Leaked Nothing Ear (2) renders reveal more of the same, hint at customizable ANC

Nothing Ear (1) Review.
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What you need to know

  • Leaked renders of the Nothing Ear (2) have come to light.
  • While the design is largely the same as the Ear (1), the noise canceling microphone on the Ear (2) has shifted position along with other small elements.
  • The Ear (2) may also offer a customizable ANC option, Advanced EQ, Transparency Mode, and Dual Connectivity.

Perhaps we're approaching a time where Nothing is back in our lives with new buds to possibly enjoy.

The latest round of rumored renders about Nothing's upcoming Ear (2) buds were tweeted by OnLeaks in conjunction with SmartPrix. Through the images, it looks as if Nothing is looking to keep its next wireless earbud design widely similar to the first Ear (1) product.

The buds still feature a unique transparent outer shell and an adjustable ear stabilizer to prevent them from falling out. However, there are some slight differences regarding the design and functionality of the buds and what they may end up offering.

The rest of the leaked renders can be viewed directly on SmartPrix.

On the exterior, OnLeaks is sure to highlight the differences between the placement of the Ear (2)'s noise-canceling microphone when compared to the Ear (1). On these renders, the Ear (2) may have that microphone shifted onto the ear stabilizer portion of the device instead of the rounded top bit that is placed on a user's ear. There also appear to be some small adjustments to some interior elements, as well.

Information also suggests the Ear (2) will deliver some satisfying upgrades for consumers beginning with ANC (active noise cancelation). While the previous Ear (1) indeed offers ANC, the Ear (2) may look to take it a step further by letting users customize it. This may bring the ability to set the level of noise cancelation to a user's preference.

It's also being floated that consumers may find a "Dual Connectivity" option on the new buds. This would let the Ear (2) connect to at least two devices and swap sound between them seamlessly, similar to the Pixel Buds Pro and some other wireless earbuds. Users may also find support for Advanced EQ, Find Earbuds, and a Transparency Mode for hearing sounds around you without taking your buds out.

It was rumored several months ago that Nothing could be in the process of developing the Ear (2) with its internal codename B155. Nothing CEO Carl Pei also recently confirmed that there would be a U.S. launch of the Phone (2) in 2023. While these leaked renders aren't an exact indication of how close we are to an Ear (2) release, perhaps we'll see the buds release alongside the new phone in the U.S.

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