Your Google One subscription might soon unlock some home security perks

Google One on an Android phone
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What you need to know

  • Google One is possibly expanding its subscription service to incorporate Nest Aware.
  • Hidden code in the Google Home app discovered by 9to5Google suggests the imminent integration of Nest Aware into Google One bundles.
  • Transitioning to the Google One plan with Nest Aware may pose challenges, requiring users to contact support to ensure the deactivation of their standalone subscription.

Google One might be upgrading its subscription offering with the Nest Aware home security plan, as hinted by the latest Home app version.

Google One started as a way to get more storage, but it's grown over time. Now, it includes a VPN, Google Photos editing, and access to Gemini Advanced, among others. The latest scoop suggests Nest Aware might be the next addition to this all-in-one subscription.

9to5Google discovered hidden code in the latest Google Home app indicating that Nest Aware might soon become part of Google One bundles. The code snippets mention a bundled Nest Aware and Google One option.

One line suggests that Nest Aware is part of a Google One plan but that you can boost your video history with Google One. Currently, Nest Aware is $8 per month, and Nest Aware Plus is $15 per month. This implies that the basic Nest Aware plan is included, but for the enhanced tier, there's an additional charge.

With the regular plan, you get 30 days of video history for all your Nest cameras, along with smart alerts for things like suspicious sounds such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and the sound of breaking glass.

Throwing Nest Aware into the Google One mix may make sense, especially if you're juggling multiple Nest cameras, dealing with huge Google Photos collections, handling Google Workspace accounts, or diving into the new Gemini features.

However, making the switch to the Google One plan with Nest Aware included could be a bit of a chore. Additional strings suggest that you might need to reach out to Google's support team to make sure your standalone subscription is properly deactivated.

The details on how Google will blend Nest Aware into Google One are a bit fuzzy. However, there's speculation that Nest Aware might come with the top-tier Google One AI Premium plan, and Nest Aware Plus could be an add-on.

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