Motorola contest

Motorola is running a little contest on Instagram, and the prize is a kick ass pair of S11-FLEX HD wireless headphones. They're promoting the contest as a little extra motivation while working out to help folks keep their New Years' resolutions (the S11-FLEX headset is sweatproof), but entering to win them is strictly a no-pain affair.

Just fire up Instagram on your phone (all the cool kids will use Android!), post a picture showing how wires get in the way and use the #howiflex tag. The contest ends January 31. It looks like an easy way to get a great Bluetooth headset, so give it a shot. You can grab Instagram from the Google Play link above if you need it, and you can find more information at Motorola's Facebook page.

Source: Motorola


Reader comments

Use Instagram to win a pair of Motorola S11-Flex wireless headphones


Hope these don't suck as bad as the s10s do. If they do, getting them for free might be the only way to go. S10s are junk!

I have to agree with Murphy5111. The s10's are junk. I have 3 pairs (they were on clearance), but I also still have a pair of s9HDs. The sound quality doesn't even compare. I sure hope the S11s have at least the s9 sound quality or better. If so, I may actually get to upgrade mine. (I ended up giving the s10's to the kids).

This reads as if marketing is out of ideas on how to market a wireless headset so they outsource the task to their customers. "I've GOT it! We can just have a contest to give one away & have our customers tell US why they should want to buy it!"

Looks a lot like the Sony W-series Walkman mp3 player, which is also waterproof. This also looks cool, but as this is made by Motorola, and the W by Sony, I'd definitely go with the Sony one knowing that they make some of the best quality headphones out there.

Funny, if it were Apple I was talking about instead of Sony, we'd have heard of a lawsuit by now.

As much as I would love these, Had the S9HD and the 10s, I refuse to sign up/use instagram. Facebook is already flooded with morons posting photos of their food/fortune cookies/shit I don't care about.

I have already cancelled my Instagram account and no way I am going to use that again. Besides I already have 2 pairs of Nokia BH505 and a pair of Sony HBH-IS800