Verizon HTC One M8

Verizon's buy-one-get-one-free deal for the HTC One M8 may be over, but with the end of that promotion comes a price cut for all on-contract customers. Verizon's M8 is now $99.99 on a standard two-year plan, down from $199.99 previously. The price on Verizon Edge has also fallen slightly to $24.99 per month (from $25.22), saving you a whole five dollars and 52 cents over two years. If you're buying off-contract you'll still pay the full $599.99.

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Source: Verizon, Thanks, Michael!

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droidman2177 says:

Nice deal. Now that I already have one.

barondebxl says:

It's probably not selling well

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jlczl says:

More like this is just another promotion as is typical in cellular retail.

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Dizfunctions says:

It's selling quite well in my opinion. Definitely doing a lot better than last year, especially in terms of being recognized as a product by both people who work in cellular stores and by consumers as a device worth considering.

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It helps to be on the nations largest carrier. Verizon waited a whole 6 months last year :-(

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jrb363 says:

Shut up hater

tmcb82 says:

This deal also applies to the S5.... or really any smartphone $199 or more.

ibcop says:


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Neofire says:

Verizon is being a little less greedy with on contract devices. This should keep M8 sales strong.

I don't know about other Verizon corporate stores. I do know that my nearest Verizon corporate store only sold 3 HTC One M8 phones since it was launched. (actually 5, but 2 were returned) This is according to the store manager who is my next-door neighbor's daughter-in-law. By comparison, she said they sold more Samsung Galaxy S5 phones than she could count. Figures. :(

jrb363 says:'s Verizon. No thanks!

Drootz says:

Anyone know if you can still transfer an upgrade to a dummy line and then activate it on another so you wont lose unlimited data on verizon?

Anonne says:

No contract Moto X for the win.

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