Prime Day never looked so good, and you can too with the Razer Anzu smart glasses

Razer Anzu smart glasses
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Smart glasses have been all the rage lately, with more companies getting their entries in with different types of wearables. When the Razer Anzu launched in 2021, they primarily targeted the work-from-home life many of us became accustomed to. The launch price wasn't exactly low, as you might expect, but this Prime Day discount brings these down to under $100, which is quite a steal.

I've had the Razer Anzu since they launched, and I still use them regularly. I work from home, and while I have speakers around the house, there's something different about the audio that comes from the Anzu. Because the speakers are pointing at your ears, the audio feels more immersive, like it's meant for you, as opposed to emanating from somewhere off in the distance.

You can listen to music, take calls, and even game with the Anzu, thanks to the low-latency mode that helps improve the audiovisual experience. One of my favorite aspects are the interchangeable lenses, making these some of the most versatile smart glasses on the market. When you're inside gaming or working, you can use the included clear lenses that include a blue-light filter to avoid straining your eyes. However, these can go from inside to outside very quickly, just by popping off the lenses and switching to the UVA-protected polarized lenses. And thanks to the open-ear design, I can listen to audio from the Anzu while staying aware of my surroundings.

The best part is that they don't look like smart glasses. I show these off to my friends or coworkers, and they can't even tell they have entire speakers in the temples. I've also gotten quite a few compliments on how good they look on me, which is no surprise as these are good-looking frames.

Work from home, work in style

Razer Anzu:$200$80 at Amazon

Razer Anzu: $200 $80 at Amazon

Step up your style with these smart audio glasses from Razer. Thanks to the touch controls, you can leave your phone in your pocket while you take calls and control music. Plus, you can swap out the lenses for inside or outside use.

Controlling the Anzu is simple thanks to the touch buttons on the sides, allowing you to control playback, calls, and more. The Anzu come in two styles, rectangular or round, with large and small sizes for both. And in case you have your own eyewear prescription, Razer gives users 15% off prescription lenses from Lensabl.

If you're looking to upgrade your work-from-home style and setup, this Prime Day deal isn't one to miss.

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