Nest devices gain improved presence sensing using speakers and displays

A Google Nest Hub showing its digital clock and clear weather.
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google Nest products gain improved presence sensing capabilities.
  • The new abilities will utilize sensors already present within Nest hub devices and speakers to alert you of movement or home security arming or disarming.
  • The MadeByGoogle fall event is set for October 6, where we should learn more about the next wave of Nest devices.

Google is introducing better presence sensing for its array of Nest devices for your home.

According to Google's tweet, improved presence sensing will be an option users can tick on for each device in their home. Google states that opting into this new feature will allow your Nest speakers or displays to detect your presence via your voice or touch. This technology is what's used to enable your devices to act automatically if they sense you're home. That includes devices like the Nest Thermostat, which can adjust the temperature depending on whether or not you're home to help save energy.

Through the image Google tweeted, we understand a little more about the sort of sensing certain products can do. For instance, devices like the Nest Mini can detect the presence of someone via assistant commands and touch.

Many other sensors come included with Google's Nest line up which the company details with its help page on the topic of presence sensing. The company provides insight into how its Soli Sensor assists its products with improved sensing. This sensor is present on the Nest Thermostat, and now the Nest Hub 2nd Gen can assist in detecting if someone is nearby.

When it comes to protecting your home, Nest Guard will use its motion sensor to alert you if people are moving nearby. It will also note if the alarm system has been armed or disarmed with Nest Tag, the Nest app, or a password.

The Made By Google Twitter account also addressed a few questions users had about this update. When asked about whether or not this new feature could be used with the first gen products, Google said you could utilize the new presence sensing with any of its products regardless of generation. This also includes Google Home Max, Home Mini, and Home devices.

We are nearing the October 6 MadeByGoogle event, where we will learn about a few new products. Among those new announcements will be the next line of Nest devices, which may include a new video doorbell and Nest Wi-Fi.

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