Verizon Galaxy S III

Verizon's version of the Samsung Galaxy S III (read our review!), which recently started arriving at the homes of some who had pre-ordered and will be available in stores July 10th, now has its user manual available online. For many of you who know Android in-and-out, it may be repetitious, but it can be very valuable for all of you who have not owned a smartphone prior or who have recently made the switch from another platform. If you are an Android expert but are eagerly awaiting the Galaxy S III, it may help you pass the time as well. If you're interested in reading it, please find a link to the .pdf at the end of the article.  If you want to delve more in-depth into discussions about how the phone is performing and when others are purchasing it, please visit our Verizon Galaxy S III Forum.

Source: Samsung (.pdf warning)

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Verizon Galaxy S III user manual now available online


Chapter 1 - Ignoring the plasticky feel

Chapter 2 - Ignoring Touchwiz

After that comes how to use the phone ...

Been using the phone without a case since Thursday. In no way does this phone feel cheap. Showed a couple of friends with iPhones and then even said it felt nice.

This is the best version of Touchwiz yet. So many great options.

Ok, so I was one of the motivated few that preordered the Galaxy S3 early enough to receive it on the 6th. I think the whole plastic feel is waaay over played. It feels solid, and well balanced and just smooth, not "Plasticy". Given that the last two years I have been in Moto-blur hell, Starting with Motorola Droix X,movint to the droid X2 and finally droid 3, this phone is a breath of fresh air. Its amazing when you press a button and the app/function/etc actually responds and does its job. The biggest disappointing i have had is the lack of availability of key accessories. For instance the car dock, good luck finding one in the US. I did however find a random blog referencing another car dock that will work. So I bought one, and it sure does work. Go buy the "Samsung Infuse 4G Vehicle Navigation Mount", and you won't be disappointed, fits well, its not perfect, but it wasn't made for the phone. The other is that no one has the Otterbox case in stock in the US. Not sure why, but I am waiting. Otherwise I am i Samsung/Android bliss....

This is kind of disappointing that something I throw in the trash immediately is front page news of my favorite Android site.

Played with one a few days ago...Sprint version that a coworker had, mind you. Really nice device. It just wasn't for me. I bought a Nexus instead...but the SIII is great! Most folks who get one will absolutely love it! Great job Samsung!

I agree with you Joelist. I can't over how cheap it looks, especially compared to my Razr. BUT I was going to upgrade to it but Verizon decided to drop the quad core CPU for 2010 dual core. At first I thought it was a limitation due to LTE. BUT Sammy is releasing a SIII in South Korea with the quad core, 2GB RAM AND LTE. Other than the higher Res screen and slightly faster CPU, there is little difference between my Razr and the HTC Rezound.

So you are saying the Samsung is a copy of the iphone because it's home button is in the center? Where do you propose they put it??? *rolleyes*