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These days, it seems as though everyone wants to make a tablet so a new rumor suggesting the Tribune Co. is looking to release one doesn't really come all that much as a shock. It does however all sound rather, well -- silly.

The story as it goes, claims that the Tribune Co. will releases a modified version of Android and that the Tribune will "offer the tablet for free, or at a highly subsidized price, to people who agree to sign up for extended subscriptions to one of its papers and possibly a wireless-data plan with a partner cellular carrier" So who is helping the Tribune Co. with this tablet? According to the article -- Samsung.

Sounds more like a subscription-based package to us. Buy a subscription, get a free tablet and gain access to all of the Tribune Co.'s publications. At least that would make more sense then Samsung developing actual hardware just for the Tribune.

Source: CNN


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Tribune Co. developing a tablet device?!


If there was a guarantee that you could install apps from the market I'd be real interested in this proposition. Obviously would depend on the cost of the newspaper subscription but to get a subsidized tablet without having to sell my soul to a cell carrier would be great; I'd be more willing to sell my soul to a newspaper for a subsidized tablet.

Phone & computer manufacturers can't even make a decent or commercially successful tablet, minus a few exceptions. What makes the Tribune think they know any better?

This is the equivalent of using a hammer to swat a fly. Just make a decent app that works on all the major tablet operating systems & call it a day.

Honestly its like these newspaper companies are run by a bunch of senile old men with Alzheimers & they just saw a tablet for the first time & started screaming, "I want!"

That's because of two reasons: content and price. The same was said about Amazon and the Kindle. I have been waiting for this to happen for a while now. I am just surprised that the company is not Time Warner, News Corp., or Gannett. This is the future of magazine and newspaper publishing.

how is a media company creating a device more of a future for magazine publishing than a well done app that has cross platform compatibility?

Are they going to update the device frequently like we know so many hardware companies are already having problems with? Just because I like reading the New York Times on my couch doesn't mean the New York Times should start selling me living room furniture.