Best chargers for the Moto edge Plus 2024

The Moto Edge+ is a premium 5G phone running Android 12 that sports a gorgeous 6.7-inch OLED screen, fabulous cameras, stereo speakers, and a quick processor. These features can all eat away at battery life. Thankfully, the edge+ is rated to last for a full day per charge. It also supports TurboPower 30W charging for an extra couple of hours of use after a quick few-minute charge and 15W wireless charging when desired. But the clincher? The Moto edge+ supports 68W charging with an optional charger. Why not upgrade to chargers for the Moto edge+ that can keep the device going for as long as possible, wherever you are? These are the best chargers for the Moto edge+.

Here are our picks for the best chargers for the Moto edge+ 2022

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Which is the best charger for the Moto edge+?

While the industry is quickly moving to wireless, there’s still no beating a solid USB-C charging cable with an AC adapter plugged into the wall. You’ll get your phone from zero to hero (or rather 100%) in record time using this method. It’s for this reason that the official Motorola TurboPower 68W USB-C Wall Charger is the best upgrade charging option to keep the Moto edge+ super-charged at all times. Keep it on your desk at the office or home, and it’ll have your phone sufficiently charged by the time you’ve gotten yourself freshened up for a night out. 

If you prefer portable power, the Baseus power bank offers some impressive features, including 65W charging from the compact unit and a convenient screen that shows you important charging information.

I find that wireless chargers are great when you have extra charging time or just want to keep your phone topped off while you're in the kitchen or watching TV, which is why the Belkin wireless charger 2-pack is one of our top recommendations.

You can’t go wrong with any of these chargers for Moto edge+, one of the best Motorola phones you can buy. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to have one of each type of charger (AC wall charger, portable charging bank, and wireless charger) so every base is covered.

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