With excellent sound and ANC, the Galaxy Buds Pro are a steal at $80 off on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in hand
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It’s not hard to see why the Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds got so much praise when they released and were among the best wireless earbuds from a company other than Apple. These earbuds are available in three different colors with Phantom Silver, Phantom Black, and Phantom Purple and all three colors are on sale. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are 40% off for Amazon Prime members which brings the final cost down to just $119.99 on Amazon.

As noted in our Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review, these earbuds sound so good thanks to their dual driver setup. This means they have a larger woofer and a smaller tweeter in each ear to help improve clarity and create a more vibrant soundstage. The noise canceling feature works to keep your music sound correct and clear, even when there’s a lot of noise around you. For those that fly or commute often, the noise canceling can reduce annoying ambient engine sounds. There’s nothing quite like flying in silence and it’s hard to go back to the noisy ride if you forget to bring your ANC headphones or buds.

Hear only what you want with ANC and high-quality audio

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: $199.99

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: $199.99 $119.99 at Amazon

Great audio quality, water resistance, active noise cancelation, and a great sale price make this Amazon Prime deal hard to ignore. If you like Samsung's designs and want top-notch sound quality on Android, the Galaxy Buds Pro are a good pick.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: $149.99

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: $149.99 $99.99 at Amazon

The Galaxy Buds 2 don't quite live up to the technical prowess of the pricier Bud Pro but for many people, they're a good pick. There's no active noise canceling included so they don't make as much sense for travel, but they still deliver on good audio quality with multiple fun colors.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: $169.99

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: $169.99 $99.99 at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are without a doubt, some of the most exciting earbuds to look at with a glossy colorful design. You can get them in black, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Red, and Mystic White on Amazon. They also have active noise cancelation.

While the Galaxy Buds Pro’s own predecessors have stolen the crown when it comes to the best wireless earbuds money can buy, they’re still some of the best wireless earbuds you can get. Not only that, but the software works beautifully on Android with settings to get the noise canceling sounding just right.

It must be mentioned that Samsung’s design has led to some problems for some users though most people won’t encounter such issues. Still, if you’re looking for Prime Early Access discounts on tech but don’t want to spend hours digging through the noise, keep a tab open with Android Central's live deals roundup blog. We even have deals from other retailers as well.

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