Best Amazon Fire HD 10 & HD 10 Plus screen protectors Android Central 2022

Amazon really upped its tablet game with the Fire HD 10 and HD 10 Plus models, which boast faster processing, more RAM, brighter HD displays, longer battery life, and an updated design compared to the previous generations. In fact, the HD 10 Plus is dubbed Amazon's most powerful 10-inch tablet to date. You'll want to protect either with a good Fire HD 10 case, but to further keep the 10.1-inch HD display free from scratches and fingerprints, a screen protector is a good idea too. And these are the best Fire HD & HD 10 Plus screen protectors you can buy.

Supershieldz Matte Shield Fire Hd

Has it all: Supershieldz Matte Shield – 3-pack

Staff Pick

This matte screen protector not only protects the screen from bumps and cracks, but also offers anti-glare and anti-fingerprint features. Supershieldz, a company that focuses predominantly on screen protection, uses Japanese PET film, which is easy to apply and won't leave any residue behind when you remove it. You'll get three in a pack.

Pulen Tempered Glass Fire Hd

Easy install: PULEN Tempered Glass – 2-pack

For tempered glass, you can't go wrong with PULEN, which offers two protectors in this package, so you can use it on two tablets or keep one as a spare. Like the others, it applies easily without leaving residue behind or forming annoying bubbles. Built to be anti-scratch, it's just 0.33mm thin, so you won't even know it's there, and it won't affect touch sensitivity nor viewing.

$14 at Amazon
Mission Cables Clear Case Screen Protector Fire Hd

Case and protector in one: Mission Cables Clear Case with Screen Protector

You're going to need a case as well anyway, so why not grab both at once with this set that includes a basic clear case for the tablet along with a screen protector. The case is made of clear polycarbonate materials, while the included premium screen protector will prevent the screen from getting scratches and cracks.

$25 at Amazon
Mr Shield Tempered Glass Fire Hd

Lifetime replacement: Mr. Shield Tempered Glass – 2-pack

Made of Japanese glass with silicone adhesives, Mr. Shield's protectors come with a lifetime replacement, which gives you peace of mind if you ever need a new one. Tailor-made for these new tablets, you'll still get 99.99% HD clarity and touch accuracy. The package also includes useful accessories like a scratching card, cleaning cloth, dust collector, and removing tapes.

$14 at Amazon
Wrj Screen Protector Fire Hd

Super transparency: WRJ Tempered Glass – 2-pack

WRJ promises high transparency with this screen protector, which protects the tablet's screen against scratches and cracks as well as sweat and oil residue. It adheres to the screen via bubble-free adhesive and is simple to wipe with a cleaning cloth.

$14 at Amazon
Nupro Antimicrobial Screen Protector Fire Hd

Antimicrobial tech: NuPro Antimicrobial Screen Protector – 2-pack

Along with protecting the screen from scratches, fingerprints, dust, and debris, this screen protector is also treated with antimicrobial technology to help prevent bacteria from forming on the surface. With two in a pack along with a cleaning cloth and applicator card, it's easy to apply without bubbles. And you can enjoy another layer – quite literally – of protection against gross stuff on the screen's surface.

$16 at Amazon

Can you use an Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) screen protector on the Fire HD 10 (2021)?

It might be tempting to buy a screen protector for the 2019 version of the Amazon Fire HD 10 for this model since there's a larger selection of choice, but keep in mind that, despite having the same name, the two tablets are not the same size and thus a screen protector for the old models won't fit correctly on the new screen.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) measures 247 x 166 x 9.2 mm (9.72 x 6.54 x 0.36 inches) while the 2019 edition with the same name measures 262 x 159 x 9.8 mm (10.31 x 6.26 x 0.39 inches). Thus, even though they both have the same display size at 10.1 inches, the actual dimensions of the tablet are different. The new version also has a coating of aluminosilicate glass that you won't find in the 2019 edition.

With the Amazon Fire HD 10 set to be available in late May 2021, there isn't a huge selection of screen protectors available for it just yet. But these are among the best Fire HD 10 and HD 10 Plus screen protectors you can get right now to ensure the tablet's screen is sufficiently protected as soon as you bring the tablet home. While you're at it, consider some other great accessories for the Fire HD 10, from Bluetooth keyboards to microSD cards to expand its storage.

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