Verizon stops charging customers $10/month to use its 5G network

April has been all about 5G over at Verizon. It began with Verizon launching 5G in Chicago and Minneapolis which was then followed up with an announcement for the next 20 cities that will receive 5G.

When its 5G service first launched, Verizon planned on charging an extra $10 per month for it with the fee waived for the first three months. However, Verizon has since decided to delay charging extra for 5G for an undetermined amount of time for users of the new $1300 Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Tami Erwin, head of the new business-focused unit at Verizon, said from the first two cities the carrier has learned, "customers want more of it, and they want it everywhere." That is why Verizon is working hard to get the zoning permissions to expand 5G coverage in the cities where the service is already offered.

At this time, it appears the delay is a perk strictly for users of the Samsung's new Galaxy S10 5G phone. While customers using the Moto Z3 with the additional 5G Moto Mod will still have to pay to use 5G after their first initial three months of the service.

The decision to delay charging for 5G service is a smart one on Verizon's part. So far, reviews of the service have been as spotty as the reception, with our own Hayato Huseman saying, "Ultra-fast speeds are met with scattered coverage and inconsistent performance."

During his time in the city, Hayato noted how the phone would consistently switch back and forth between 5G and LTE because of the weak 5G signal, as well as of slow or inconsistent 5G speeds, especially when inside of buildings. It doesn't make much sense for Verizon to charge for a service, which you won't have access to the majority of the time, and when you do it could be a suboptimal experience. That is why for now, Verizon is looking to give customers some time to experience 5G before charging extra for it, and while they work on expanding coverage.

Jason England