dbrand custom Xperia Z2

We have a beautiful one of a kind custom Xperia Z2 that shows off the best of dbrand and some Android Central flair

Whether your device is dinged up and could benefit from a facelift or is brand new and you want some protection, dbrand likely has you covered with some stylish and practical full-device skins. Where dbrand's skins really shine is on specific devices that have lots of uniform surfaces — and there are few devices with more swaths of flatness than the Sony Xperia Z2.

The folks at dbrand already make several different styles and colors of skins, but in collaboration with them we have a pretty special device here to show off — a custom Android Central skinned Xperia Z2!

Style and function

dbrand custom Xperia Z2dbrand custom Xperia Z2

Made out of high-quality 3M vinyl, this textured carbon fiber woven design will add a bit of resilience to your device, especially when it covers up both sides of the phone like this one does. Dbrand went with a two-tone setup with black on the back and white on the front, which is particularly striking. You'll notice the nicely-sized white Lloyd on the back of this one though — the only one of its kind.

If carbon fiber is a bit too out there for you, brand offers a variety of different textures — including metal, leather and even wood — and colors to fit your style. You can customize the back, sides and front of your phone to different styles, or go with a single color and texture all around.

Of course this Xperia Z2 is a perfect example of how to apply a dbrand skin with masterful precision — and the folks over at dbrand were nice enough to do this one for us for the perfect coverage of this phone. They even showed off a bit and gave the Xperia Z2's box a full carbon fiber wrap job (including the Android Central logo) to match the phone — this is one box you won't be throwing away after you take all of the "good stuff" out of it.

Now, let's give away this phone!

dbrand custom Xperia Z2

First, a quick note on which carriers this phone will work with. This is an unlocked GSM Xperia Z2, so it won't work on your CDMA carrier (looking at you, Verizon and Sprint). It also may not work on some GSM carriers using obscure bands. When in doubt, double check your carrier's bands against Sony's website.


Use the widget below to enter. Each option gives you more entries, and the tweet option allows you to enter once per day. Not bad! If you don't use social media, don't worry, you can still earn an entry by leaving a blog comment, just make sure you click that option in the widget. We'll let this one run through the end of the month and announce a winner around the first of August. Good luck everybody!

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Reader comments

Win a custom Sony Xperia Z2 courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!



I've never had a Sony phone, so this giveaway is an exciting chance to check out the gorgeous waterproof design! Congrats to whomever wins!

On behalf of the staff here at AndroidCenter I'd like to congratulate you on your exclusive right to the Sony Xperia Z2 drawing! You hooks exclusive right to enter in your own behalf! Sony phones are great. Best of luck to you zackcgibbs!

The skin looks amazing and just adds more beautifulness to this already beautiful phone

Posted via Android Central App from my Motorola Moto G 16GB with stylish blue flip cover

The Xperia Z2 comes with its own noise canceling headphones which seem very cool to have, since I have heard many good things about song and their noise canceling.

Wait, we're registering to win the actual item, and not just the privilege of buying the item? MADNESS!!!

Never thought much about Sony products, but have been pretty impressed with the direction they've gone with their Android offerings.

Almost enough to get me back on Twitter... but on a 4S. I'd eat up my battery just uploading the timeline. Thus I leave this comment as my lone entry with hopes it will convince AC to pull me out of iOS purgatory. Keep up the great work fellas!

I have the Xperia Z1s on T-Mobile, but given the display quality on the Z2, it would be a HUGE upgrade. Thanks for the contest guys!!

i really really want that phone the skin complements it perfectly. plus ive always wanted a phone and i like sony quite a bit for the ps3 and the psvita. besides, i love high end phones anda unique high end phone would be the stuff dreams are made of

I want to win this awesome phone with the custom skin! It's a cool phone, with a cool customized look! Very awesome!

Would love to try a Sony device. They look so nice and Sony makes some great camera models. The AC flair is a bonus.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!!! I have wanted a Z2 for a while now, but have been too scared to purchase one without warranty and sight unseen. Seems to check all of the boxes. Improved screen, great camera, light skin, great build and specs. Really hope to win this!

This phone and skin is just stellar and my obsession Japanese culture would fit well with this phone

Posted via Android Central App

I have been looking at this phone for a while now. With Sony Xperia Z2 I finally would be able to take descent photos in the dark

would love to have this! it's indeed the best xperia device so far. :)
really like the texture of the back skin. also, love the android central logo! :D

First of all good luck to everyone! Another awesome giveaway. The Sony Z2 is a very cool flagship and my Nexus 5 could get an upgrade. Also I'm a fan of Dbrand Skins.

Yes please! Sony has really stepped up their game with this device. Finally doing away with the washed out display of previous models. I would love this phone

My first mobile phone was a Sony Ericsson Z 700 (?) back in 2002-2003, followed by a K800 and currently by Xperia Neo. Does it make me a Sony fan? :)

The Z2 is the first Sony phone I've actually considered getting and carbon fiber is always good.

Posted via Android Central App

The Z2 is just such an amazing phone and being waterproof is such a huge bonus! Love Sony! Hope I can win!!! I never win anything lol Android central

I think that Lloyd skin is what really enhances this giveaway. Its lets everyone know that its indeed Android! I really like the Z2 because it has great hardware and a nice big screen, coupled with that skin, it just looks beautiful.

This would be my third Sony phone since my first one in middle school and my second one during my freshman year. Plus the Z2 has a really nice and classy design, which is one thing I look for in a phone. The dbrands carbon skin is also a nice touch as well. It's a great way to protect the sleek design of the phone.

I'd love to win the Xperia Z2 with the custom Lloyd skin. Be proud to rock Lloyd full time on the back of my new phone. I want to win because I'm about to leave Verizon, and I need a new phone to take to T-Mobile or AT&T! This would be perfect!.

I've been interested in the Sony phones since the Z1. The Z2 with the carbon fiber skin looks great and I would love to have it.

That skin is awesome! What's not to like? And I want the Xperia Z2 because it is a super nice phone and if I don't like it more than my M8 I'll sell it and use the money for an android wear watch ;-)

This would be an awesome replacement to my aging Galaxy S3. Would love to get my hands on a Sony phone!

The new z2 looks like a great device and with that sweet looking custom Android Central skin from Dbrandskins it looks even better!!!!!!

I've wanted a Sony phone for a while. This looks like a good phone to start with.

Posted via Android Central App

I have been wanting an Xperia Z2 since it was announced. And this is a very nice customized one. Would love to use it as my daily driver.

Sounds like an awesome phone with an awesome custom skin! I wouldn't mind winning ine and letting all of my family and friends play with it!

I've been wanting this phone since it debuted. I've entered many contests to try to win it and have failed. I really want to upgrade my Sony Xperia Z C6606 with T-Mobile finally and this is the only phone I actually want to get and it's not being carried by my carrier. Hook a brother up!

I've bought from dbrand before. They had shipping error in the Christmas rush but sent out two skins :) amazing customer service. The custom skin on the Z2 looks awesome, would be cool to win

I don't always post but when I do I use an outdated meme as my signature

Never owned a smatrphone, so this is chance to win Sony Z2. Waterproof + unique carbon skin = AWESOME
I want to be that one lucky guy, finger crossed :)

Nice. And the skin ads one nice thing: a protective layer to the glass of the Z2.

By the way...check the website and customize the Z2 with a mahogany back a la Moto X. It looks AWESOME.

I think the Lloyd skin is awesome and would love to have the waterproof Z2 with this skin as my everyday phone.

Looking to leave Sprint in favor of a prepaid plan with a better (GSM?) carrier, a free great unlocked phone will be an awesome start!!!

Been looking to get away from Verizon to Tmo or ATT and, like Jerry, I've been waiting to get one of Sony's amazing phones. Even better showing off Android's awesome mascot.

Posted via Android Central App

The Sony Xperia is awesome, i've watched a ton of videos about it online, sadly At&t does not carry the Xperia so this is my opportunity, im excited ! hope i win and good luck to all

I like the carbon fiber look on the back of the Smartphone with the android in white aka the android central logo. But what really gets my attention on this smartphone is I have never used a Sony Smartphone before and considering this is an unlocked GSM Xperia Z2, it would fit me very well.

Although I'm in love with my Nokia Lumia 1520, I love staying in touch with the latest devices and system changes across all platforms. Android has been my favorite considering the level of customization and Google's dedication in taking things forward at a face pace - plus I did have a good time with the Samsung Galaxy S3, back when I owned that device.

I came to Android Central today to look at what's new in the Android world, specifically to look for ideas for a new device to purchase for my lovely wife - her Xperia U's kind of super-outdated and she finally agreed to let me get her a new device! And when I saw the pictures here, of the Xperia Z2 all jazzed up by dbrand, i somewhat started drooling! Carbon Fiber!!! Whoa!

What are the chances that I might win here? If that does happen, I might find myself parting ways with my Lumia 1520 by giving that to my wife and keeping this gorgeous piece of hardware with its unique dbrand look and the Android Central branding... It'd be simply frickin' awesome! :)

Fingers crossed!!!

I'd love to have this because it would be the perfect device to convince me to move away from Verizon by testing out other carriers in my area with it. I have a Moto X and I would already like to upgrade, but I don't really know where I want to go from, from here.