Android at Google I/O

You'll still need to pay the entry fee, but we'll help get your foot in the door

The annual Google I/O developer conference is coming up in just three short weeks. We'll be there. Thousands of you will be there. It's going to be epic.

And Google has found room to squeeze in a few more. We've got 15 registration invite codes to give away. To be clear, these codes will not get you into Google I/O for free. You'll still have to pony up the $900 general-admission fee, and find your own way to San Francisco. (See this page for complete details on that.) But for many, the financial and geographical hurdles are the easy part — actually being able to register was what's hard. So, we're happy to help Google help you.

As for how we're going to do this? Let's rap.

We're going to do this over three days. The codes have to be used by 11:59 p.m. PDT June 9, though, so we need to be a little quick about it. We'll start today. But if you're not sure today whether you're going to be swing it if you win, no worries. You can try to enter on Thursday. And once more on Friday. Make sense?

One more thing, and this is important:

Google I/O is a developer conference. If you're looking to go for free stuff, please don't enter. If you're looking to go for some other reason, please don't enter. And if you're entering this giveaway without any intention of actually going to Google I/O, please don't enter. We'd love to see every one of these codes go to someone who will use Google I/O to help make the Android community better than it was before they attended. Maybe that's you. We certainly hope so.

So, with that said, here's the plan. We'll be giving away five codes a day over the next three days in the following manner:

How to enter today

Just leave a comment in this post telling us what you hope to get out of Google I/O should you attend. We'll let this go through noon EDT on Thursday, June 5, and pick a winner at random. (Anyone who says "free stuff" or something similarly lame will be squelched without hesitation.)

How to enter on Thursday

We'll do a random contest through our forums. Check back tomorrow for a link to that one.

How to enter on Friday

You'll want to be listening to the Android Central Podcast. If you can't listen live, you'll want to catch the recorded version as soon as possible. More on that on Friday.

Get it? Got it? Good luck.


Reader comments

We have 15 Google I/O registration invites, and three ways to win one


As an Android developer that would be a massive boost - experience and knowledge-wise. But would need to fly there from Slovenia :)


I was looking forward to going to Google I/O this year, but I didn't get an invite. I am in the process of making my own app at the moment. Going to I/O would offer me a great experience for learning to program better and it would help me with my app to make it more of the Google style. I was also looking forward to Android wear and possibly experimenting with apps on their myself.

Hi Guys, thank you for the chance to get invite.
I'm definitely looking forward Google wearable development sessions and details on Google IO this year.
Very excited with new user interfaces and concepts that should be used on new class of devices. Yet another approach to user interaction.

Working on an app for some UAV projects at my work and was really hoping to go there and pick the brains of some people. I signed up originally but sadly wasn't picked randomly.

Hoping to learn more about those new Android API, especially the Android Wear. In addition, hoping to meet some experts and learn/discuss some coding technique plus some get around the use of GPL/LGPL (open source libs)

I'd like to get into I/O 2014 because I'm an Android developer and want to keep up with the platform updates. The sessions are very useful and being there to ask questions or to attend the office hours is very useful. This is the 4th year I've tried to get in, but so far NO SOUP FOR ME!

Posted via Android Central App

I have two apps that I would like help with, from the Android team. One has all of the functionality written, and seems to work great - but I am horrible at UI/design. The other is an Android Wear app that does not yet work correctly, and I absolutely want to attend all of the Android Wear sessions in person...

Hope to get some more Dev tools for glass. Hopefully a full gdk this year!

Posted via Android Central App

As a Glass Explorer, I would love to attend to improve my glassware. This will be an amazing learning experience. And will be my first time at Google IO

As someone trying to get his foot in the door with technology journalism, and finally having my own tech news site after years of planning, this would mean the world to me. I've been able to do a decent amount through reviews and just covering the news, but being able to be at the event and liveblog it, as well as see the news as it happens, would be a tremendous opportunity. Thank you for the opportunity!

I am a Software Developer and Technology Coordinator for a K-12 school district in Michigan. I had hoped to go to Google I/O this year to interface with other Google Developers and learn more about bringing additional technology to my school district as well as the Education market as a whole. Unfortunately, my number didn't come up this year. As an Educator, I'm always looking to learn new things and pass on the challenges and victories I've had over the years developing for Education.

I have been teaching my self how to code for Android (hopefully glass soon) and I am not going to lie things get really tough at times (throw my computer against the wall tough). But I have been able to learn from some great folks and I just want to explore everything that the Android OS has to offer. I by no means consider myself a developer yet(the hello world app still gives me trouble) but I hope to one day reach that level and I believe that the best place to learn even more would be from all of the developers attending Google I/O 2014. The chance to ask the questions, get answers, get advice, tips and tricks from devs much greater then myself would be AMAZING and I know there are many others would like to do the same at this event. Thanks for hosting this contest and good luck to everyone.

I've always wanted to go to Google I/O, but this year is the first time I actually have the funds! Would be an incredible experience!

I'm on an Android dev team, and applied to sign up, but the Google lottery denied me. Hopefully I can make it in now. Cheers.

Hello Android Central,
The thought of being able to attend Google I/O is outstanding. I would use my experience to provide knowledge to my fellow Techies here in Fargo, ND. While working in a tech industry, this could only expand my horizon and allow me to further develop to help the Google community. -

I would love to get into I/O this year. Really looking forward to learning about Android Wear and Android TV. Also I heard this year will be focused on design of applications and being a mobile developer for Android this would be a great help.

Honestly looking to start development on chromebook desktop apps and use that to help apps work seamlessly between chromebooks, Android devices, and Android wear

It was one of the best experiences I've ever had last year, and I would love to meet with all the other developers there and share some ideas

I hope to get a chance to go to Google I/O to sit in on the Android Wear developer sessions.
Wearable Tech is one of the many promising futures for Android. This will give me a big boost in my development of wearable inspired apps and I'd love to learn more about the hardware development!

My daughter (12) and I are working on coding apps for Autistics children. We are both enrolled in several specific classes this summer to better understand our craft. We would love the opportunity!

I want to go to Google I/O to learn about the new offerings that Google will have for developers and consumers. I would like to attend several Android programming sessions.

Currently I am an android developer and it will be great to get some 1 on 1 time with the Android wear team.

I would love for the chance to attend so that I could see and learn more about what Google is going to be offering in the way of applications that can better improve the efficiency of businesses. I think they have made great strides in becoming a legitimate competitor in that area and would loved to see how much further they have come. Thank you.

Hoping to attend as many Android talks as possible, attend an always-great keynote, get my hands on some of the latest gear, chat with some of the best experts in tech, meet other developers, and brag to all my friends on FB that AndroidCentral gave me a 2014 I/O ticket!

I've been working on an IoT boiler monitoring system for the home. So far it's a web based system running on a raspberryPi. I'd like to attend to be able to participate in the sessions and expand the system to integrate with Nest thermostats and/or build an Android app and integrate with wearables like to Moto360. I'd be forever greatful if I received one of the invites. I tried for days to find one of the easter eggs that Google had left and always got to them too late.

P.S. I hope this means that Jerry H. gets to go now too!

I'd love to get some design tips at I/O, a general idea about where Google wants to go with the platform and of course breath in the exciting atmosphere. I've tried to get a ticket every year, but have not gotten one for the last 3 years... :-(

From Google I/O I hope to gain better insight to help me throughout my internship this summer (will be using Android extensively) and with the start up I work for during school (Android app called HomeSlice)

I am an android developer and have been trying to get to my second IO. I have 5 published apps on the play store and also happen to be in San Francisco the same week as the conference. Please pick me.

Working with developers on design and seeing a lot of Android designers has shown me that for the majority of apps, Android app design is still lacking compared to the maturity of the iOS design community. Google I/O will be a great way to connect with other designers and get in touch with other developers as well as see firsthand Google's new design direction for Android.

I'm creating a startup that will leverage new technologies in the Play Services bundle, as well as Android Wear functionality. Having the hands-on tutorials, tech talks, and fireside chats will be beyond helpful to mitigate the learning curve! I was extremely bummed when I didn't win the ticket lottery. This is a great opportunity!

WWDC and Google I/O these are big 2 Event that every Developer should attend once in life. i was trying to get ticket from last 2 years but i couldn't get it. This year Google is going to Announce Lollypop with New Android API that is important for me. Google may introduce google glass consumer product at low cost. Chrome Cast is another hot topic. Angular JS is booming technology in web and personally i used it and its awesome so it could be another target to learn from this Google IO. wearable device development is another target so its really important for me. I would like to go for this conference because i deserve it rest is up-to you. I am thankful of #AndroidCentral that they provide us this opportunity to be a part of 2014 google I/O attendees and I am big fan of androidcentral on Twitter too. Thank you Androdi Central.

Hoping to bring more features to my Android applications that make them more secure, and trying to get a head start on Android Wearables.

I applied for Google I/O but didn't get an invite. I work for a predictive analytics company using the android platform, would be an amazing opportunity to learn about the design & development happening at Google.

I am an Android developer, and game developer,
I am hoping to attend the session about the new Play Game API,
and get a glimpse of the wearable API

I've been doing Android Development full-time for almost 2 years, and I'd love to be able to take advantage of the talks announced so far. Being able to ask questions of the speaker live and in-person, as well as meet with other developers, would really help me improve my skills. I'd also love to be able to bring back all that knowledge to my team.

I'd love to learn more about a platform I'm already enamored with. I'm especially intrigued by what Google is doing to collaborate with educators.

i will be honest. I want the latest toys and Google i/o is the best place to get them :D

If i win and while i'm there, i'm also hoping to enhance my programming skills to develop better apps

I've always wanted to go to I/O. Every year I try and save my money in the hopes of experiencing such an amazing event. All the opportunities to learn and listen to all of these amazing developers excited to let us know about their work. The learning experience I feel is the push I need into this occupation. This would be a dream come true but watching live streams and having multiple tabs open open will be enough. This would be amazing though if I actually got the chance to go. Thank you go your time.

Posted via Android Central App

I've been an Android Software Engineer for 3.5 years and never been to Google I/O. I would like to see the Android related talks in person rather than on youtube videos. Also Google I/O will be boring without me =).

I would like to go to I/O to learn more about emerging Android, Wear, and Web technologies and how I can incorporate those into projects in an effort to build the best product for my clients as possible.

Never been able to go. Would love the opportunity to represent Android Central with a different perspective :-)

LG Optimus G Pro

I would love for a chance to go to Google I/O to experience new technologies (mainly mobile devices) and see what the latest Android software is capable of. As an inspiring Android developer, I want to learn more and explore the possibilities of what Android has to offer.

I want to learn more about how to help move testing Android apps forward. I need more reasons why Green should be my favorite color. I almost have the same name (Android ~ Andrew) and I need to learn more in order to live up to that name. I want to be a part of an event that will forever change my life!

I support mobile operating systems (including Android), smartphones, mobile security, and embedded computing as a tier 3 resource for Sprint Solutions Engineers. I count on conferences like these as a fundamental knowledge transfer component of my job and consider I/O to be the most valuable conference that I have the opportunity to attend each year. I prioritize it above all others with management when planning events for the year, but it's now looking like the second year in a row I won't be able to go. Unfortunately last year they had the infamous registration server meltdown and this year the “random lottery” has chosen to bypass me for whatever reason.

I am also a Sprint Product Ambassador and assist AC readers with issues and questions for Sprint devices we support 8 week launch teams for. Our most recent teams were supporting HTC M8 and M8 HK and Samsung S5 and Gear Fit.

I appreciate your consideration!

i was hunting easter eggs like a freak, i did not sleep trying to get a ticket :( i want go because believe me or not its my dream since long time ago, im from mexico so its difficult assist events like this for me :( i love android and i really want learn and spread the word and teach here in my country. Long time ago i was in front page of XDA (for some are like "meh" but for me was amazing) with my open source app Sms enhancer i really really want go i would give anything for going , i was so sad, but this bring me a little hope, seriously i really want go.
I want learn more of Android UI, and see what can i do with android wear, my first time in USA was in startup bus north america, and since then i figure out development its my life. i really really hope i can join to great amazing community and developers

I wish I could go, but Instead I would like to endorse Zen Kun, he is most definitely a great developer, and he is doing great work in the car dock world. I was part of his beta program and he is innovative and very talented. You also give his app a try, as it is the best car dock replacement I have seen. Car Dashdroid

I'm currently a student and I'd love to learn more about Android and expand my Horizons! Thanks Android Central ☺

I would love to attend Google IO this year. Most of my team tried to register in hopes that one of us would make it in. We are looking to develop some social based apps for one of our ventures. It would be amazing to learn and network with people who are already working on the things we want to create.

Learning about the new functionalities, methods, and UI changes to Android would help me immensely in discovering better ways of making the lives of my users better. Plus the weather in Cleveland is generally terrible, and San Francisco is gorgeous (but the reason I want to go is for development purposes).

I actually plan to be in the bay area the days immediately before I/O and would most certainly extend my stay to stick around for it if I had an invite. As a developer, I am super excited about Android Wear among the other things that Google has coming down the pipe. Attending I/O would be an awesome experience.

Hey. I'm an educator based here in the UK. One of my remits is the support of technology to enhance Learning and teaching. Android tablets being a big part of that. We work with pupils to create applications as well. I/O would give me a chance to see the current developments taking place within the Android space and develop teaching models around that. It would get a whole new generation (Pepsi reference) into developing for Android. Who knows it could inspire the next 'flappy bird'. Wait..... Bad example.

Thanks for the chance of entering.

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The opportunity to speak with the people behind the code to get firsthand knowledge of how to make my app better,while giving feedback to them to make the tools better.

I am currently learning Android coding for apps so would like to talk to people in person that know a lot about it. Not gonna lie also for the free stuff. But for real I love Google and Android and its a dream of mine to attend.

Posted via Android Central App

As an experience designer, I'm really interested to see what Google is planning with its renewed focus on design. Been trying to go for years, with no luck so far. it would be epic! And it's not just Android, but across all products and services.

Mobile electronics and all things android are my passion and a hobby that is developing into my future career and more. I attended the Google I/O in 2011 by great luck and have been trying to go again to no avail. I am a student in Android mobile application development and would love to be able to attend the conference again to further my knowledge, network and experience all that Google has to share firsthand. Thank you for your consideration.

Posted via Android Central App

If selected to attend Google IO, I would use the opportunity to get my companies Android app in front of the experts at Google. It would be a huge opportunity for future improvements to our app. Thanks!

Thank you for offering this. I've tried to go to I/O in the past, but now the conference is actually relevant to my job. I use AngularJS with work and hope to gain experience from coding labs. I'm an avid fan of Android (obviously) and have tried several times to develop applications. It would really benefit me to learn from the creators on Android best practices.

I wanted to attend Google I/O as my colleges has been there previous years, and told me that it was soo good, that they even would pay themselves if the company didnt. I am doing both Android and web development, and tried to register too go there, but I didnt get in.
If I dont win, I can always watch the online session ;)

I know you didn't want to hear about free sh*t... but that is what I go for. I wrote this last year... but not much has changed, but I edited it a bit... so here we go... I am about to admit something about Google I/O. I am paid through work to go to this conference and I have very little of pocket expenses. When it comes to I/O... I go because of all of the free shi*. I go because I can have a tech conversation and not have to explain every aspect as if it were part of a car. That is free. I go to because I see the front line guys that discovered the same dead ends I found, until we found the workaround that allow the thing to work on the iPad (which is the IE6 of browsers now)... And we are bonded like war veterans who share a knowing nod to one another... That is free shi* at I/O... I go because my ideas are valued... For free... I get API advice from the person that wrote it... I have shaken the hand of +Vic Gundotra . Vic didn't charge... I saw Janes Addiction perform while drinking a free beer and eating a free taco. I have went to pitch nights. This was free and a bit like work... But it is preparing me for something. I have went product launches that are in hole in the wall bars... I saw the EVO 3D before everyone... It convinced me not to preorder EVO 3D. This event was free and the beer was free. I have touched things months or years before anyone else... For free... I have had the pleasure four times in a row. For four years I had all this free shi*. Last year I missed the boat due to a technical problem... First I was a little mad... but pretty much I am understanding... It even makes me appreciate all of the potential free shi* in the future. I feel the odds of me having been to such an event four times is mathematically a rounding error... I wish some of you luck in getting tickets in a few weeks... But I wish just enough of you failure for me to get in... I just want my free shi*... I want to get to hang with the cool kids and be inspired. I want to roll my eyes at the guy asking the overly simple question and then also another eye roll for the guy with a specific use case that is not within the realm of what the product was or is ever going to do... but it is all free shi*. I wanna bring that shi* back and share it with everyone. #io14 is coming soon... I hope to see you there so we can share the free shi*.

I hope to learn more about the future of android, what the current limitations are and what innovations are currently in progress. I love how android is developing into a very usable system and I've always been interested in the open-source aspect of it.

I'd love to heard about what's in store for the next android release and what it means for root, specifically SElinux

As an iOS dev learning Android, I'd like to meet with and learn from Android developers at this conference. I also would like to learn more about Android Wear.

Hi, when I graduated from engineering school two years ago I had taken a class on C and Matlab thinking that it would be the only programming I'd ever use. However in my free time now I've found myself wanting to learn to develop for Android. I've setup the IDE/Eclipse on my computer and read the majority of a Java Programming for Android Developers book to get me started.

I haven't actually programmed anything, I'm in the very beginning phases of understanding Java right now. For that reason, I completely understand not choosing me and I don't know if that means I wouldn't fit in there or if that's the kind of person Google wants there. However from the aspect of wanting to learn about developing (and furthering my education as I teach myself) and what areas to apply that knowledge besides just apps and the engineer in me I would love to see not only what they have going on but also how they plan to implement it in devices (or more so robotics) for the future.

Anyway, figured it couldn't hurt to try and thanks for the chance!

Learn more about the future of wearables. Regular developer using Google Services and currently a glass explorer. Will be the last Google I/O I can go as a student!

I have been working to add Android app design to my GIS Programming class in the Geography Department at Oklahoma State University. I would really like to go to more of the Google Maps/Earth sessions to learn more to add to my class for the students.

I have 2 new apps that I am building and would love to attend all of the design sessions as well as how to add in functionality for wearables and chromecast. Also would be great to meet other developers and see what new features are working and perhaps more important, what isn't working.

What I'd like to get out of it is the experience of going.
I live 15mins from downtown San Francisco & yet have never had the opportunity to attend an I/O in person!

I would like to follow up on what I learned at IO12. Specifically on Android programming and maybe a bit on Glass. Ant and IO DevKit are areas if like to focus on the most.

I have tried to get tickets for I/O the last two years, I develop for chrome/chromium and I plan to start developing for android wear. getting to go to I/O would really help me in building a network of chromium devs to work through problems with and bounce ideas off of. I just moved out to the San Francisco area so if you give me a ticket, I can promise it will go to good use. Thanks for this opportunity.

My team and I have gone the last 3 years and have had meetings already pre-planned for the last 9 months. I've tried everything from contacting every internal team possible we're connected to and all the easter egg code hunts but nothing has come to fruition yet. This conference is the only event of the year I look forward to and I can't imagine not attending this year.

I would love to attend the Google IO Conference to get my Google Glasses aligned properly. Having been on of the second group of explorers who just had them mailed I never had them fitted. It drives me crazy the continual adjustments of the nose pieces, the bone conductor and shades. Seems I can only get one of the three good at a time. For a second point I actually have budgeted dollars for attendance already in place but was not so lucky in the ballot.

I would really like to use this opportunity to network with people to find out how the developers got started and find out what knowledge they could offer to someone that is looking to get started, The second reason that I wanted to go was for the different sessions.

I would love to go! I have been developing android apps for a couple years now and my rommate and I just started working on a new one. This would be a great opportunity for us to learn a lot more.

I'm a mobile developer and I've always wanted to attend Google I/O. I hope that attending will help me develop innovative applications for the latest and greatest Android related technologies. And the networking opportunities would be priceless.

Hi Phil, I follow you on G+. Thank you for the opportunity. The lottery was brutal as was the easter egg hunt. I'm working on a family based Android app with a Glass UI extension. I've been really looking to attend I/O to meet with other Android developers and Google Engineers and discuss how I can better architect my application.

As a Glass Explorer and beginner Android Developer making my own Glass app I would love to attend. It would allow me to interact with people that can help me better develop my project and just learning more coding techniques.

An opportunity to talk with other android developers about how they deal with fragmentation issues in android. So many little glitches between different devices makes the android side of our app insanely frustrating.

I want to go to Google I/O coz i am in 1st sem of my clg and i want to be a android developer and work for google due to google wallet and other such services not avail in my country i cldn't make it up plz if i cld go it would be the best opportunity of my life

Posted via Android Central App

I'm in SF. My initial registration wasn't picked :/ I want to learn more about future plans and how to develop for Wear, Glass, TV, G+, and Android in general.

I'm from India..i use many devices but seeing something live is different than seeing on internet.. A great experience i would say

Posted via Android Central App

I feel this is an inflection point year for Google. A great company providing a lot of great products and innovation but depending on what will be shown at Google I/O, Google can potentially take itself to a whole new level. All of Google's competitors are doing well (all other companies on this planet) and this year, Google is showing that it can take on competitors from multiple fronts. I want to be there, to witness this inflection point.

I have tried to get in to I/O every year since 2009, and every year I'm not given the opportunity to purchase a ticket. This is my only hope!

There are several sessions related to DevOps topics that I would love to attend this year. My company is currently in the midst of a transition to a DevOps culture and it has been quite interesting and a bit chaotic.

Also, I want to find out what I am going to do with my THREE pairs of Google Glass. Developing for them had not been 'smooth'.......

I was looking forward to going to Google I/O this year, but I didn't get an invite.
I am in the process of making my own app at the moment. Going to I/O would offer me a massive boost. I was also looking forward to Android wear and possibly experimenting with apps there myself.

Hi guys, I'm what I'm looking to get out of Google I/O is a little more experience and knowledge about developing and creating new and better apps for Google Glass. I've been on the developers side of it since the beginning and have many questions. Also would like to see all the new stuff that could possibly come out!!!

I'm an Android dev so I'm hoping to get to attend my first conference as an employed dev! :D No one else in my company got in either, so at least one of us being able to go would be great! Good luck to everyone else, too!

I would love to go to Google I/O for so many reason including meeting new people and just taking in the atmosphere but the main reason I would love to go is for the knowledge I would gain. I have several apps on the Play Store right now. They aren't anything special but I would love to continue to update them and make them better and going to Google I/O would help.

I am hoping to get a more in-depth look at some of the Google Wear APIs for future developments.

I Attended last year, it really gave me the jump start i need as developer. And courage i needed to fall in love with developing with and working with Google API. Becoming part of open source google developer communities.

Hoping to see some new apis, especially some improvements to the camera api. If i win, though, can i get the student discount? I know that i wouldn't need to prove i'm a student till the day of.

I'd love to checkout my first developer conference and meet talented developers working on apps that power our future. This would be an awesome opportunity to meet the best and the brightest all in one room!

I was looking forward to getting some design advice on the app I'm currently working on. Hope I win!

Since i have purchased Glass i have been developing applications for glass i would really love to see the newest build for glass and features as-well as CHROME extension are really interesting to me. I have been developing in google cloud recently.

I've been a Google fanatic for over a decade now. Most of my friends think I 'work' for Google with how devoted I am. I was really hoping to go this year (especially since I could get a discount for the last time as a student!) but didn't make the cut.

Save me though, send me off and let me prove my Google Uber-Fanboy status by basking in the Google glory at I/O 2014!

I would love to get the chance to go to Google I/O, obviously there is a ton of knowledge to be gained, but I can usually stream enough content via the webcasts to get my fill of that. The real value of live attendance, to me, is being able to meet other like-minded folks working on amazing things. I am actually a Mechanical Engineer (according to my degree) teaching myself development tools (software development costs a lot less than hardware development) and have been helping with a marketing-automation start-up. Being able to get advice from peers on specific issues we face would be tremendous. Also, just feeling all of the Googly-ness is worth the price of admission!

About 6 months ago I moved across country (literally from corner to corner) for my first "Real Programming Job" and made the leap from Hobby Android Dev to Android Engineer. Since then my programming skills improved dramatically! Currently I am on my 6th full app recode/redesign (from the ground up) of my personal app because I keep learning new things, design patterns, optimization tricks and new libraries to use everyday.

What I want to get from Google I/O? Just the opportunity meet awesome people who are probably way smarter than me, learn, and keep getting better at something that I love.

Me and my friend have been working on developing some apps and for me going here would be a massive learning experience

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to learn more about the new wearable sdk and new Google glass announcements
Thank you so much!

I'm hoping to learn more about Android Wear primarily. It is also nice to be there so that you can be the first to learn about any new potential major updates to Android, the rumored Android TV, Google Glass, etc. Last but not least, participate in the labs to expand my knowledge and talk 1on1 with Google engineers regarding best practices and how tos.

As a faculty member at Arizona State University, I teach android programming. I have found that the excitement associated with Google I/O and the new materials that I learn attending the various sessions bring me back rejuvenated to teach all the new techniques, tools, and technologies to my students for the new academic session.

This would be a great opportunity to understand where Android is going and what I can do to make it better. This would also give me the opportunity to learn what Google's planning with the changes that are going to impact root apps and how we can have both secure systems and the freedom customize our android experiences.

Managing a small development team we currently have a huge focus on expanding our mobile platform and finding ways to develop better against new mobile technologies like Android Wear and Glassware Google I/O would give me insight into where Google is going in terms of wearable technology which would help my team plan and develop for the future.

In the process of rewriting our app (GoFormz) for Android and would love to learn more about the new API's and ways to integrate new stuff into our app for the best experience possible. I know I could learn that by watching the videos, but it is so much better if you are there in person.

I am a user experience designer and design mobile Android apps. Since I hear there will be a focus on UI and usability this year, I am very keen on going this year. I missed out on the lottery, so I hope I can score an invite. Thanks!

I'd look forward to IO, for it's sessions regarding accessibility features and developing upon those features for people with visual impairment.

I would love to be able to meet with other developers (admittedly the only things I've made have been as a hobby). It would also be pretty awesome to attend the keynote, as you really don't get the same experience watching the livestream (let's just say I have bandwidth issues...)

I am building an Android app that connects to an external imaging device. This project involve a lot of hardware programming and my hope is that if I can attend this event, I can learn a trick or two in this area and interact with other more experienced developers.

Would love a chance to be there after being disappointed for the past few years. Basically, I want to be there to talk to more developers for new ideas and technology that I can develop for my industry and maybe even hire a few developers to help me in my projects.

I expect to get some new info about existing Google solutions and specifically interesting about any android-related announcements.

After taking a course in android programming, i have started to enjoy to write android apps and the desire to learn more about Android. This would really be a cool event to meet other people that do the same thing and it would be an opportunity of a life-time.

I want to attend coding sessions on Android Wear and learn how to move items off of the phone and onto a more immediate devices. Finding out if Android Wearables will be going beyond just watches is also another high priority (as much as I want to LOVE Google Glass, I got access to a developer preview pair and just wasn't that impressed).

I have realized that winning Google I/O 2014 tickets is probably the worst thing that could actually happen to me right now. If (by some miracle) my name gets drawn; please draw again and don't tell me (better to believe that the odds are not in my favor than to know I had to pass up a extremely rare win).

I work a school and want to attend some cloud sessions about building apps and running the backend. Wouldn't mind so Glassware/wearables either...

I'm studying computer science currently because Google (especially Android) inspired me to. I'm on my way to developing my first app and realize there is a lot to learn and I want to learn all there is to know as soon as possible. Attending Google I/O will boost my knowledge greatly and allows greater connections for myself. It would be great to go to something I've always watched live streams of trying to siphon developer information from. Hoping for the best! It's going to be a fantastic year for I/O.

Hi, I am going to SFO even did not got an invite, going from Guatemala, Central America. I had already arranged travel so will go to and try to follow up the events, so getting a ticket would be great.

About the conference I am a bit disappointed that now there isn´t a lot of content on Maps, as other events. I have attended Google IO 2010 / 2013. This time got no luck for a ticket. If attending I will look forward to meet with peer programmers from Latin America, and have a more insight use with Cloud services. I am interested in CloudSQL as most of my apps uses MySQL.

Thanks for the chance

Currently developping an Android app that talk to a Google App Engine so that would be definitively useful for me!

To meet people like me, people interested in all that developing on Google platforms has to offer.

Being an Android developer there's so much I want to learn from it! Workshops, hands-on and design reviews are just a few of the things that I won't be able to do by following it online, so being able to attend would be just amazing...

As a class of 2014 graduate and a developer hopeful, I'm interested in seeing what will Google do with there Glass platform and I hope to take in as many workshops as possible there!

P.S. Long time Android Central reader here, first time commenting :-)

I am an Android app developer and would love to learn more about Android Wear direct from the Google team. I also do a lot with Chrome, so any sessions related to that would be greatly beneficial.

Well, it's the 2nd lottery I'm signing up to. The first one being Google's.
Let's see how it goes... although I'm pretty sure this is in vain.
Been wanting to go to Google IO for some time now... mainly for the Android sessions and meeting the Android team.
So if I'm lucky this time, you guys *might* get to meet one of the Seesmic devs. :)

Hello! Thank you for this opportunity to be able to attend Google IO 2014. I am an Android Test Lead by profession, and Android enthusiast by hobby. I was there last year and lucky enough to attend the IO 2013 for the first time! Made some amazing memories! I am already coming out this year to attend IO Extended in San Francisco, CA to be right where the magic happens, catch the news first hand, and network and meet with some of the amazing friends I have made last year. This would just be an added awesome bonus, if I get to attend the IO 2014 and re-live the experience all over again. Thank you, and look forward to hearing from you!


As a full-time developer my main reasons for wanting to attend I/O are getting in touch with other developers and being inspired/motivated by seeing the excellent talks in person. (After loosing the lottery and being painfully close to several easter egg codes I do not expect that this will work but well.. :) )

I tried to buy a ticket last year but no luck. This year I attended to the lottery but no luck again. I am an Android developer who tries to improve this UX and UI abilities. This year I/O will be focused on design and wearables. I am also a Google Glass explorer. So, I really want one.

Working with this amazing fast moving crew developing an app for Clio legal management software. Would love to attend just to be able to meet with other developers face to face in I/O environment.

I'm a web developer, and my employer (a non profit organization) does not pay for me to go to IO. My pay is also significantly bellow that of the industry standard (non profit), so I couldn't afford to buy the tickets anyway. They would pay for my travel if I got the ticket, however. I am very interested in the sessions being held this year, and would love the opportunity to learn more and advance my skills.

I'm a Mobile Development student and currently learning Java. So being able to attend all the breakout session and workshops would be a huge plus!!!!! I'd also like to do a lot of networking there to meet some great dev's

They say this year's Google I/O is about design. Being a product designer for web applications, learning about design from the Google experts will help me and our company.

I would love to go to Google IO. I am a developer and an enthusiast of google products. I use many of Google's technologies for work and for fun and am active as part of GDG Boston. I have been developing on Android since 2008 and want to stay up on the latest updates and APIs and be able to share the knowledge with the rest of my colleagues. I develop full stack web and love Dart and the HTML5 standards Google has been pushing within the web and want to learn a lot more. I use Google's cloud services including both GAE and GCE and would love to learn more about what is in store for the Google Cloud Platform.

I am an Android developer and I love to attend every single session about Android development at I/O. I have so much to learn and there isn't a better place to be than I/O on June 25th.

I've been an Android developer for 4 years and have tried to go to Google I/O each year, never to get in.
I work in S.F. close to Moscone so money & location are easy.
I would like to learn more about Android wear technology as well as Google glass.

Hi! I'm an Android engineer interested in working with Android Wear in the future. I'd love to see all of the announcements, SDK releases, and API information/presentations they have on this new tech. I'm really excited for the wearable electronic space and think there could be dozens of new products and services developed if it becomes ubiquitous. Thanks for any consideration.

I'm a Google Glass explorer and fan of all Google stuff. Looking forward to chat with a great community of devs, share my thoughts and try new products(especially Android Wear).

I'm programming for android for quite a while, started with htc g1 in 2009. I've visited Google IO only once in 2012, and it was epic! Met a lot of android developers, visited many interesting android sessions, it was super great, best conference in my life! Since then I was trying to get tickets again, no luck for 2 years in a row. I wish I can go this year, it looks like a great year with a lot of innovations related to android, like android wear, google glass, maybe even new android version!

We have an Android movie ticketing app in Mexico and we are very eager to implement some integration with Android wear and Google glass!

This years focus at I/O is apparently on design. As an Android developer, I'm keen to expand my knowledge and learn new techniques that can be used to improve design and accessibility in my applications. I'm also extremely interested in the future of Android, it's ecosystem, and where it's taking me and my career.

Like many others, I was not selected during the lottery and did not find any unused code during the Easter hunt.
I am starting a project for android wear using app engine for my back end, but I would love to discover new stuff that I don't already know on these products!
ps: I live in driving distance from the moscone center ;)

I'm hoping to learn more about those new Android Wear API and as a Glass Explorer, I would love to attend to improve my glassware.


Would love to go and be able to attend sessions on some of the rumored such as Android TV and the confirmed such as Android Wear. Would also love to touch base with google engineers, assist some of the labs, connect with other fellow developers and be there when latest of the latest is announced!

I am looking forward to see what design changes are to come to Android! And I am hoping android gets more project butter enhancements.

I've followed Wireless technologies and worked in technology and trends for the last few years. I've just moved to the Bay Area from the Midwest. Going to the I/O event would be a great way to hopefully experience the tech scene here.

I work as a fire captain and am excited to see how android wearables can move into the emergency services. I am looking at how to develop apps that use the wearable items like Glass and the forthcoming watches and integrating them with computer and communications equipment to keep firefighters aware of real time changes to their emergency scenes. This is a moonshot idea of mine, but something I have been working on in my head for years. Google IO would help me start to figure out how the "back end" of this "front end" idea I have could be put together.

I am a starting programmer and I am very excited to start my career path in mobile development! I would like to go to I/O and seeing the android hive in action, and to participate in the community.

I'd love to get a ticket! I'm a android Dev and am dying to get on the bleeding edge of wearables. There are going to be some sweet classes there on that very naturally a win would be fantastic!

don't really have a high level reason to go. i'm not a dev, but i am always curious about learning new things and i/o has always sounded interesting. signed up for registration though google but was not picked. better odds here probably.

I'm building a web service with accompanying android app. If love to go to Giggle I/O to learn more about the latest on Dart (the lean, mean, strictly-typed JavaScript replacement) and on the Google APIs. Of course the latest on Android will help on the app :-)
Full-disclosure: I participated in Google I/O 2012 and it was an amazing and rewarding experience!

I have been trying to go Google I/O for years! The instruction and insight at Google I/O would be invaluable for me as a developer and as an instructor. Here's to hoping for a registration invite!!

I would love to attend the conference this year. Watching the live streaming just doesn't give me enough access to the developers from Google! I really feel I could learn quite a bit from this conference! Please choose me!

As an Android Developer, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with the members of the Android Dev Team at Google and discuss the reasons behind the inner workings and APIs that they developed.

I am a developer from central ca and my employer has already agreed to expense my trip if I could just get in that door. I have been following Android and mobile development as a whole for a long time now and would love to have the chance to network as well as experience i/o in person rather than just through the video feeds for yet another year. I am really interested in sessions about design and ux.

I would LOVE to go to the Google IO!! My brother is lucky enough to go for his job. I'm a huge Android fan, and love their products! I would love to go for the ability to have an up close and personal perspective of Google, and see the big news that gets announced in their products and forecast for the future. Keeping my fingers crossed.

As an Android developer being able to access the Google I/O sessions would be an amazing opportunity to improve my skills and apply them to my current projects. I'm really interested in Android wear. I think the possibilities are huge and this google I/O sounds really promising on wearable devices.

I was super bummed to not get in. Three main things I'm interested in:
1) Android WebViews -- in particular the KitKat WebViews. I use these extensively in my app and have some specific questions for the Google devs.
2) Chromecast -- I have implemented this as well, but I want to learn more.
3) Espresso Testing Framework -- We've just started using this framework and could go a lot further.

For the past two years, I have been purchasing and refurbishing old computers, installing them in laboratories across Nassau, the Bahamas, and creating technology literacy and programming curricula for use with teaching underserved students the technology skills they need to thrive. Currently, five laboratories are in operation, and over 150 students are taught every weekday. (I have images to confirm the legitimacy of this if needed.)

By attending Google I/O 2014, I hope to master new web technologies, such as Dart and web components, to create an online learning network so that I can manage students’ progress and add new lessons and curricula remotely from the United States. Additionally, I hope to apply the my solid understanding of Java and C-based languages to creating an Android application for the system.

I'm android developer from the beginning, I developed my first app even before I bought my first android phone and participating to the google i/o is a dream. Thi opportunity could be a way to do it. I cross my fingers!!!

I am a first time developer and was looking to get more information in a one on one environment. I am splitting my time between an Android app for managing travel and Glassware as an explorer. With that being said, I wanted to attend the:
Whats new in Android
SDK tools for layouts
Wearable computing with Google
Android fireside chat
Making money on Google Play or Glassware design sprint (Schedule conflict)
SDK tools for performance
The ART runtime
Less code, more services, better Android apps
Android and the cloud
Saving time and money with Google Wallet office hours
Distributing your Glassware
and most importantly meet the AC team to thank you guys in person!

I was really looking forward to going to Google I/O this year but like many others I was disappointed when the selection process was randomized. I just started my job at a University as a web developer and was hoping to attend I/O to get some tips and learn how to code better! All of the workshops would have been really helpful to me! Anyway hope I get picked!

Would love it. It is great place to meet fellow Android developers across the globe. Experience the energy and exchanges ideas. Listen in great presenters and moonshot ideas and have fun.

I would love the opportunity to go to I/O this year. After my experience at I/O13 I came back and wrote an app for work. This year I would love the opportunity to go and show it off and get some feedback from Googlers and fellow Droiders. I am also a Glass Explorer as of 6 months ago. I would love the opportunity to learn more about the Glass SDK and possibly build a Glassware that integrates with my company's app. Work has agreed to pay for my trip this year, so if you'll give me that ticket I'm a for sure in.

As a reviewer of new technology I'd like an opportunity to get a first look at what is coming down the pipeline for Android as a software platform. As a wannabe developer, I believe I would learn a great deal from the experience.

Also - for the 3rd contest, I don't suppose there will be a way to enter without listening to a podcast? Multimedia is great and all but I much prefer blogs and news sites in print form.

I'm the developer of Nova Launcher (and WidgetLocker). I've gone to I/O the past three years and it's been incredibly valuable for me for multiple reasons. Unfortunately I didn't win the I/O Lottery this year, but if I'm able to thanks to Android Central I'll be truly grateful.

Conversations with the Android Team
Google employees a lot of really brilliant people to work on Android. Their talks are wonderful, and there is something special about being there live but I always end up rewatching the good talks three or four times at home anyway. When hardware acceleration on Android was still relatively new, I absolutely needed to use it properly to get Nova Launcher as smooth as it is today, but I was struggling. I had a really good conversation with Romain Guy at Google I/O one year that made a lot of things more clear. I've also had good conversations about garbage collection and heap sizes with some of the Android engineers. These conversations make me a better developer. I also try to share my knowledge with my developer friends so there is a bit of a trickle down effect as well. This year if I'm able to go I'm hoping I can follow up some bugs in AOSP I've been investigating lately.

Networking with other developers
I've had the chance to meet lots of interesting developers at Google IO and made good friends. It's great to be able to talk through problems together. Last year I met the people behind HD Widgets, and since then we've been able to help each other with issues and work together one some things to keep moving personalization on Android forward. One of the many new features in Nova 3.0 is an API for Calendar app developers, or icon theme developers, to have a dynamic icon showing the date. This came about because Jack Underwood of Today Calendar posted on Google+ about trying to hack something together and how he'd really like to see an official API for this and I asked if he'd be interested if it was unofficial but supported by Nova. I've been really pleased with how well received this feature is and how quickly other developers are getting on board. Though in this case I haven't met Jack in person, I want to continue exploring collaborations with other developers to improve the home screen experience and meeting those developers in person is a great way to do so.
It's also nice to meet the people behind the sites like Android Central. I've had really good casual conversations with some reporters before and it's really beneficial to both parties. The Android enthusiast sites are essential for apps like Nova Launcher as it gives users news about updates, more in depth reviews that the one liners on the Play Store, and the comment section for users to discuss it. I've had some really good, casual, conversations with some reports that let me understand more what they're looking for to write about and I think it helped them understand more of how an indie developer operates. I've only briefly met some of the Android Central crowd, I think I only had time to thank them for the site before they had to leave for a different session or something.

Early Access
In 2012, Jellybean 4.1 was just announced, and attendees were given Galaxy Nexuses running the preview build. I immediately got to work and found a few issues in Nova Launcher, (IIRC icons in scrollable folders were invisible) and also started taking advantage of the new APIs announced that day, including the one that allows widgets in the app drawer for non-system/root apps. I push out Nova Launcher 1.2.2beta1 to beta testers that night. Of course most things from I/O aren't quite so actionable, but it's important to me to be prepared. This year I expect Android Wear to be a big topic, and I don't know what that means for Nova Launcher or TeslaCoil, possibly nothing, but it's something I need to explore, preferably at IO.

I would love to be able to join this year's Google I/O conference mainly to be able to implement more about how students can utilize smartphone/technology in the classrooms for a smarter learning environment.

I have tried to go to google IO for the past 3 years, I'm a google big fan and I hope to be on this breaking paradigm event, finger cross

This would be a phenomenal show to attend. Learning about cutting edge technology and software is something that highly interests me. Hearing it from the true masters would be quite a show. I hope to better my skills and knowledge base of the Google universe.

My desire to attend I/O is to not only get plugged in to a community where I can get advice on my app that is in development, but also to help others. We are all looking to optimize our applications and we all have launching deadlines (my happens to be at the end of Q3 in August). Thank you for the additional opportunity to attend I/O this year. And good luck to everyone else!

I am a recently graduated Android Developer, and Am at my first job, and would love the opportunity to interact more fully with the Android community, and learn a lot of great thing, from a lot of great people. I had already got it approved through work, but i didnt win the lottery : \ , but here's hoping for a second chance :)

I would like to see the future that google has planned with various technologies. Wearable tech, Technology for the home and the software that makes it all possible

I hope to gain important knowledge, specifically about developing apps, but also I want to be able to go somewhere and meet fellow developers like me, build off of their success, and help others where I can as well

Posted with my Nexus 7 (2013)

I want to get to know even more on android wear and get to know all the partners that will be presenting office ours out of the sessions.

I'm in my second year of school as a programmer. Going to Google I/O would really boost my knowledge about programming for Android. I don't have much experience programming for Android, and this would be the perfect opportunity to ask questions. I would love to begin programming for wearables, but there isn't as much help online. Thank you for this opportunity to get into the conference. My time there would not be wasted.

I am neither a developer nor a member of the press, but my little brother is. He does both web development and Android development. As a sophomore in college working toward a degree in the development field he is constantly in his room coding, and Google I/O would be a huge deal for him. I would love to be able to win an invite and send him to I/O!

Posted via Android Central App

Hi, I am a server side developer by day. But after work I am constantly learning new tech things. I have always wanted to attend the Google IO conference and this year I did try the lottery route but here I am trying my luck yet again to win a ticket. Not just Android but I want to learn more about the Google cloud, GO and what Google has in store for WebRTC, and of course also interact with Google & non-Google devs. Well even if I don't get a code, I will definitely be watching the videos online.

I am looking to attend in order to learn how to improve my development skill for Android applications.
Also to meet other people to involve myself in the developer's community.

I'd like to go to experience a big tech event. Have never been to one before and getting to view unveilings and events in person would be amazing from a consumer standpoint.

Main things to get out of attending is more info on android wear, updates to android security with parental controls and for the enterprise, updates to big data and analytics and web development.

Well I have been trying to get into Google I/O for the last two years and have not been gotten invited. I am a developer by trade and I think being there in that atmosphere would really be a huge boost for me. So again, I'm going to cross my fingers for a third time and hope I get in...

I just came back from the Samsung Tizen developer conference in SF. I would love to go to Google I/O to learn more about the Andorid wear platform and perhaps develop apps for a wearable device.

I'm a senior developer working on web applications, iOS, and Android apps. I try to regularly attend other tech conferences, but I've never been able to get a ticket to Google I/O. I would love the opportunity to discuss some application ideas at this venue. This year, I'm most interested in the Google Cast SDK. I know wearables have a lot of momentum right now, but I think the Cast SDK will be the darkhorse technology at this year's I/O. I think we will see some new announcements in this area soon.

I am currently a student and did not get in on the student drawing. I have been learning Android and iOS development and would love to be able to talk to actual developers for advice. Despite the 3x in price, it is still worth it. Good luck to everyone in here but I hope I get it!

announcment of lemoncake, or whatever follows kitkat, introduction of android wear sporting the moto 360, the rumor of the new android tv!

Google I/O is not only an opportunity to learn, but also to connect with others and see what technology I'd out there. In addition to creating multiple android apps, I am trying to get a computer science program started at my school and Google I/O is an opportunity for me to gather resources in order to make the program happen. At I/O I hope to connect with those that can help me get this started and look for the tools that can help and use to teach. From what I learn at I/O I'll be able to integrate upcoming technologies like android wear, the gdk, and others into the program. It will also enable me to build better apps on those platforms myself and perhaps create demo apps. I also personally take design quality very seriously and considering that I/O this year will focus on design, this is an opportunity for me to see what's next in the future of design.

I'm an Android developer with a big interest in wearables and HTPCs. I believe this year will be an excellent conference to attend with many sessions focusing on Android Wear and maybe (if we're lucky) AndroidTV. I entered the lottery and I submitted ~200 I/O easter eggs, but still came up short handed. So here's hoping :).

Finishing my first year of college and still wondering whether i should keep trying to develop and learn how to make apps for Android hope this can give me a different point of view

As an Android developer, I'm looking forward to big announcement and/or workshop for Android Studios. Also I would really benefit from workshops relating to Google Maps API & APIs for wearables that can be integrated into the app I am working on. Having the first look at some of the new Google technologies would be awesome too!

I'm a developer who would love to go to Google IO this year. I've been trying to get in every year for awhile now. I always watch a ton of the developer videos. This year I had 7 crawlers going at once searching for codes on developer documentation sites and downloaded most of the images on the site multiple times with wget to try to get to unused codes before everyone else. I really hope I can still get to go!

With my first two apps on Google play, I'd love to be able to learn new skills and tricks to help me make my applications easier to use, more beautiful, and more useful.

Well, I'm a Java developer that had recently started looking into Android platform. Being there at Google I/O would not only let me to see the latest features of Android itself, but would also let me meet with all the fellow geeks that share the passion for programming and enjoy it as much as I do!

Edit: damn, I just realized I'd not be able to attend anyway.. Good luck to all of you guys!

I'm interested in learning about new features of Google Glass that I can apply to our existing app and learning about Android Wear so I can add wearables to our existing Android apps. Our apps are used for remote viewing and control of electronic measurements.

I'm a young android developer working on several apps to be released later this year. Going to I/O would help me see all the tools available for my development and let me meet my heroes, the android development team.

Posted via Android Central App

Although I have comp sci degree, my skills lean heavy on network engineering. I'm fairly new to development on Android and I love it so much I'm doing the Coursera certification/specialization as "we speak". Working on 2 apps related to work as well. Going to I/O would allow me to share my skills as a network engineer/app Dev, of course I'd learn tons from everyone there. Good luck to all who enter.

I'm interested in Google I/O 2014 to learn new tips and tricks to apply Google technologies to help me make fantastic apps. A fun app for me would be to use a tablet to do race timing for a crew regatta, hook up the data to Google AppEngine with a GWT front end, and utilize Google Glass for real time display of race results and status.

Going for Dart! and YouTube API stuff. And I'm typing this on my Chromebook, so I'm hooked on ChromeOS and want to find out more..

I would like to attend Google I/O as no one on our mobile team at work were able to get a registration slot this year. We have millions of app downloads and usually try to get the latest design and features integrated into our app. Having someone present for Google IO will help us to continue to bring a great android application experience to the community.

Looking to learn about the eco-system (Android Silver? Nexus?), What's in store for G+, and future integration plans beyonds cars and wearable.

As an Android developer and glass explorer I would like to learn more about developing on Glass and Android Wear.

Want to see a live keynote for once. Also, hoping to see some Android wear in action and see how to write app for it

I would love an opportunity to visit i/o this year! I tried to go through my work, but was unable to get a ticket in the lottery. I manage a team of talented designers and developers and am in the process of trying to integrate a mobile app team into my fold, i was looking forward to learning, collaborating and networking with my fellow google geeks!

I actually always wanted to go to Google I/O. If picked, I would have gone this year. I was looking forward to learn more about Android Development, the latest Google inventions, meet up with some good Android folks, take pictures with the android statues, and hopefully get some swag. Mostly, I have never been to California and it will be awesome if I won this ticket. Lastly, I just got laid off and I have all the time in the world to go there.


As a systems engineer at a company that is rapidly moving into the mobile space - I hope to further my knowledge of the Android platform.

As a full time Android developer i find it really useful to attend Google IO and learn as much as possible about the new technologies. I know we can watch the videos online, but it is not the same as being there directly interacting with the other developers and with the presenters. I have no problem paying for the ticket and travel accommodations and would be willing to pay even more to guarantee a spot, unfortunately that is not the way it works. I was really bummed out that I did not get picked in the lottery. Phil, I am begging of you, please please please pick me!

If I can attend Google I/O this year, I would be hoping to expand my knowledge of Android development and APIs to the great extend.

As it will be my first time at Google I/O, it will be great to get in touch with fantastic Android dev community and learn more about each other. Android wearable, bluetooth LE and awesome UI/UX talks / workshops will be the things I'll be focusing more.

I'm trying since two years and this might be last year I will be in US, so I really wish to attend Google IO this year.

All the best to everyone.

I had the opportunity to attend I/O last year and ended up creating a start-up this year utilizing technology from several of the sessions I attended. I entered the lottery hoping to attend and absorb even more, but the random generator was not kind. Here's to hoping this one will be more so.

As one of the many who wasn't able to luck out in the IO lottery, my interest in attending is in learning more about Renderscript/Filterscript, learning what the plans are about ART and looking to find out if they are devoting more energy to LLVM.

Started developing for android this year, this would be an amazing experience to meet other devs and get firsthand info from el goog

I started developing Android apps two years ago and would love the opportunity to attend the I/O conference this year not only to see Google's current technology, but also to gain insights into their future directions. This will help me plan my own product roadmap, as it is pushing on the current limits of Android.

An amazing experience. I am looking for inspiration. I want to develop and while I can do that without a ticket to I/O, what better way to start right? I have been trying to get tickets for the last three years and never have been able to.

I am interested in learning more about how Google will change security in Android, how much access developers will have to Wear devices, and how they will integrate Voice in Hangouts.

I am an Android Developer working for a services firm in Austin, TX. I was able to attend last year, but did not make it through the registration process this year. Our entire Android team tried to get in, but only a two made it. We had the budget to send 6 people, just no tickets. :(

What I am really interested in this year is Android Wear. It will be interesting to see what development tools are available at launch. I'm also really hoping Google brings Android Studio out of beta. I've really enjoyed using it on my personal projects and would like to start working on client work with it, It's a breath of fresh air.

I'm actually not sure how they are going to cover everything in a 2 hour keynote

My company is currently developing wearable hardware, and attending Google I/O this year would help us get a foot up for developing for Google Wear. Thank you androidcentral for giving your readers this great opportunity!

Dear Android Central,
I am an android developer and this is a great opportunity for me to gain better knowledge of future android development. I am really interested to see and talk to google developers about the future of wearable technology and android platform. Also, I want to see what go(or golang) has in store for the future.

I have primarily been a web designer and iOS developer but have been trying my hand in branching out into android and this is an insane opportunity to be able to attend these workshops.

- get to meet and network with others who are interested in the same things i like to do
- improve my productivity
- meet the experts and mentors face to face, cause i'm always following them on Google hangout.
- hanging around like-minded people is inspirational and refreshing.
- attending all the sessions cause i have tons of questions
- and one of my dream become true

As a developer this was my 3rd straight year I have attempted to get into Google I/O without success. After buying Google Glass at the end of last year I was hoping to attend some sessions on it, as well as talk to some of the Google Developers in person.

Looking forward to getting a closer look at the development tools and design requirements for Android Wear.

I missed out on the I/O lottery too - I'd love to see how the new design direction impacts the apps I'm working on at my company and also learn how to take advantage of some of the new stuff for wearables.

I would love to be able to go and see what's new with the Google Maps API to help me with my location based apps.

As a gwt developer who has been trying to go to io for 4 years I would be interested in looking for new web tools to help with development and make my current focus on responsive design easier.

Google IO had always been very exceptional event for me. Not only that I can meet creators of GWT, angular js, chrome, android and other awesome tools that I use every single day and share my ideas and ask questions, but there are also other cool companies represented at google IO like JetBrains, adobe, leap motion an etc. It's unbelievable experience that I don't think I can gain anywhere else. Being unfortunate enough I did not have access to my computer so I can get the code during registration time, neither I did not won a random lottery.

This year I'm expecting from Google IO:
0) the most important for me is meeting developers who understand everything I'm talking about. There is no need to explain how things work, we just have awesome conversations and I really appreciate all the knowledge I can get through such conversations.
1) I finally decided to respond to all the feature requests regarding my Android application that have over 500K downloads on play store, so that would be really good opportunity for me to talk to android os creators about using most recent android api and new features.
2) NEST. Really, being api developer I can't wait to see if there is going to be any api features released for even better, smarter home automation.
3) I've being playing with Android Wear sdk since it was publicly released couple months ago. Excited about what's going to be released at IO and talk to developers about it

I can go on and on but I guess I cut it now and add just couple more things shortly that I'm really excited to hear about

4) Maps
5) Modular phones
6) New version of a GLASS(of course how can I skip it:))
7) Google app engine improvements

Oh god, I'm looking forward to new information about their Cloud Services and the Hangouts API, as well as hopefully more good updates on Chrome and web performance in general. As always, I also hope for the announcement that Android will be merging with ChromeOS, too, but I don't hold out too much hope for that, really.

This will be dream come true if I get the ticket for this year. I have attended last three IO events and I wished I could attend all the events. Besides learning and networking, IO event is for me motivational and there is no way you can get the same feeling by watching videos etc.

This year I would like to see and learn more on wearables.

I'm coding on android from 2008 and first glass explorer.

I would like an invite in order to connect with all the developers and attendees in hopes to gain more information about Android and hopefully a better reason for me to move to San Francisco :) thanks.

I've been an Android developer for almost 3 years, and I've never had an opportunity to attend I/O. I'd love an opportunity to go an learn from the masters, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Posted via Android Central App

I've been trying to go for the last few years and have received rocks every time. Last year the checkout system failed with a ticket in my cart. This year, I don't know how much time I spend or sleep I lost on scripting things to scrape various Google development sites to obtain the easter egg codes only to find that every single one of them had already been burned. Days later, I also learned that I lost the lottery. Having been in the linux scene for the last 17 years, I'm a big Android proponent. Send this otherwise unlucky fan to I/O!

I'll be there but I don't have an invite. Would love one! Am working on thermal storage for grids and actually presenting to google the week before. Can I get one? Mahalo!

I'm a seasoned iOS developer and have been developing apps on the Apple platform for several years but this past year I have became more interested in Android. I've been working on Android ports this past year as well as working on Google Glass apps (I am a Glass explorer). I would like to go to I/O to get more in depth knowledge of the Android and Glass platforms straight from Google engineers so I can contribute more to the Android ecosystem.

Have been working on an app and would love to pick Google's brains about various things in android. And would like to see what they can teach me on the sessions.

To meet some "famous" android devs would be nice. The sandbox activities are probably the best things there.

Hi. I am a novice android developer. Participating Google IO would be helpful for encouraging and motivating me.

Be a Microsoft developer I have already developed a database for our school registration using google doc. I feel it is very easy to learn and apply google doc. Recently I want to update our DB using google cloud. I want to learn more about google cloud and related secure issue. This is why I apply for google I/O 2014 and hope I have a chance to see google guys.

Hey Android Central,
This is an AMAZING opportunity and I would like to say, "Thank you!" Google I/O is a priceless experience and the sessions that they offer contain a wealth of knowledge that should not be missed. I am submitting a post, because as a Google enthusiast it would wrong to not explore every opportunity to get to Google I/O.

I work and live Android. I'm looking forward to see how far Google has extended + expanded its market and technology since last year!

As someone who's attended an I/O conference in the past, I have an idea of just what a great experience it is. I'd really like an opportunity to go back and learn more from the eye-opening talks, and mixing with a diverse crowd of fellow Google-product developers.

I would so love to go to Google I/O this year. I am currently at WWDC and being at a major conference for the first time is just amazing, I've learned so much over the last few days about app development and how I can improve my code and apps. However, I am an Android user myself and have been a developer for the past 3 and a half years. Going to this conference would be an incredible boost to my skill set and with the networking opportunities on top of that, I would be over the moon! Thank you for this opportunity Android Central and I hope to see you guys there at the end of June!

Hello Android Central,
The idea of still being able to attend Google I/O is fantastic, next to this we can catch, have a nice discussion and drink a beer of two.

Thanks for the opportunity

I've been a diehard Google/Android fan for quite some time. I've always been in school during the week and never been able to attempt to attend. I've finally just recently graduated college and would love to go.

While I don't code, I'm still very interested in listening to all the keynotes they give about all the different aspects of Google. I hope to try and teach myself to code one day.

Thanks for the possibility opportunity.

As an Android developer, I was lucky enough to attend Google I/O in 2010 and 2011. The sessions were very useful and I got to talk to Google engineers from the Android team. Going to I/O has been a great experience and helps me write better apps. However, I was unable to get in for the past two years. This time, Google introduced the lottery system but unfortunately I still didn't get a ticket. Now we get three more chances thanks to AC! Besides keeping up with the latest updates of Android, I'm also interested in learning more about Glass and Wear development. It'll a great opportunity to meet and connect with other fellow developers (like kevin@teslacoilsw if he gets a ticket here, hopefully).

Would love to see what Google has in store for the near future. Maybe a driverless car API? :D Can't wait to find out how Google will surprise me this time. Only if I had a Google I/O ticket....

I would love to go...I am a web/mobile developer and was really looking forward to I/O this year, but didnt get picked. I have never been able to go, but this year I was ready to jump on getting a ticket I cleared my calendar and got the money together...only to loose out on the new raffle system!!! So here is hoping I can win a chance to go so I can learn more developer skills to further my career while have fun doing it.

Looking to get back on track with Android. I've got a pay app in the store that needs visual updates now that the kiddos are starting to be self sufficient enough that I can now afford some time for side dev again.

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Hello, while I'm not a Dev, I am a designer. I'd like to attend to network and meet development teams looking for designer, and maybe cut my teeth by starting to learn about/how to program Android apps. The opportunity to meet new people working in the industry, and to get started in Android development would be incredible and a once I'm a life time opportunity!

Hi Android Central,
I am an Android developer, I hope to learn the latest on Android to write apps that are more secure and have better user experience then iOS apps. I am especially interested in knowing more about Google Glass / Wear, and hopefully on home automation with Android (now that iOS 8 supports it).

I did not get the random draw from Google and failed to crawl an unused Easter Egg link to purchase a ticket. Hopefully, I will be able to get one from you.

Thanks for giving us one more chance to enter Google IO 2014.

I have never been fast or lucky enough to be able to attend. It would be a nice break from hard working and step back to share and learn with other Androiders. I also would love to experience with Android wearables.

Long story, short: I would like to learn and be inspired by thousands of fellow Android developers to be a better Android developer: apply what I will learn to my Android projects and venture off to creating other new apps.

Long story, medium-short: I have a personal side project that I am working on called, Hat, and it has a hurdle of securely gathering personal information in a social setting. As you know, this year's Google I/O is going to focus much on Android Wear and this new flavor of the Android OS will allow my app to conveniently collect the users' information and the information of their friends. I want to learn about these wearables and apply them to Hat and my future app ideas.
I recently attended MS Build through work and the experience was out-of-this-world! It was so awesome that I am more than willing to spend my own money to attend this conference this time around. I want to be part of the huge crowd with my fellow nerds who do nothing but eat and breathe programming. Nerd party!!

I missed out on a ticket from both the lottery and the hidden "easter egg" codes. I'd love to go to I/O in person in order to meet people - both Google Devrel folks who I've interacted with online or watched in Google Developers videos etc, and developers (both Google and otherwise) who I don't yet know. I'd also love to be there to watch the sessions in person - it's not quite the same watching from half the world away, especially when there are hiccups with the stream (and/or my internet connection).

Going to google i/o would be a great learning experience for me. Hopefully one that would help me write better requirements & specifications, think about making a better user experience, and give me ideas on how to adapt apps to take advantage of the latest innovations in the Google / Android world.

My husband is an app developer and would love to go to Google I/O this year. He tried to get a pass but failed. I would love to buy him a pass for all the effort he has made both as a developer and as a devoted husband. Thank you!

As a newer developer. This would be an amazing trip. I can't even imagine all of the things I could learn.

I want to attend Google IO because its a developer Disneyland. Google shows us the future at IO and I want to actively participate. I'm a dev who knows we can change the world with code and big dreams!

I'm a UI Designer and developer, recently developing more and more Android Interfaces.
I'd love to make part of this event and learn all the new trends and stuff from this amazing project.

I'm a developer of performance tools for android devices that help make apps great, and I need to stay up to date on the latest tools and platforms to make this happen!

I would love to go to learn more about programming and my career choice to become a computer programmer I have been learning through code academy and YouTube demos but would love to get in depth with android studio and many other platforms

I was invited to the Explorer's Program way back when and since then I've been focusing on creating innovative products for the construction industry in the form of wearable technology.

Being as this is going to the be the conference where Google Glass is officially announced, I REALLY want to be there! I want to connect with as many developers as possible! :)

Unfortunately, neither the scripts I wrote in my spare time and ran while I was at work to crack the easter egg game (CURSE YOU ICARUS ODESSA) nor my luck won out. I/O is a time of year I look forward to as much as Christmas, and not because of the presents (I'd be just as happy if Google didn't give me a thing). I just want to take it all in and have a mini vacation to talk APIs, frameworks, development tools and updates. It sounds a lot like work for a software engineer, but the atmosphere, fellow developers and exciting news to nerd out about make it all worth it.

I really want to heat about the new stuff in Android and how to use that in wear. Thanks for this opportunity.

I just recently moved to San Francisco to experience this exciting place full of technology. I have some coding experience, but I've never attended a conference such as I/O or WWDC. I would love to get my feet wet and learn some real skills from the people that know Google best.

As a data scientist I'd like to explore google's latest feature which could enhance my interest in developing new algorithms. Also possible business opportunity that i could dig in. Thanks