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Best Phone Cleaning Kits 2022

Phone cleaning supplies
Phone cleaning supplies (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

We use our phones anywhere and everywhere, exposing them to filth, germs, bacteria, and even viruses. We take them from place to place, holding them in our hands, to our ears, and putting them in our bags or pockets. It's a good idea to properly clean and disinfect your device frequently to keep the grime and nastiness under control so those germs don't migrate from the phone to you. Fortunately, here are some of the best phone cleaning kits that include everything from phone sanitizers, screen wipes and sprays, and also cleaning solutions that will help you and yours remain healthy.

Be gentle, please

Chances are, the part of your phone that requires the most frequent cleaning is the screen, and pre-moistened ZEISS Screen Wipes (opens in new tab) are the perfect way to get a streak-free clean without needing harsher chemicals. But the screen isn't the only part of the phone that should get a regular cleaning. It's also a good idea to consider deeper UV treatments every so often.

I also supplement these screen cleanings with deeper UV treatments in a device like the Phonesoap Smartphone UV Sanitizer. (opens in new tab) This will give your phone a thorough clean, and charge it at the same time so you're ready to go for the day.

With the best phone cleaning kits, you want to avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals because abrasives can scratch the screen and chemicals can eat away at protective coatings. Alcohol and ammonia-free solutions are preferable when cleaning a phone, but if you want a cheap, easy solution, dilute isopropyl alcohol and water in a misting bottle (opens in new tab). To disinfect your phone, just spray a microfiber cloth instead of the screen and use sparingly.

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