Best wallet & folio cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 in 2024

The tiniest of the S23 series is lightweight, compact, and made for single-handed use. You don't want to take away from its petite nature even when dressing it in a wallet case with or without a folio. Check out these dashing S23 cases that have slots to carry cards and cash but don't take away from your baby S23's functionality and fun size.

All the best wallet cases for your S23

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Get a smart wallet case for your S23

Wallet cases are wonderfully handy, helping you carry useful cards such as IDs and credit cards on the go. You can also stash some cash or other useful scraps such as passport-sized photos in your wallet and folio cover. There are loads of such cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S23, so it can be intimidating to settle on just a single option.

The best wallet case for the tiny but mighty Galaxy S23 is the Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 because of its lightweight and sturdy design. Though it is made of a tough TPU material, the slim S23 case doesn't bulk up the Samsung device. You can customize the design or choose one of the four available patterns. On top of that, the sides are textured to add friction so you don't drop your phone.

Snakehive's Samsung Galaxy S23 Leather Case is a premium wallet case with a folio. It comes in some lovely colorways such as green and plum, and the material used is genuine leather so it ages with time. You'll love that distressed, weathered look on the leather wallet case on your S23 as it adds character. The drop protection is good and Snakehive promises scratch resistance as well. You get a couple of slots to store your bits and bobs and the folio acts as a stand. This isn't a heavy-duty case, but the flap on top does a marvelous job of protecting the S23's display.

Speaking of protecting displays, your Samsung Galaxy S23 needs a screen protector no matter how rugged a case you put it in. Don't skimp out just for the screen guard, it's not a wise decision.

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