The Motorola RAZR isn't exactly a small phone. Thin, yes. Small? No. It's definitely got some square footage to it. Then there's this new behemoth. That, friends, is said to be the Motorola Fighter on the left here. And that unmistakable Verizon logo sure points to a U.S. launch at some point. That's supposed to be a 4.6-inch display, and the lack of physical buttons suggests it'll have Ice Cream Sandwich. (Which it damn well better have.) We've got feeling that the angle of this pic is making the Fighter look a little bigger than it actually is, but it's certainly going to put a crimp in your one-handed style.

Source: Mfunz (translate); via PhoneHK, Engadget


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Verizon Motorola Fighter shows its big ol' self


I guess manufacturers have run out of things to do to their phones to "improve" them, so I guess their motto is now "Let's just put a bigger screen on the new phone and call it improved."

No. As a long-time Moto fan, I badly wanted the Razr but just could not get past the screen and ended up getting a Rezound for the amazing HD screen. If Moto had pushed this phone out instead of the OG Razr (ICS or not), it would be in my hand today. If this has the Maxx battery, I consider this to be close to the perfect phone.

Since only 1% of people who bought thoses only care about these things. Infact people only have themselves to blame, if this kind of stuff is important to you, buy a nexus, or go with a company that has never locked their bootloaders like samsung/LG

i swear some people just buy moto phones because its an american company.

Speaking for myself, I buy Motorola for their superior hardware and radios. Locked bootloader or not I can still root and still remove bloat, add a rom, and theme.

Personally, I buy Motorola because of their excellent hardware , Good radios & my previous experiences with them

Im currently on my third Motorola phone (Atrix) , I had an OG MileStone (European DROID) before it & that phone went to hell & survived , for instance :

- It fell off from an airplane (747-400) to the tarmac , Thank God the plane wasn't moving

- a Taxi ran over it

The OG MILESTONE was working perfectly & It wasn't cracked , damaged or anything

The day Motorola announce a Windows Phone device , It will be my 4th Motorola

I bought my Maxx bc I was tired of worrying about my battery life and i really hate the extended battery crap. Also, if you read tech blogs every day, chances are you can figure out how to root your phone...if you can't, you aren't reading the right blogs...

I've never had a Motorola device that I couldn't root & flash a custom ROM to. In my experience, Motorola has the best reception & battery life of any manufacturer too.

True ...
Allot of people bash on them because of the Locked Bootloaders & use that as an excuse , but what they don't notice that all Motorola phones have Root access & Custom ROMs

My opinion, they make a phone that looks cool for a moment, but soon becomes dated looking. It's a quandary of sorts though, people keep asking manufacturers to make something that looks new and not the same old slab but when they do, they get slammed.

Yeah, Motorola's black rectangles look so much worse than HTC, Samsung, & LG's black rectangles, don't they?


I like the look of the new class of Moto's Android lineup.There's only so much you can do with a "black slab" design I guess........

Speaking for my wife who is now rocking a purple Razr (hey she picked it), she couldn't care less about rooting or custom roms. She does however have some envy for that big battery in the Razr Maxx.

As for me I went with HTC because I do care about customization & root access. But I realize I'm in the minority too.

As to Motorola & a 'new' Razr variant now coming...
Could they not have thrown that bigger battery & better screen in from the start? Upgrading is fine & all but upgrading immediately after a recent new spec was just released isn't making people who bought the othet recent offering feel the love.

Yet another Motorola phone. Razr, Razr Maxx, Droid 4, Fighter. All look very similar, all similar hardware except for screen size and resolution on a couple models and I'm betting all could be getting the same software updates. Jeez come on.

Eh, I'm still good with the RAZR I got back in November. I can see where some people would be upset with this, though. Maybe the MAXX owners who just bought in.

Yo momma looks like a razor, when i look at her face i gets cut!

All you people say the same complaints over again. Try adding something constructive.!

Could it be possible it has the intel processor since the new deal with Intel. HD screen???

4.6"screen? What's the point? Time for Moto to "super-size" the MAXX to 5"+ screen size so as to take on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Why let Samsung corner the all-important Phablet market. LOL

I'm still on Droid X running Liberty 3. I can upgrade now but have been holding off because I was torn between the Nexus (great software, crap hardware, just my opinion, except for the screen) and the Razr Maxx (the rezound was also being considered but I didn't care for it's thickness and LCD screen). The Fighter looks to address the shortcoming of the Razr Maxx with ICS, along with on screen buttons, and a 720P screen to go with amazing battery life and awesome hardware. This will be my next phone.

I hope that Moto releases the Fighter with more than a HD screen improvement. (ICS doesn't count, as the RAZR will receive it also)
-Needs at minimum faster processor- Intel or Tegra3 powered. 13mp camera, not just moar pixels, but better sensors. And minimum only the MAXX's battery, forget thinness.
I like Moto, but unless there is more than just an HD screen and ICS, it's a fail. And complain about the bootloader all you want, they lied. Get over, Go to HTC or Nexus. Just give me one-click root, I'll be happy. I just need a dependable phone.

I have had the same droid x for two years with no cover and its been everywhere from running to snowbording to being in the hands of my two year old daughter . its been dropped prob more than adozen times and the damn thing still ticks. Ive been waiting for a new moto phone and this is what i care to see/dont care about. want: kick ass battery, solid build, good quality calls and loud speakers. a camera better than the 4s...cause its gonna be my main camera , ICS,NFC, i dont want to see a crappy screen with pixels, 4.3 is good. 4.6 is really pushin it. I could careless about a unlocked bootloader or fancy specs...tegra shemegra......make it fast and smooth with less qwerks than my droid x.. until then im keepin this tank phone till it konks out on me...i might be waiting a while!

I'm really happy with my Maxx. Coming from a Samsung Charge just 8 months ago, I'm more than ecstatic about this device. Would I like an HD screen that is not Pentil, sure but if you actually live like that, you'll always feel your missing something else. When you find something that works right, why not start enjoying it. There's always going to be another next best thing. Next it's 1080p, next it's quad core, next it's wipe your b... for you, so what. When does the waiting for the next big thing end and the enjoying what you have begin? I traded up because I felt this Maxx was going to be more reliable than the Charge I had, period. So far it's been every bit that. I'll worry about the next big thing in a couple of years or if this one begins to have issues, but till then I'm rockin a better phone than most of the general users even think about having. Solid work by Moto.