Nothing could have two new pairs of earbuds on the way — ear (1) Stick and ear (2)

Nothing ear (1) stick
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What you need to know

  • Nothing streams a new video on its YouTube channel titled - What's after phone (1).
  • The video hints at new earbuds, seemingly a successor to ear (1).
  • A new leak also suggests the company is working on not one but two new earbuds.

Nothing debuted its first-ever product last year with ear (1) wireless earbuds, which featured a unique transparent design. The next anticipated product, however, was the Nothing phone (1), which in our review by Harish Jonnalagadda, did stand out in the challenging segment that the device launched. Well, it now appears Nothing is planning to launch a few more products, including a possible successor to the ear (1). At least that's what the new live-streamed video on the Nothing YouTube channel suggests.

The title of the video, "What's after phone (1)," suggests new products are on the way, and although the video doesn't specifically mention what the upcoming products are, it hints we could be looking at the follow-up to Nothing ear (1).

At the beginning and end of the video, you hear Nothing's head of design, Tom Howard, talking about a device that's "not ear (1)." He later says that the company wanted to "create a case and a product that was a little bit more refined."

The rumor mill for the alleged earbuds initially began before the Nothing phone (1) launch. It suggested that new earbuds would be nothing but the ear (1) buds coming in a new stick-shaped case, thus called Nothing ear (1) Stick. A purported photo of the ear (1) Stick has been showcased in the recent rumors.

The photo suggests that the ear (1) buds are not placed in a traditional square charging case but rather in a novel elongated transparent one. The stick is interesting since it makes us think of certain other earbud cases, including the one that came with the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds.

Meanwhile, tipster Mukul Sharma has shared a few more insights on what to expect from the upcoming Nothing products. He suggests two pairs of earbuds are on their way to release later this year. While one is an alleged ear (1) Stick, the other is the ear (1)'s successor — presumably called the ear (2). Both wireless earbuds are said to be in an internal testing phase in European and Asian regions, suggests Sharma.

In an accompanying tweet, Sharma has also indicated that two Nothing products bearing B155 and B157 have received the SGS Fimko certification. The latter is also said to have cleared the Indian BIS certification.

We already have two commercially available Nothing products, and these two alleged new earbuds are in the pipeline — all of them would connect seamlessly. So, it looks like Nothing is preparing to continue its path "imaging a world where all devices are seamlessly connected."

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