Google's battery-powered Nest Doorbell gets fall ringtones update

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What you need to know

  • Google has announced a slate of seasonal ringtones coming to Nest Doorbell (Battery).
  • These include new ringtones for Oktoberfest, Diwali, and Halloween.
  • You'll be able to download the new tones via the Google Home app starting next month.

Google made Halloween a little spookier last year with eerie ringtones for the Nest doorbells, and it's now bringing back seasonal ringtones for the Nest Doorbell (battery).

The search giant announced today that its new seasonal slate of fall ringtones will be available on the Google Home app starting September 5. First up is a new ringtone for Oktoberfest, which is launching on the battery-powered Nest doorbell for the first time. It will stick around until October 5.

After that, the new Halloween-themed options will arrive. The spooky ringtones will be available between October 1 and November 1. Last year's ringtones included an evil laugh, skeleton dance, spooky raven, boooo ghost, howling werewolf, and cackling witch. Google didn't specify what spooky ringtones are coming later this year.

Google will also launch Diwali-themed ringtones from October 7 to October 28. In addition to the doorbell camera, the tones will also ring on any Google Nest speakers or smart displays inside your home. To choose your ringtone, simply navigate to the settings of the Google Home app for the Nest Doorbell (battery).

"A lot of teams work together to decide on new doorbell ringtone themes for the year," Benjamin Decker, Nest audio designer, wrote in a blog post. "Our goal is always to create themes that are inclusive, meaningful and entertaining to people around the world."

Decker notes that seasonal ringtones are short and should be no more than 10 seconds long in order to avoid making visitors impatient while waiting at the door. "And to be universally accessible and understandable, they can’t have any speech or lyrics," he added.

After Halloween, your doorbell will automatically return to its original tone. The ringtones have vanished after the holidays for the past four years that Nest has offered them. This leaves you with the traditional ding dong. Nonetheless, Google is expected to release new ringtones for the upcoming holiday season. Later, there will be ringtones for the Lunar New Year as well.

As always, no paid Nest Aware subscription is required to greet your guests with one of these tones.

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