Verizon $50 unlimited plan

In the battle of the smartphone carriers, we've consistently heard Sprint trumpet its $99 "Simply Everything" plan, and rightfully so. It's been a leg up for some time now. But it looks like Verizon possibly has a plan in the works to one-up even that sub-$100 deal.

The screen shot you see above made the rounds on Friday, and it's quite the wake-up call. A mere $50 (sans taxes, of course) for unlimited mobile to mobile calling. Unlimited nights and weekends. Unlimited anytime minutes. Unlimited "text rates." Unlimited "mobile web."

There's a lot we don't know. When we hear "mobile web" -- especially with the footnote "Mobile web does not include full ..." -- we pause and question whether we're talking smartphones or feature phones. Then there's what appears to be daily plans.

We've heard rumblings that Verizon's got something up its sleeve -- more than just the new smartphones that have already been announced, and a couple that haven't been. Might an all-inclusive "unlimited" plan that undercuts Sprint be it? News at 11, folks.

[Update: Yes, folks, prepaid. Definitely prepaid.]


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Verizon may be on the verge of a $50 unlimited smartphone plan [Updated]


Won't happen, they enjoy boning us too much to give us a deal. That would make up for signing a 2 year deal though

It's surprising how blogs are taking this picture and running with visions of a completely unlimited smartphone plan, did they even read the whole thing first?

I agree with @jakeroberts 42. This is prepaid pricing with a prepaid phone and mobile web for a feature phone. This is to compete with simple mobile, boost, etc..

This rules! I use a dumbphone and a tab so, now ill have calling with the best and tab with sprint for $75 a month. Wooohooo!

If this isn't for prepaid phones, which it would suck that it is, this is something I would jump ship for. I mean verizon is a huge billion dollar company. This will bring SO many people over to them, especially when they are trying to push the LTE.

Anyone who believes this is an idiot........there is no way in HELL verizon will EVER, AND I MEAN EVER, PRICE THIS LOW......ill believe it when I see it

Oh, so everyone else already beat me to the punch on the whole "THIS IS CLEARLY PREPAID!!!!!" comment? Back to bed then. LOL!

No, really, that's not very good "reporting" here, Android Central. Not being snarky, just calling it what it is.

There is no way this is a general "smart phone plan". Notice it says NOTHING about "data", only "Mobile Web" and then lists daily rates. It is obviously some type of prepaid plan for low-end, non-smart, "feature" phones. Sorry, but Sprint wins with pricing in that category too, with Virgin Mobile

Unlimited Mobile to Mobile? Umm did you read the the text in parentheses underneath the claim? It's limited to other Verizon customers.

No win there!

Ummm did you read the list? Unlimited anytime minutes, unlimited weekend minutes, and unlimited mobile 2 mobile. No win for you.

This plan looks like it's for non-smartphones, if you read mobile web, that refers to their clam-type phones etc, and on the bottom states mobile email 6.99, again that also refers to non-smartphone units.

NEVER for smartphones. Won't happen. I could see this for feature phones. We all know we would rather watch paint dry than use the mobile web on a "dumb" phone. I mean, shoot, we all pay $30 already for just a data plan, for them to throw in free minutes and texts for just $20 more? Never happen.

ESPECIALLY not from VZW who nickel and dime you to death.

I'm with the rest of you. Phil, where did you get the "smartphone" part from? Everything I see here points to prepaid dumb phones.

I can't believe all the people thinking this is for their post-paid plans, and I can't believe AC posted it as such. The image blatantly shows pre-paid, unless the "Day" column means nothing to anyone.

Interesting news....but I'll believe it when I see it happening...Verizon announced last month or was it the month before that they will do away with unlimited data plans sometime during the summer....they've become arrogant because they got the orange Iphone, I mean apple Iphone...LOLOL!

Hi, everybody. Read that third paragraph again. I'll put it in bold here to help you.

There's a lot we don't know. When we hear "mobile web" -- especially with the footnote "Mobile web does not include full ..." -- we pause and question whether we're talking smartphones or feature phones. Then there's what appears to be daily plans.

Like everyone else has already said, this is for pre-paid plans. Virgin Mobile already has this beat, as they only charge $25 for unlimited text/data/email/web, and you can get an Android phone.