Motorola Droid Bionic

Remember when we started hearing about a Droid Bionic soak test? Yeah, that's happening now. Verizon has just put up official documentation on its support site for the update -- software version 6.7.246 -- with the label "Coming soon!". The software update will be a whopping 368MB download, and will bring the device up to Android 4.0.4 with many of the recent software customizations people have come to enjoy on the latest Motorola handsets.

From its official @VZWnews Twitter account, Verizon has also confirmed that the ICS update will be rolling out for widespread availability tomorrow. This will certainly be a good start to many Bionic user's weekends.

Source: Android Central Forums; Verizon (Support) ; Verizon (Twitter)

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Simer03 says:

That's cute!

moosc says:

Well isn't that special. Its I traded my bionic at best buy they gave me $125 forthe bionic. I then turned around and bought a 16gb white vzw s3 ffor $99. So all is good.

SterlingVT says:

What's Ice Cream Sandwich?

littleemp says:

that little thing that the photon, atrix 4G, and electrify are not getting (officially anyway).

Cubfan says:

Wow. That was fast. :)

21plays says:


dplane says:

Evidence that the Mayans are wrong about the end of the world; Duke Nukem Forever eventually was released and the Droid Bionic got ICS.


Wait, or does that mean the world WILL come to an end?


ak110707 says:

Duke forever... GOOD REFERENCE!!!

stef92263 says:

Duke,ICS, I06 the three horsemen of the apocalypse!

1LoudLS says:

Can you imagine if we were all this excited to get windows vista tomorrow?

badkitties says:

who needs Ice Cream Sandwich when Jelly Bean is out

nickacs says:

Yawn...Doesn't Moto know that just about EVERYONE with a Bionic has already applied the .232 - .247 ICS updates on their phone? What's the point now to rolling it out? JB would be the ONLY update that should be coming from Motorola right now for ANY phone.
FU Moto! Still hate your sorry as$es! New CEO or not.. Idiots

Icculus760 says:

What's the point?
How about fully working bluetooth to name just one?

stef92263 says:

ok its nearing the end of tommorrow, now Im seeing people talk about dec. 6th. Wtf.