email about Galaxy Nexus

While we can't guarantee the validity of this document and e-mail leaked to RootzWiki, if they are true we should be seeing the elusive Verizon Galaxy Nexus this Friday, Dec. 9.  The e-mail and PDF file state that stores will start receiving stock on Dec. 6, which we know is true, and they will have them on the shelves along with whatever fancy promotional materials there are to display Friday. Match that up with the fact that some Verizon stores are already selling accessories, and you have a very plausible situation.  We hope it's true, you all hope it's true, but until we hear someone from Verizon say it on the record we have to go on hope alone.  Hit the jump to see one more image you'll love.

Source: RootzWiki. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

pdf about Galaxy Nexus


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Verizon Galaxy Nexus coming Dec. 9? These documents seem to say so


Verizon is evil 400 dollar plastic phone kgo (j/k). Get everyone anxious enough so they have to buy it for whatever price

I'm really excited about this phone but...the last sentence in the email where they use the word "till" instead of "until" has me concerned. I have never seen a corporate document use that term. At least till now.

Thank God, now the whining can stop. I'll take that back, now we can whine about the price and no Google wallet.

A rep at my local store told me this past Friday that the Nexus was coming the 9th. Too bad Samsung had to be the manufacturer of this phone. I'm looking forward to ICS on my Bionic.

I keep wanting to know if there will be both 16GB and 32GB models and what the on contract and off contract prices will be. Negri Electronics has a preorder shipping on the 9th. But there site shows 16/32 for Internal memory. When I chatted with them they said they don't know how much the I/M will be so they put both down. Grrrrr....order from then at $643.50 with coupon or wait to see Verizon's retail off contract price. Ideas anyone?

kinda weird that the tab up top has Gmail - (no" ... as in no subject but the email has a subject also... hmmmmm

Not that i doubt it is the release date really.. just saying

I don't think Verizon sent it via gmail. The person who received it has a gmail account - could be linked through work, or any other number of things.

agree. my consulting business uses google apps. just stating the subject of the email and tab dont match.

I seen the local "stock" yesterday, could've even bought a couple of them if:
A. I was a Verizon customer.
B. I had an extra $900...weeks before Christmas..

At $900 there just wasn't any room to turn a profit four days before release, though it would've been cool to have one before anybody else..well, any Verizon customers that is.

It could be referring to stores like Best Buy

* hopeful speculation* maybe official Verizon stores will start selling them on the 8th