Droid Bionic

The Motorola Droid Bionic is set to receive a fairly substantial update, said to fix connectivity issues and a number of various bugs. Software version 5.5.893, which totals 54.5 MB, improves data stability, increases the Mobile Hotspot capacity to eight devices, and fixes media playback via Bluetooth, just to name a few tweaks. The full list of improvements is available at the source link (there’s more than the image above leads you to believe), as are detailed instructions for both the manual and OTA update process. As always, we suggest you sit tight if you’re not seeing it just yet, as this sort of thing is often slow to roll out.

Source: Verizon Wireless; via Android Central Forums
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Update for the Droid Bionic imminent, rolling out "soon"


That doesn't seem right when 894 is out so is 5.7.893 .this update 5.893 didn't upgrade kernal or lte radio when i had it. I'm lost

Actually none of those are "out" they're all leaks which aren't official. When they release the official OTA it will be assigned an official number

Funny, when I called Motorola they had no idea there was a problem with the phone. Per Vince at level 2 tech

Soon? So you're saying it's going to be repeatedly pushed back, but not "officially" pushed back because they never actually said *when* they're releasing it?

That's a nasty long list of phone-disabling bugs! Hopefully Bionic owners will be able to start using their "phone" now.
Well fitting that Moto should make it usable by its 3-month anniversary.

The update will roll out to the "soak" group this afternoon, per the email I got. Too bad I already dumped the Bionic for the Rezound. I couldn't wait any longer, and ended up with a much better phone.

I hope the bluetooth connection issues are fixed. Using the bluetooth on this phone is dangerous when driving. I switched from BlackBerry for this?