Best screen protector for the Google Pixel Fold 2024

The Google Pixel Fold has been out for some time now in all its folding glory. The flexible display is really cool, and Google promises IPX8 water resistance, but it's still pretty fragile. Glass in itself is a vulnerable material, let alone a blend of glass that bends regularly.

Large cracks aren't your only concern. The wear and tear caused by everyday use cause scratches, nicks, and abrasions. This means that you need the best screen protector for the Google Pixel Fold to keep it intact for years to come. Here are all your best options, including Pixel Fold screen protectors for the inner display as well as the outer screen.

Get a load of all the best Pixel Fold screen protector

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Protect your heft investment with a Pixel Fold screen protector

After spending nearly two thousand dollars on your fancy Pixel Fold, it would be criminal to skimp out on decent protection. Make sure you grab a sturdy phone cover. Only the best cases for the Google Pixel Fold will suffice. There's absolutely no way you can skip getting a screen protector either unless you want to flush your hard-earned money down the toilet.

The best screen protector for the Google Pixel Fold is both affordable and durable. The Milomdoi 9-in-1 Google Pixel Fold Screen Protector is ultra-cheap and still manages to give you three tempered glass camera lens protectors, three tempered glass main display screen protectors, and three TPU films for the internal folding display. And that's not all, because Milomdoi also checks in a positioning tool, wipe, and microfiber cloth to help you with the installation.

If you want something from a more premium brand, get the Spigen Screen Protector GlasTR EZ FIT for the Pixel Fold. The box includes an alignment tool and two pieces of really good quality tempered glass units, but they only cover the external display. You'll still need to purchase a TPU film for the inside from another brand, which can get expensive altogether.

Done decking out your Pixel Fold with squeaky clean screen protectors? Good job. Now that you're done with the mandatory tasks, have fun perusing through accessories like heavy-duty Pixel Fold covers or wireless chargers for your Google foldable.

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    AC News said:
    Foldables are the future, but they're extremely fragile at the moment. Grab the best screen protector for the Google Pixel Fold to keep it scratch-free.

    Best screen protector for the Google Pixel Fold 2023 : Read more
    The fold already comes with an inner screen protector pre-installed. By recommending screen protectors for the inner display are you saying we should remove the inner protector even though it says right in the box to leave it on? I doubt it'll close or fold correctly if we add another protector over the top?