See what apps the AC editors are checking out this week

So many apps. In fact, there are over 1,375,000 apps in Google Play alone right this very instant. That means two things — we're sure to find more than a few apps that we like, and we all can benefit from some word-of-mouth recommendations from folks we know and trust. Like the editors here at AC.

We live and breathe Android apps. It's not only fun, but it's our job to sort through them and separate the wheat from the chaff. Have a look at this week's wheat.

Phil Nickinson — Cookpad


I love to eat. I also love to cook. And I also believe it's extremely important to try new things, to keep both the cooking and the eating from getting boring. So I've been spending more time in Cookpad (until last week known as Allthecooks). I sort of look at it like it's the Amazon of cooking. I can find pretty much anything there, and get reviews on it all as well. Want to try a new waffle recipe? You've got tons to pick from. Want to find another way to make waffles? Done. And don't forget about all the waffle recipes. And if you want to make waffles, well.

There are also are recipes for myriad other things, and the app works with Android Wear, too, so you don't even have to have a phone or tablet open beside you.

Download: Cookpad (Free, in-app purchases)

Russell Holly — Eat 24


We are all surrounded by places that will deliver tasty food, but many of those places lack the resources to build their own order and delivery tracking app. Eat24 fills in the blanks for these companies by charging a few bucks on top of whatever you order, and providing a killer app for all of the restaurants in your area that choose to do business with them. The app makes ordering simple, and let's you pay with just about anything. If anything should go wrong with your order, the live customer service built into the app will bend over backwards to help you out. There's even an Android Wear app, which makes it super easy to order "the regular" if you're the type to do that sort of thing.

Download: Eat24 (Free)

Justin Duino — Month: Calendar Widget

Month: Calendar Widget

We all use calendars to keep track of important dates and appointments but why does ever calendar application on the Play Store have to include a simple and plain widget for displaying these events on your home screen? With Month: Calendar Widget you get the ability to see your seemingly boring calendar turned into a piece of art. Once you have the application installed, it is as simple as selecting which calendars you would like to be shown and which widget theme you would like to have on display. After you have placed it on a home screen, you can click into the different dates to see what is on your schedule without even entering your calendar itself.

The application is free to download and comes with several beautiful templates that can go with any background or theme. Additionally, you have the ability to purchase several themed template packages within the app itself which is perfect for anyone who likes to customize their Android device with different themes and icons.

Download: Month: Calendar Widget (Free, in-app purchases)

Andrew Martonik — Airbnb


We're planning a trip to Paris next year, and the only way that it's going to be affordable for a long period is going with something like an Airbnb rental. You don't get hotel amenities, but you do get a great local experience and an exceptional deal. Most of us know of the person-to-person rental service (and its horrible new logo), but until the other week I hadn't installed the app and actually browsed around. Now I'm spending hours a week in it.

Airbnb's app makes it easy to browse through properties by list or map, save them to wish lists to narrow down choices, contact hosts and even book right away. Its really a full-featured app that gives you everything from the website, and makes it easy to browse around for your next trip whenever you have a few free minutes to look. It's definitely going to be installed on my phone and tablet until we're back from our trip.

Download: Airbnb (Free)

Ara Wagoner - Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus

While working, testing devices, or simply looking to relax, I spend lots of time watching TV, and Hulu is my number one app for this (sorry, Netflix). While testing devices, seeing how they respond to subtitled videos and the battery drain of prolonged viewing gives me insight in a relatively quick and highly enjoyable manor. And while I work at a TV station, I get to see tidbits but not entire programs a great deal, so Hulu allows me to keep current, even of programs I wouldn't otherwise get like The Daily Show or Sailor Moon. With one of the best Chromecast functionalities, Hulu Plus can entertain me on a tiny phone, my laptops, or as big a screen as I can find.

Download: Hulu Plus (Free, $7.99 a month subscription)

Richard Devine - Transit App

Transit App

We're not short of apps in the UK to help us navigate public transport, especially London, but one I've always wanted to try out is this, known as Transit App. It's always come highly recommended on iOS before it came to Android but until recently it didn't support the London transport network. A recent update unlocked that and so I can now take it for a spin.

It's a really well done app that's nicely designed and shows you live departure information to help you plan your trip. Plot routes, see live positions of buses and trains (where supported) and even find routes and scheduled departure times without a data connection, Transit App will always get you where you're going.

Download: Transit App (Free)