We're chiming in to help save you up to $124 on Ring's best cameras

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro
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While Ring might be known for making some of the best video doorbells on the market, it has applied its long history in that space to security cameras. The holiday shopping season is great for bringing peace of mind to your home with new cameras. Whether it is getting a couple more to finish out your system or you are getting started, we've rounded up the best Ring security camera deals for you right here.

Ring Stick up Cam Battery bundle with Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen):

Ring Stick up Cam Battery bundle with Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen): $184.98 $89.99

You get an excellent wireless security camera and a fantastic smart display in the Echo Show 5 that can not only play your favorite music and answer questions but also show you what your Ring Stick Up Cam sees.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery:

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery: $99.99 $69.99
Saving $30 on Ring's tent pole camera is a great way to start of expand on your home security.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus:

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus: $199.99 $139.99

Aside from getting one of Ring's awesome cameras to monitor outside of your home, you also get super-bright motion activated LED floodlights with it.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro:

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro: $229.99 $189.99

The newest and most feature-rich cameras are already getting a nice discount that brings LED area lighting, 3D motion detection, and more.

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus:

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus: $199.99 $139.99

Very similar to the Spotlight Cam Pro, but just without a few of the fancy features. It still offers color night vision and spotlights — at a more affordable price.

Ring is discounting nearly all of its cameras during the holiday season, and the Ring Indoor Cam is perfect for adding coverage to the inside of your home — especially when it's as cheap as it is during these holiday sales. The compact camera is easily set up and ready to start monitoring your house. The Ring app offers you complete control over the camera, including setting up motion zones, reviewing events, and even chatting using the two-way communication feature.

When it comes to expanding your Ring camera coverage outdoors, the Stick Up Cam is the most affordable way to do so. You can get this camera in either a battery or wired version, which is best depending on your situation. But regardless of the model you pick, you will get clear 1080P HD video, two-way communication, motion-activated alerts, and more.

 If you want added functionality to your security camera, pick up the bundle that includes a Ring Stick Up Cam and the Echo Show 5. You'll get all the benefits of using one of the best smart displays and can watch your camera on the screen.

Ring Floodlight Cam Plus

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Are you looking for more oomph from your outdoor cameras? Then perhaps the Ring Floodlight Cam Plus is the ticket for you. Not only is this setup packing all of Ring's best features in one unit, but it also carries two very bright LED flood lights. These lights can help illuminate your outdoor space while improving the camera's vision.

But if you don't think you need that much light or are looking for a few more advanced features, then the brand-new Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is perfect. The 1080P HDR camera is flanked by two LED spotlights that are bright but not as much as the floodlights on the other option. The camera also features 3D Motion Detection, a Bird's Eye View, motion detection zones, and more. We've been testing this impressive outdoor-rated camera that was only released a few weeks ago, so getting it at a discount is wonderful. 

If you like the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro but don't need the advanced detection features and want to save a few bucks, check out the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus. You get many of the same features, but Ring has left out the 3D Motion Detection and Bird's Eye View. Making this one of the best outdoor security cameras you can buy.

Don't forget Ring offers a complete security system called Ring Alarm that includes motion sensors, contact sensors, battery backup, a keypad, and more. You can integrate all of the cameras listed above into the Ring Alarm system to ensure you cover all bases. There are some fantastic deals on these systems, too, and we've tracked those down for you here.

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