Best accessories for your new Amazon Fire tablet

Purchased a spanking new Amazon Fire tablet recently? These are the best gadgets and accessories to make the most of your new device. From cases to memory cards, there's a lot that you can purchase to improve your Fire tablet journey. You can change up the look of your tablet, get a mount or a holder for better media consumption, and even add more storage to keep more files locally. Here are the very best accessories you should buy for your new Amazon Fire tablet.

Accessorize your Amazon Fire tablet

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What to get for your spanking new Fire tablet

First, let's get the basics out of the way. Your immediate purchase after buying a new Amazon Fire tablet should be a case and a screen protector. These are essential accessories that you cannot skip, lest you risk damaging your shiny new plaything. Amazon's Kid-Proof Case is built to prevent damage and it comes with a stand, making it a good option for most Fire tablets. We have model-specific round-ups for every Fire tab, so if you're looking for the strongest Fire HD 10 screen protectors or the sturdiest Fire 7 cases, check out those guides.

Done with that? Good. Here's where the fun begins! You can have your pick from among all the add-ons listed above. Right off the bat, I believe a decent memory card is a vital Fire tablet accessory. My go-to pick is the Silicon Power 256GB MicroSD Card. It adds 256GB of storage, which is way more than enough for most people, and you get that A1 performance class needed to smoothly store and run apps off of it. This is a must-have standard for any decent microSD card for Android if you plan to install apps on it.

For added productivity, a mouse for Android tablets like the Logitech POP mouse is a fun choice. Its vibrant colorways are attractive but the customizable emoji button and its petite size are even more appealing. The best part is that it connects via Bluetooth Low Energy, so you get a dongle-free mouse. To pair the POP mouse with a keyboard, check out the awesome Fintie Bluetooth Keyboard that comes with a detachable case.

In this post-pandemic era, it's a good idea to focus on hygiene. Grab some ZEISS Mobile screen wipes to clean and disinfect your Fire tablet on the go. These are high-quality disinfectant wipes designed for phones and tablets, so they won't damage your Amazon device.

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