A Droid RAZR Ultra, by any other name, would still smell as sweet -- and sell like hotcakes

We don't particularly put a lot of faith into leaked CelleBrite screen shots, but this is one we had to pass along. Why? Because the Droid RAZR Ultra makes perfect sense.

The Droid RAZR line was a huge hit for Verizon and Motorola, and it would be a great way to use that success to push the next big thing from the two. We've all seen how branding can help a phone go from a success to a smash hit, and Verizon loves them some branding and labeling.

We won't be surprised if this is just one of those things and the RAZR name isn't attached to the Droid Ultra, but we also wouldn't be surprised if it were. If the leaks are to be believed, we'll know more soon.

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What's in a name: The Droid RAZR Ultra


It will also have a Sprint variant, the Sprint Motorola Epic Evo Touch 4G LTE.

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I think calling these RAZRs would be strange. To me these phones don't belong to the RAZR line of phones. These are "Ultra" phones. I guess. Meh what does I know.

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Why? They are due for an update and you don't kill a popular name. Heck Nike still sells Jordans and he hasn't played in years.

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I don't care what they call them. Just want to know what the spec's and price are going to be....

Agreed. They can call it the Droid Panties for all I care.

This reminds me of when the Galaxy S or Galaxy S 2 came out on every carrier with somewhat-silly names and people here got really, REALLY upset; claiming, "I'm not going to buy this phone. It's called the Fascinate for pete's sake!".

Actually, now I really want DROID-branded panties on my girl.

I initially thought they'd be the DROID RAZR Ultra Mini, DROID RAZR Ultra, DROID RAZR Ultra MAXX but then seeing leaks without the RAZR brand made me think twice. I was fine with DROID Ultra Mini, DROID Ultra, and DROID Ultra Maxx (I never thought it would be DROID Mini, DROID Ultra, and DROID MAXX).

One of the best brand names in recent mobile history diluted to become this garbage. Unlike many people I care about the name of the phone, because an easy name to remember like galaxy might be the difference between a couple thousand people buying one phone over the other. Popular phones seem to get updates faster than less popular phones, not to mention the sheer amount of cases for popular phones.