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Best Mouse for Android Tablets Android Central 2021

The best Android tablets come with blazing-fast processors, giant screens, and the ability to multitask like you simply can't on a smaller phone screen. But if you were looking for more traditional productivity or a true laptop replacement, you're going to need to pick up a good keyboard and a mouse. Like keyboards, mice aren't a one-size-fits-all kind of product, so we've assembled a list of the best mice you can buy for your Android Tablet, including plenty of different shapes, sizes, and aesthetic looks.

Best Overall: Logitech M585

Logitech M585 HeroSource: Logitech

It's hard to beat a good traditionally-styled mouse, and the Logitech M585 has basically everything good going for it in that regard. That traditional rounded Logitech mouse will fit your hand quite nicely, and the curved back will snug your palm as it glides over your desk surface throughout the day. Five buttons adorn its classic exterior, with the usual left/middle/right configuration and two forward/backward navigation buttons situated in a spot that's easily reachable by your thumb.

The precise scroll wheel feels great thanks to its rubberized build, and the rock-solid Bluetooth or Logitech Unifying adapter connectivity will never let you down. Astounding 24-month battery life on a single AA battery is pretty mind-blowing, all things considered, and you can even use that handy button up top to switch between devices on-the-fly. That makes it easy to keep your tablet and another computer on the same table without requiring two separate mice.

Now, while this is certainly the easiest recommendation for the best mouse for Android Tablets on the list because of its excellent features and affordable price, Logitech hasn't outfitted the M585 with those super-silent buttons on top. While I don't much care about the volume level of my mouse clicks, some folks will certainly get annoyed with it while playing something like Diablo 3. It's also only designed for righties and there's currently no left-handed model available.


  • Can swap between 2 devices easily
  • Ergonomic rounded design
  • 5 buttons (left/middle/right and forward/back)
  • Bluetooth and USB receiver support
  • 24-month battery life on one-AA battery
  • Precise scroll wheel


  • Clicks can be a little loud
  • Only right-handed

Best Overall

Logitech M585 Mouse

Logitech M585

Sometimes, classic is best

It's hard to argue with this comfortable classic-shaped mouse, which offers five buttons and the ability to swap between two different devices.

Take care of your wrists: Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse

Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse HeroSource: Jelly Comb

A very close runner-up for the best mouse is the Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse which, admittedly, looks pretty funny at first. Like other vertical mice, Jelly Comb's Vertical Mouse looks a bit like a shark fin and is held sort of like you might grab one, too. The idea here is that instead of holding your forearms flat on a table and craning your wrists upward to hold your mouse — something that's truly awful for your carpals over time — you'll be holding the mouse in a more natural, straight position.

Whether or not you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or are just looking for a mouse that's easier on the wrists, the Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse is something you absolutely must try before brushing it off as a goofy-looking experiment. But Jelly Comb isn't just resting on an interesting design concept to pull you in. They've packed this mouse to the gills with must-have features, like the ability to hot-swap between three different devices on-the-fly with the press of a single button. That's aided by the fact that it works via Bluetooth and the included USB wireless dongle.

The Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse also features adjustable DPI between 1,000 and 2,400 with the click of a button, giving you ultra-accurate pinpoint precision movement. That can come in handy whether you're tracing fine lines in Photoshop or trying to snipe in Call of Duty. Silent clicking makes sure people on an airplane or in a meeting room don't get annoyed with you, and side-button navigation makes moving back and forth between tasks easier than a three-button mouse. Lastly, the built-in rechargeable battery means you'll never have to worry about batteries again! Just pack a USB cable and plug it in when it gets low.


  • Carpal-friendly design
  • Swap between three devices seamlessly
  • 1000-2400 variable DPI
  • Bluetooth and USB dongle support
  • Silent clicking and scrolling
  • 6 buttons (left/middle/right, forward/back, DPI adjust)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Best for large hands
  • No horizontal scrolling

Take care of your wrists

Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse

Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse

Funny look, comfortable feeling

It might look a little odd at first, but this vertical mouse will have your wrists feeling happy in no time.

Best for traveling: Logitech M355

Logitech M355 Mouse Lifestyle PocketSource: Logitech

Putting a regular-sized or shaped mouse in a small travel bag can be a nuisance, which is part of why the Logitech M355 is such a great option for the travel-minded. This uniquely-shaped mouse is mostly flat, sporting a slightly raised back to help with ergonomics versus some other flat mice. The ambidextrous design also works perfectly for both lefties and righties.

Logitech's pebble design language makes this one as aesthetically pleasing as it is simple, but don't think that means you're going to have to give up quality just to have a portable mouse. The 18-month-long battery life on a single AA battery means you won't have to pack batteries while taking this mouse on the go, and silent clicks and scrolling mean you won't be bugging others while on a plane or when working in a cafe on the go. It's also got super-smooth and accurate 1,000 DPI sensitivity and a comfortable rubberized scroll wheel.

On the downside, only three buttons are present here, meaning you won't have those quick forward and backward navigation buttons for when you're browsing webpages. Since it's small, you might also find that prolonged use may cramp larger hands, so keep that in mind before making your choice.


  • Flat design is very pocketable
  • Ambidextrous
  • 18-month battery life on one-AA battery
  • Silent clicking and scrolling
  • Bluetooth and USB receiver support
  • 1,000 DPI smooth tracking


  • Only 3 buttons (left/middle/right)
  • Small design could cause hand cramping
  • No horizontal scrolling

Best for traveling

Logitech M355 Mouse

Logitech M355

Pocketable goodness

Logitech's M355 is a tiny little mouse that still feels mighty thanks to quality construction and ultra-silent clicks.

Small and simple: Logitech M535

Logitech M535 HeroSource: Logitech

When basic is all you need, the Logitech M535 is a great solution. A more traditional compact design might be more comfortable for travelers than the pebble-shaped Logitech M355 above, and it's still small enough to fit easily in a bag or larger pocket. Just like the M355, the M535 sports an ambidextrous design that works just as well for lefties as it does for righties, but you'll be giving up those forward and backward navigation keys to get it.

10-month battery life isn't the longest on the list but it still means you're not likely ever going to need to pack batteries on any of your travels. Comfortable rubber sides make it a joy to hold for long periods of time, but it's a bit back-heavy, so it might slide off angled surfaces if left to its own devices. The buttons also aren't silent like the M355 above, so folks around you will certainly hear if you get a little click-happy. Still, despite the negatives, the size and shape make it a good alternative to Logitech's other portable mice.


  • Small yet ergonomic design
  • Ambidextrous
  • 10-month battery life
  • Comfortable rubber sides


  • Only 3 buttons (left/middle/right)
  • Back-heavy and could slide off angled surfaces
  • Clicks can be a little loud

Small and simple

Logitech M535 Mouse

Logitech M535

The basics

This simple three-button mouse will keep you comfortable on the go with its rubberized grips and long battery life.

Extra comfortable: Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse HeroSource: Microsoft

It's a bit larger than some other mice on this list, but that also means there's more room for your hands to envelop it. The Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is a perfectly-contoured accessory that'll have your hands feeling great with every swipe, click, and drag across the screen. A built-in thumb rest creates a perfect spot for your thumb to sit when it's not clicking the side navigation buttons, and the soft grip around the sides makes it comfortable to hold for a long time.

It's made of quality-feeling and durable materials, so the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is a tad on the heavier side but won't cause hand cramps like some smaller mice thanks to its ergonomic design. That design looks absolutely gorgeous on any desk thanks to its minimalist looks, the little details like the machined aluminum scroll wheel will have you admiring it every so often. On the downside, it's really only made for right-handed folks.

It uses AAA batteries, so be sure to stock up on some quality rechargeable batteries. 15-month battery life means you'll rarely change them out, though. While it's not applicable for Android tablets, if you do decide to use this mouse on a Windows-based PC, you get the bonus of being able to customize the buttons on the mouse if that suits your fancy.


  • Super comfortable contoured design
  • 15-month battery life
  • 5 buttons (left/middle/right and forward/back)
  • 2,400 DPI sensitivity


  • Only right-handed
  • Customizable buttons only work on Windows

Extra comfortable

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

Minimalism at its best

While some minimalist products might be uncomfortable, Microsoft flips that idea on its head with this ultra-comfortable mouse.

RGB All the things: TENMOS LED Slim Mouse

Tenmos Rgb Slim Mouse HeroSource: TENMOS

Sometimes, you just need a little RGB in your life. You know what I mean: lots of bright lights in pretty colors just add a little oomph to a product that it might not have had otherwise. TENMOD LED Slim Mouse fits that description, as it's a fairly simple and extremely affordable mouse with one big design difference: a big ol' strip of RGB lighting around the entire exterior. TENMOS sells this one in lots of different colors, too, each with its own set of illuminated colors around the shell.

The downside is that these colors aren't customizable. What you see is what you get, so be sure to pick your favorite color right off the bat. Outside of the unique looks, TENMOS has slipped in some ultra-quiet buttons that won't make loud clicks when you press them, as well as an ambidextrous design that'll work as well for lefties as it does for righties.

Despite being on the inexpensive side of the spectrum, this mouse has fully-adjustable DPI settings that'll help keep your hand extra steady when working in productivity apps or when playing games. It's even got a built-in rechargeable battery that'll last months, so there's no need to ever get batteries! Just plug it in and give it a few minutes to charge up.


  • Adjustable DPI
  • Ambidextrous
  • RGB lighting is awesome
  • Quiet clicks
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Only 3 buttons (left/middle/right)
  • RGB lighting can't be customized

RGB All the things

Tenmos Rgb Mouse


All the pretty colors

TENMOS LED Slim Mouse comes in tons of different colors, all with their own lighting strip around the exterior for extreme style.

Fold it flat: Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse Colors HeroSource: Microsoft

Microsoft's Arc Mouse has been around for a decade now, but this latest iteration is even more sleek looking than the older models. It's also the single-most unique design on this list — or any other list, for that matter — as it sports a fully-customizable "tail" that bends from flat to curved, depending on your comfort preference. Folding totally flat means it might be an even better travel form-factor than the Logitech M355, but its unique design also means some unique functions that won't appeal to everyone.

Instead of three buttons and a scroll wheel up top, the Microsoft Arc Mouse features a single-touch pad that can be used for multiple functions. Tap on the left side for left-click, the right side for right-click, or slide your finger vertically over it to scroll. The downside here isn't the buttonless nature though, it's the fact that the mouse only accepts a single action at a time, meaning you can't left and right-click at the same time.

Microsoft has designed this mouse to be ambidextrous, meaning you'll be able to easily use it no matter if you're left or right-handed. Six-month battery life means you'll only change out batteries twice a year, but these are AA batteries inside, so you'll need to grab a good pair of rechargeables to keep from having to regularly buy new batteries.


  • Ultra-slim, fold-flat design
  • Customizable "tail" angle
  • Sleek minimalist looks
  • 6-month battery life
  • Ambidextrous


  • Touchpad instead of buttons or scroll wheel
  • Can't simultaneously click left and right "buttons"
  • Scroll pad is finicky for some users

Fold it flat

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Unique looks for a unique you

The Microsoft Arc Mouse isn't just unique looking, its "tail" can also be custom-curved to perfectly match your comfort level.

Bottom line

There's no shortage of quality mice in the world, but not all of them are perfect for a tablet. These Bluetooth mice can be used in a variety of ways, and all of them are going to fit different people's tastes. Whether you're looking for a perfectly pocket-friendly design or one that's easy on the carpals in your wrist, there's something for everyone here. The best mouse for Android tablets is either the Logitech M585 or the Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse. Both of which will appeal to two very different people but will both deliver a phenomenal tablet-navigating experience.

If you're looking for something a little more different than the norm, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is one of the coolest, most futuristic-looking products on this list. It's not really designed for power users, but its extremely travel-friendly design is a great fit for folks regularly finding themselves on planes or trains with little space in their bags.

If it's better aim you're looking for in Fortnite, the TENMOS LED Slim Mouse is an amazing way to upgrade your shooting skills without breaking the bank. Not only that, but this mouse has a super-snazzy RGB lighting strip all around the edge, giving it a unique style and aura that just feels very "gamer."

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