside of pro resellers and bored deal-hunters!

Most of you will hunt for specific deals on the tech you want instead of browsing Lightning deals every hour, which we can appreciate! So on that subject, what Prime Day deals are you on the hunt for next week?

Since Amazon hiked its membership prices this February, many Android Central readers canceled (or considered canceling) their memberships, and the retail brand is using Prime Day to try and satisfy current members and bring others back into the fold. We'll have to see if the deals are good enough to do that.

Most of the early Prime Day deals focus on Amazon's own products like Kindles and Echos, and anyone on the hunt for those will find the usual major price slashes. Otherwise, it's always a bit of a toss-up whether our favorite brands will show up to Prime Day, or whether the best deals will sell out before you spot them.

If you're someone ready to buy some major tech for Prime Day, we're tracking Prime Day phone deals and Chromebook deals leading up to the event. So far we've spotted decent discounts on some of our favorite phones like the Galaxy S22, Pixel 6, and Galaxy A53, as well as Acer and Lenovo Chromebooks. 

So it's a fair bet that the major players will offer some of the lowest prices until the Black Friday season. Or until the next Prime Day, which rumors suggest could take place in October. We're of the opinion that one Prime Day is enough, and we're curious if the prospect of another deal event a few months away will make you skip this deal event.

Otherwise, we suspect that more of you will keep an eye out for cheaper impulse-buy deals like Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds, and smart home speakers from Google and Amazon. But your poll answers will give us a clearer answer!

Are you looking for a specific deal, and want us to keep an eye out as we cover Prime Day deals for Android Central? Drop a comment on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to let us know what you're most interested in!

Echo Dot (4th gen):$49.99$19.99

Echo Dot (4th gen): $49.99 $19.99

Don't want to wait around for Prime Day? Amazon has an early discount on the latest Echo Dot, which we consider one of the best smart speakers available with excellent audio quality in a small package. Buy one to get cheap access to Alexa commands in your office or bedroom, or buy two and pair them together for stereo sound on par with the more expensive Echo (4th Gen).

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