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Best Amazon Fire HD 10 & HD 10 Plus screen protectors 2022

Amazon really upped its tablet game with the Fire HD 10 and HD 10 Plus models, which boast faster processing, more RAM, brighter HD displays, longer battery life, and an updated design compared to the previous generations. It's also slightly pricier than most Fire Tablets, so you'll want to protect your purchase with a good case and screen protector — and your old accessories won't fit if you owned the last model. These are the best Fire HD & HD 10 Plus screen protectors you can buy.

Keep your screen pristine with the best Fire HD & HD 10 Plus screen protectors

How to choose the best Fire HD & HD 10 Plus screen protector for you

The Amazon Fire HD 10 and 10 Plus are a step up on the other excellent Fire HD tablets, with enough power and screen space to offer some productivity functionality and serve as a cheap streaming tablet. So you'll want to keep your screen safe if you decide to take it on the go, whether it's for vacation, class, or work.

Your first step for choosing a screen protector is simple: Do you only want a screen protector, or a Fire HD 10 case with a built-in protector? The latter option can make things simpler, but you may prefer one of our other favorite cases besides the excellent Mission Cables clear case or the rugged Fintie Tuatara case. In that case (sorry), you'll want a standalone model.

Next, be prepared for your Fire HD 10 protector to take some work to get attached properly. Most of our picks have at least a two-pack with alignment tools and solid instructions in case you have trouble the first time, while our top pick, the Supershieldz Matte Shield, comes with a three-pack you can be extra sure at least one will work. 

Lastly, just ensure you've selected a model specifically for the 2021 Fire HD 10. The 2019 model was also 10 inches but had different dimensions, so older screen protectors won't work. 

Christine Persaud
Christine Persaud

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