Don't look now, but it seems like Verizon is about to get real serious about competing with the iPad. Word comes from the Financial Times that Big Red and Motorola, who have been best buds as of late, are planning on launching a 10-inch tablet device that would allow subscribers to Verizon's FiOS TV service to watch live TV shows on it. Just let that sink in for a moment.

The device could launch as soon as "this autumn," but no specific date or pricing were given. It does seem that the tablet will come with full Flash compatibility, which would almost guarantee the device would launch with Android 2.2 ("Froyo"). In addition, the tablet could come with Verizon's hotspot feature, allowing nearby WiFi devices to connect to the internet as well. If they weren't before, Moto and Verizon are sure playing for keeps now. [FinancialTimes] Thanks to SharonW for the tip!


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Verizon rumored launch 10-inch Motorola Android tablet with FiOS TV


This is precisely what I want. I don't care so much about the TV feature, but a 10" carrier subsidized android tablet would be the perfect competition to the iPad, assuming they get the hardware right. Motorola has really been hitting all the right notes lately.

Too bad Verizon sold off a lot of their FiOS markets to Frontier Communications. I wonder if we will be able to use it with Frontier FiOS

I'm looking forwad to this tablet. I just wish it will also come with Silverlight/Moonlight so that I can use the Microsoft's Office Web Apps and my 25g of free Skydrive storeage.

I really would love to have an Android tablet, but I may in the end get a Windows 7 tablet because of access to Office Web apps and Skydrive.

or you can just get a slingbox for your current fios and install the app on your extra service charge.

I would really want one...but for a device that size, I demand a device with an unlocked bootloader (not just one easy to crack), so I (sadly) probably won't buy it.

"I think this could be an iPad killer, says Steve Grasso and I’d buy Motorola off this.

I’d buy Verizon in the wake of the news, says Brian Kelly. They pay a dividend so you'd be paid to wait."

Shares of Motorola currently trading up 6.5% on huge volume. Just wait till they get a load of the specs and that it's LTE ready. ;)

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I have sprint TV I'm good and it's included in my unlimited data plan. Goodluck sucking the money out your consumers pockets.

I really hope there will be a large Android tablet that does not require a data plan. I really want a tablet and have no intention of it ever leaving my house.