Don't let your new Galaxy S22 go without a case — check out these Prime Day sales

Samsung Galaxy S22 review
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You just finished purchasing a Galaxy S22, so naturally, your next step is to buy some protection for your new device. After all, it isn't a cheap smartphone. Even at its incredible Prime Day discount, you're still shelling out more than a few hundred dollars for Samsung's 2022 flagship. The last thing you'd want to do is accidentally drop and crack your shiny new device.

Fortunately, Samsung has plenty of Prime Day deals on official first-party cases for the Galaxy S22, with different styles that will fit anyone's tastes. Below are just some of the cases we thought were worth looking at, from flip cases to frame covers, and more standard cases.

Notable Galaxy S22 cases

Samsung loves a flip-cover case, and we do too. The LED View Cover case is a cool one because it features an LED display on the cover, allowing you to view alerts, notifications, and even answer or reject phone calls while the case is still closed. Plus, it's doing double-duty by protecting your display with the LED cover.

Samsung Galaxy S22 LED View Cover: $60.88

Samsung Galaxy S22 LED View Cover: $60.88 $45.49 at Amazon

The LED View cover for the Galaxy S22 allows you to interact with your phone even when the display is covered, giving you an extra bit of protection when checking notifications or answering a phone call.

The Silicon Cover for the Galaxy S22 is another favorite, thanks to its simple yet stylish strap design, allowing a better grip while in hand.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Silicon Cover with Strap: $39.99

Samsung Galaxy S22 Silicon Cover with Strap: $39.99 $23.99 at Amazon

This strap cover for the Galaxy S22 gives you a tight grip, so you don't have to worry about dropping your phone. The matte finish of the silicon also gives it a comfortable feel in your hand.

Other cases to consider

Samsung Galaxy S22 Clear Standing Cover: $29.99

Samsung Galaxy S22 Clear Standing Cover: $29.99 $20.99 at Amazon

This cover appears pretty basic, but at the bottom is a pop-out stand that allows Galaxy S22 owners to prop up their phones for the perfect angle while watching their favorite shows or playing mobile games.

Samsung Galaxy S22 S-View Flip Cover: $49.99

Samsung Galaxy S22 S-View Flip Cover: $49.99 $34.99 at Amazon

With this S-View case, you can protect your device and screen while still interacting with a small section of the display. This way, you can still see all your essential notifications while the cover is still closed.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Protective Standing Cover: $34.99

Samsung Galaxy S22 Protective Standing Cover: $34.99 $20.27 at Amazon

This protective standing case for the Galaxy S22 features not one but two kickstands that can hold your phone at different angles. It's also made from tough recycled material to protect your phone and the environment.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Frame Cover: $29.99

Samsung Galaxy S22 Frame Cover: $29.99 $19.52 at Amazon

This frame cover case features two interchangeable backs that allow you to switch things up on a whim. Want to show off your phone color? Pick the transparent back. Want a portable mirror attached to your phone? Pick the reflective back.

Believe it or not, smartphones aren't indestructible, no matter how tough the glass is. While Samsung has been known to use the arguably more durable glastic on its phones, the Galaxy S22 has made the switch to a glass back, meaning it's very possible to shatter the device and be stuck footing the bill for a repair.

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