One of the biggest selling points of the Motorola DROID is that it'll be on the Verizon network. We've all seen Verizon commercials--America's most reliable network, can you hear me now?, there's a map for that--Big Red likes to market themselves as being everywhere. And most Verizon customers we run into seem to be more than satisfied with their network's reception. The one sticking point with Verizon? Price.

As prices for unlimited voice+messaging+data plans are shrinking thanks to the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile, rate plans on Verizon are still sky high. So with Android finally coming to Verizon with the DROID, how will the price look when compared to Android phones already in existence such as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and the Sprint HTC Hero? Why let's find out!

In order to level the playing field, we're going to use two different rate plans for each device. The first look will be given to the overall cheapest rate plan (with 2-year contract) we can find on their respective websites. The second chart will show the price of unlimited voice + messaging + data plans for each device on their respective carriers. We know that T-Mobile just introduced their Even More Plus (contract-free) option but since it doesn't include a 2-year contract, we chose to ignore those plans for the purpose of this study.

Who has the best bang for your buck? Who's the most expensive? Who's the cheapest?

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Surprisingly, the Verizon Motorola DROID does a decent job in the 'cheapest plan' battle at $74.98/month. The Sprint HTC Hero and T-Mobile myTouch 3G come in at $69.99 and $79.99, respectively. But Verizon's low price comes with a catch, Sprint's 'cheapest plan' offers free unlimited calling to any mobile carrier and unlimited messaging. T-Mobile's comes with 500 whenever minutes and unlimited messaging. Verizon trails them with only 450 whenever minutes and 250 messages. But for users who only use an average amount of minutes and messages, the monthly cost of the Verizon Motorola DROID is somewhat justifiable considering you'll be on "America's Most Reliable Network".

It's in the unlimited packages where the Verizon Motorola DROID falters, it's nearly a $1000 (over 2 years) more expensive than the same unlimited options on the Sprint HTC Hero and T-Mobile myTouch 3G. For heavy users who need the unlimited monthly minutes and messages, the Verizon Motorola DROID is just priced too high.

In the end, we can understand users choosing the 'cheapest plan' method for the Verizon Motorola DROID. You'll have to make certain allowances with regard to minutes and messaging, but you'll get the safety net of being on America's biggest carrier and the maps that come with it. However, when it comes to unlimited packages, we strongly suggest you look towards Sprint or T-Mobile. $1000, even spread over 2 years, is nothing to blink at.

In all honesty, the Sprint 'cheapest plan' is probably the best plan in this study. It has the cheapest monthly rate with the best added features--in short, it's the best bang for your buck. We'll have to see if having the best Android phone and best rate plans on the market will make it the number one Android device or if the Verizon Motorola DROID, priced as it is, will steal the show.

Here are the full charts: 

Cheapest Plan
Verizon Motorola DROID
Sprint HTC HeroT-Mobile myTouch 3G
Price of Phone
Monthly Voice Plan
(450 whenever minutes)
(450 whenever minutes, unlimited calling to any mobile carrier)
(500 whenever minutes)
Unlimited Data Plan
Messaging Plan
(250 messages)
(unlimited messaging)
Total Monthly Cost
Total Cost of Ownership over 2-year contract
(tax not included)



Unlimited Plan
Verizon Motorola DROIDSprint HTC HeroT-Mobile myTouch 3G
Price of Phone
Unlimited Monthly Plan
Total Cost of Ownership over 2-year contract
(tax not included)

Reader comments

Total Cost of Ownership for Motorola DROID on Verizon


Not to bring another variable in, but now that Google voice allows # porting and the invites are relatively easy to get, doesn't it deserve to be factored in as a way of saving money on your airtime? I know Sprint is currently charging (I think it's 20 cents) per call forwarded and they don't let you have a circle of 5 numbers you can call as much as you want for no minutes used. I'm within my 30 day remorse period on my Sprint Hero and may well go back to Verizon's higher prices for a Droid set up with GV if I can make lots of calls to one number without chewing through my minutes. I think on Verizon the minimum plan for 5 free numbers is 900 minutes for at least $125. having a hard time figuring it out. Add a GV column to the chart for each carrier would ya?

That's not number porting, that means that your existing Sprint (etc) number is forwarded to GV if you don't pick up the phone. Incoming calls go to your telco first, not Google.

However, full number-porting to Google is possible - some tech blogger has done it - but isn't available to the general public yet.

sprint does not have 5 numbers you can call unlimited but they do have "any mobile anytime" which gives you unlimited calls to any mobile on ANY network, THATS OVER 250 MILLION people!!! to me thats better than 5 people PLUS sprint will be changing the charge for call forwarding to FREE. So if i were you i would be doing some serious thinking

Sprint has to come up with gimmicks b/c their service sucks I had them for 3 years and I would drop at least 4 or 5 calls a day. I have had verizon for a year now and can count how many droped calls on one hand paying a little more to me is well worth it. I mean come on if sprint cant handle regular phone calls imagine how the data reception will be! Oh and don't start well they now offer 4g bc they had to release 4g early bc their 3g sucked so bad.

well for one sprint has the fastest internet on their 3g Network I've had sprint since 2004 and I love them i save a hell of alot more than these verizon people. I even heard a verizon rep tell me herself that she thought sprint has the fastest network. I had verizon for 3 months and all I wanted to do is go back to me beloved sprint

Now, I may be wrong because I've been back to school for a few months now, and they seem to change things weekly, but I work for VZW back home and the unlimited monthly plan is a bit more than $129.99. Unlimited voice is $99, data is $29.99, and then messaging is $20 ($30 if familyshare), making it at least $150. But then again, at least with the VZW plan, you actually are getting pretty close to "unlimited." Trying to find data coverage with Spring/T-Mobile anywhere besides a major city will have you standing in a specific corner for 2 hours.

You do realize that Sprint roams for free on Verizon towers, right? And I leave "major cities" all the time and have perfectly fine coverage on Sprint. In a lot of rural areas Verizon does have much better coverage but as you say, I pay $70 for 450 minutes (which I never use), unlimited text, data, commercial turn-by-turn nav, nights starting a 7pm, etc. I say I never use the minutes because they only get used when I'm calling a landline before 7pm and that just doesn't happen too much.

Droid looks like a great phone but not enough to pay $90+ per month for the same features.

*(I'm not counting my employer discount on Sprint since only some companies have it. That knocks another 14% off my $70 bill each month)

Sprint doesn't roam on ALL of Verizon's towers. Verizon gets to pick and chose which towers are used, as per their contract with Sprint. Also, Verizon will limit roamers to their 1X network in many areas.

Sprint roams on Verizon for free, but keeps searching for a Sprint signal all the time. I love the features you get with Sprint especially for the price, but it's poor service kills me. I've had three Palm Pre's and an HTC Hero since June 6th and all of them die in less than a day even without use. If I actually make a call I'm putting it on a charger. I live two blocks from the Baltimore city line and (according to Sprint's map) should be in the best coverage area. So the fact that Sprint roams on Verizon for free is more of a con than a pro. The fact also that I came from Verizon with a Blackberry Storm to a Sprint Palm Pre only has me wanting to be back on Verizon even more. Until you have Verizon service, you don't know what you are missing. Even worse, until you leave Verizon service :) I'll be back on big red on Friday with the Droid.

I work for VZW and the contract between vzw and sprint will be ending this year and vzw has already announced to us that they will not be renewing any lease agreements with sprint. Vzw is finally coming strong at everyone. Sprint will be going out of business within the next year or so, guaranteed. And once that iphone comes on over to where it should've been in the first place, at&t will also struggle. verizon is the place to be trust me. yeah, it does cost more but you pay more for quality. verizon is the only wireless provider that spends the majority of their earnings back into the company, meaning the network. if you want a mercedes, you cant expect to pay kia prices. lol

I call BS on this last comment. You may work for VZW and it may well be that the contract between VZW and Sprint may be ending, if there is a contract. And perhaps VZW won't renew any lease agreements. I highly doubt that Sprint, who is about as prevalent as Verizon in terms of visibility and brand recognition, would "be going out of business within the next year or so, guaranteed."

I'll stick with Sprint and pay a little less, rather than shell out that extra $1,000 over two years, thanks. Besides... If you want to use the comparison you did "if you want a Mercedes, you can't expect to pay KIA prices", you're wrong. ;) You can get a Mercedes for around $20k... You just have to look around.

I believe that Sprint and Verizon both run off of the CDMA network. Both companies pull off of each other's towers. The best thing about sprint is that their data is second to none while roaming. I live in the boonies and have a Verizon tower less than a mile from my house and yet the best service is Sprint. I have access to e-mail, web, and messaging and it is incredibly fast. Sprint's everything plan can't be beat either, $99.99 for everything a cell phone company can over can't be beat. That's unlimited data, web surfing, e-mail, calls, text, picture, and video messaging, plus navigation, radio, and sprint tv. Nextel and outsourced customer service are the things that kill sprint.

It's too bad T-Mobile's Even More Plus plan wasn't included.

$400 myTouch 3G (paid in 20 monthly installments)
$80 Unlimited monthly plan

$2320 Total Cost of Ownership over 2-years, no contract required

so your paying the phone off over 20 months? can you drop verizon before youve paid off the phone? if not then that sounds like a contract to me. and if so youre paying more per month and more per phone for a contract thats 4 months shorter than anyone else, consider yourself screwed. if you can drop them anytime and just pay the phone off then nevermind what I said.

Fastest 3G Network... you are probley correct. If you happen to be in one of the few cities that you can get 3G coverage. ATT is so far behind in the times, they JUST now are allowing Iphone customers to send MMS mail.... give me a break. And just like the others, you get rapped in the add ons. ATT even charges for Navigation like Verizon. ATT blows.

Verizon su*ks because of there plans. AT&T has good plans and great coverage. When you start getting into Sprint & T-Mobile is where service lacks. Honestly, I have AT&T and my girlfriend has Verizon and we never notice any difference in service anywhere we go. And we have been in a lot of different places and states, we love to travel. I'd take the "nations fastest 3G network" over "nations largest 3G network" any day simply because there IS NO DIFFERENCE!

Are you serious? ATT has the worst coverage of any besides maybe TMo. Verizon is not my favorite either but they bought up so many regional carriers that in a lot of places they are the only towers. Luckily Sprint roams for free on VZW towers so they share the same network. I've had Sprint for 7 or 8 years now and at least for the past 5 or 6 I have never dropped a call or had any issues. My iFriends are constantly dropping calls which I find insane as that has been a thing of the past for me a long time now.

I would have agreed with you 6 months ago, but since I moved AT&T sucks horribly. I moved to a larger city, which you think would be covered better, but I don't get a signal inside most buildings now.

SERIOUSLY!!!! I'm on AT&T right now with an iPhone. Their service sucks!!! I can't stand it. It is the only phone that I can get reception anywhere in my house, but it's also the only phone that drops calls left and right outside of my house, with 5 bars none the less. I can't stand AT&T. Come on Droid and Verizon. I'm going back to Verizon!!!

Verizon su*ks because of there plans. AT&T has good plans and great coverage. When you start getting into Sprint & T-Mobile is where service lacks. Honestly, I have AT&T and my girlfriend has Verizon and we never notice any difference in service anywhere we go. And we have been in a lot of different places and states, we love to travel. I'd take the "nations fastest 3G network" over "nations largest 3G network" any day simply because there IS NO DIFFERENCE!

First of all - "their" not "there" plans.

Second - I live in Atlanta, along with just a few other people, and I can tell you from experience that in areas where my AT&T friends have dropped calls or have had no coverage at all, I have had full coverage. This has happened in multiple locations (suburbs and downtown), and at least to me, a phone is no good when it can't be used as a phone.

I was in wolfeboro, nh with 3 iphones and none had any 3g let alone service. I had 3 bars of 3g with my dare.

Wow, those figures are an eye-opener. I am still considering switching from Tmo to Verizon just for the Droid.

I saw a family plan on Verizon's website that was 1400 minutes, with unlimited texts, data, and calls to any 10 numbers. This includes 2 lines. This seemed like a fair plan. Especially since the 1400 minutes would go far if you can have unlimited calls to those 10 numbers.

I'm in the lakes region of central NH. AT&T coverage is very poor and Verizon 3G coverage is good. I'd rather have the iPhone, but it looks like the Droid will be my first smartphone. Verizon pricing hurts, but around here, they are the only viable game in town.

I don't see the point of "unlimited minutes". My wife and I together use maybe 50-100 minutes of counted calls each month--between free nights/weekends and the now-ubiquitous "call these X people for free" or free in-network calling, you don't really need minutes unless you are always on the phone. Verizon has a family plan with 700 minutes and unlimited msg/data (which is what we need) for I think $120 a month, which is maybe $10-$20 over a comparable plan at T-Mobile. That can still be $500 a year over two years, but then it's a question of whether a better phone is worth that much.

Maybe YOU don't see the point of "unlimited minutes"

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Anytime Unlimited 1,503 --
Text Unlimited 362 --
Sprint Data Unlimited 2,136,812 --

I live and die by them.

I don't see the point of "unlimited minutes". My wife and I together use maybe 50-100 minutes of counted calls each month...
This is why you're the assistant night shift manager of a Burger Hut instead of CEO of a multi-national corporation. Get a clue highbulp! You do realize that some people use their phones for more than calling their significant other to inform them they'll be late coming home from the bowling alley right? Right? Absurdity!

Agreed. I have tried all of the carriers over the past ten years, verizon is the first one I didn't dump after the contract was up. Now I'm trying out this droid thing. Granted, I feel like a lab rat. They offered us this great deal for the "new" technology, it has a few bugs lol oh well.

With verizon ur getting the best coverage. Basically no dead spots. Att is the same price as verizon (check their website) tmo 3g is so small its pathetic they use the same 3g as cricket (aws) which is a slow bottom of the barrel type of 3g which is literally in a hand full of cities (where there is even more dead spots). In the end you pay $20-$30 extra for THE best branded name in wireless. There's an expensive and a cheap in everything! So go on with your bad selves sprint loving payless shoe wearing dollar menu everyday eating 91 Toyota camery driving dial up internet surfing walmart shoppers! LMFAO!

Only a complete moron would equate your cell phone company with status. It is like saying you have class because you eat at McDonald's instead of Burger king, when in fact they are both terrible.

All of the major carriers in the US are screwing over American's on cost by over charging for minutes, texts, and data. But then, people are dumb to pay for it, and dumb enough to somehow think that paying more is better...

does anybody know if it is required to get the data plan included, such as with blackberry phones? i'm in a wi-fi area 95% so i'd like to avoid paying $30 a month for the other 5% of my day


I was just wondering is there anyway around this? I currently have my cellphone plan with verizon for about 6 years now and want to get the data plan but is too expensive $30 a month. Is there a way for me to get some discount without the email stuff? any tips?

Thank you for your helps.

Allow me to mention a very important point as a representative from VZW Major Account Sales. Verizon Wireless has business accounts with almost every medium to large business in the country. If you flip burgers at major fast food chain, check groceries for a major supermarket, sweep sawdust at a home improvement store, have any sort of government job, healthcare job, etc. you likely qualify for a no strings attached discount on your monthly bill ranging from 8%-25%! This makes our pricing very competitive, as it is more likely that your employer has a VZW account than a Sprint/T-Mobile account. Walk into your nearest corporate owned VZW store, and a sales rep can look up your company to let you know. Bring your ID badge and/or pay-stub and you could walk out of the store with a significantly lower bill.

I am not sure how aware people are of this, so I thought I would let you all know.

Verizon's page for employee discounts requires your work email address. Companies like Burger King, Food Lion, etc don't give corporate email to anyone below management, so how are the lowly peons supposed to get this discount? Would it make a difference to check in a Verizon store?

When I set up our account with a 15% discount through my wife's work, I used out personal e-mail. A paystub and listing under HER name was all it took. This was through a verizon owned store.

So true. Most people don't realize that if they have a job with a chain company, they more than likely have a discount program set up with their carrier. I live in the great state of Montana (where only Verizon/Alltel rule the airwaves) and my company has a program set up with Sprint, ATT and Verizon for a 21% discount on data and voice plans. My Verizon discount also allows for 25% off accesories.
If you work for a place that is even remotely legit, and you didn't know about finding such easy discounts, I would recommend to look into it. It's pretty dang easy $15 off my voice and data... Now what really aggrivates me is the nickel and diming for other featrues.. Buck a month for ringback tones, 3 bucks a month for visual voicemail, couple bucks a month for detailed calling statements, etc..

I am no Verizon apologist, but when you factor in the New Every Two phone rebate plan, you shave even a bit more off Verizon's plan. They do have the most robust network, but yes, their prices do need to be lowered.

Actually many big companies have agreements with more than one cell phone carrier.
Just call or visit any local cell phone local store to find out if you get a discount.

This is true, however my job focuses primarily on employee discounts, and I have found that at least in my metro area, Verizon Wireless' employee discount program seems to be the most robust. I spend a lot of time at benefits events with the competition. ATT probably comes pretty close, but Sprint and TMobile can't hold a candle.

Apples to Apples would be unlimited SMS. Your Verizon buildup has 250 messages for $5, and unlimited is $20. The other carriers costs include unlimited SMS. Making the adjustment for your error, the 24-month cost goes to $2,358.52 or as everyone expects, the most expensive.

Talk all you want about coverage with Verizon, but I have only had problems with Sprint's coverage in places where my friends with Verizon also have problems. The big red map is a nice gimmick, but Verizon is blowing your hard earned cash on covering a lot of cattle and corn.

You are on crack and when 50% of your min. are on another carriers network Sprint will send you a nice letter saying you can no longer be a customer

The ad isn't right. You're not taking into account the T-Mo Even More Plus plans. Verizon is not and never will be the cheapest. They shouldn't try to advertise themselves that way. Also, they're not even comparing comparative plans. It's like saying, "Well, you can get less here for cheaper!" Everyone expects a 450 minute plan to be less expensive than a 500 minute plan or an unlimited plan. The only part that makes sense to even compare is the second chart that clearly shows that Verizon is so G-D expensive that it's not worth it.

For UPS discount, Sprint = 25% off all recurring billable items (except insurance now), so the 25% applies to text plans, international plans, etc. With Verizon we get 22% which isn't bad at all, but it only counts towards the base plan itself. Start tacking on the data fees and everything else and bang, sky-high bill. I would love to go with Verizon, but there is no way I can justify paying significantly more than double for a little better coverage (Sprint has excellent coverage from my experience traveling across the country weekly) and to get the phone of the moment. Don't get me wrong I want the Droid like I have never wanted anything else (this week anyway), but as much as I want it, I can't justify it. I'll pay more, but not that much more... PLEASE VERIZON! I'M YOURS IF I CAN AFFORD IT!

It doesn't just count toward the base plan. It counts toward data features $29.99 or higher, and on unlimited txt. Here is an ESTIMATE of UPS employee discount pricing:


900 Minutes
Unl Nights/Weekends + Unlimited M2M + 5 Friends and Fam
Unlimited Domestic Text/Pic/Video msgs
Unlimited Data for advanced device

Total cost: $86.40/mo.


That is not bad is it?

can anyone here let me know how restricted the data is on VZN cause I like to use ORB and stream a lot of media as i can so i need to know before signing with them.

American Airlines 25% with Sprint off everything but insurance. Verizon can't even come close.

I have traveled the US, Canada and Mexico without ever experiencing a service interruption. In fact right here in Southern CA my Verizon buddies drop calls in places I don't have a problem.

And while I'm at it Sprint does have pick 3 and pick 5 you just have to get them from retentions. Works perfectly with my Google Voice number.

I love how the Verizon guys continually speak without knowing the facts. Get a grip guys it's a carrier providing a service, if Verizon goes away tomorrow you aren't going to die. You enjoy paying more for your equally reliable service, I just happen to enjoy paying less.

Verizon fanboys ruin every forum with their constant bashing of other carriers. Thank-god they have their own droid forums now.

Good to know that Sprint can cough up at least one unlimited access # like the pick three or pick five. I've already had to lean on their retention department for half price and no fees for two years on the AirRaid cause the reception inside my house sucks on all carriers. Unfortunately, they still charge 20 cents per call forwarded which screws my use of Google Voice on Sprint. With Verizon I'd have to spend well over $100 (>900 minutes plan) to start getting any free numbers to call.

Also, lots of people don't work for companies that are big enough to get employer discounts. As a small business owner, I'd just be subsidizing those big companies if I went back to Verizon.

If most Sprint plans can roam on Verizon towers, then the coverage is effectively the same. I spend 99% of my time in the metro area (Portland, OR) I live in, so I really don't give a shit if there's 3G coverage in tons of places I'll never go.

I've had some serious Droid envy recently, mostly for the QWERTY and Eclair. I don't care much for the styling, but the faster performance is attractive. However, since HTC announced Eclair for all Heroes and a strong source indicated before Christmas, I'm getting less antsy. I was very impressed by the Sprint Nav for free after dealing with a Garmin and VZnav, but the Google Nav in Eclair makes that moot.

What I'm tempted to do after considering all this is to re-activate my clamshell dumbphone on pre-paid for a month or so and then get the Passion, which really has the specs I want. If it's out before Christmas, I'd even suck up Verizon prices for it. Ah the stress of being out of contract, an early adopter, and an Android convert. I'm pretty happy with the Sprint Hero, but the processor does seem to be working pretty hard sometimes. Snapdragon please.

If that was an attack on me, I wasn't here to toot the Verizon horn, just help some folks save money on their bill. But now that you mention it, if Sprint's call quality/service is so great, and they are practically giving away the shop with these low prices, why can't they hold onto their customers? This doesn't quite add up. I also find it hard to believe that you have NEVER experienced a service interruption. This is unrealistic even on any network, unless you never use your phone. Maybe that is why you love Sprint so much!

That comment was directed toward ERDude, not Twisty. Twisty, Small businesses with 5+ lines start with an 8% discount. Also, if you are in construction, healthcare, real estate, or some other verticals, you may be eligible to join an affiliate agreement that could bring your discount upwards of 20%.

This retention department at Sprint sounds interesting. Almost seems like they will do anything to keep folks on board. Why isn't it working?

Hey Jon feeling a little guilty? Wasn't directed at you at all, it was directed at the cool-aid sipping fanboys.

Although you did speak about discounts, the info you posted was simply untrue and proven by the responses of other members.

One thing to remember is that while Sprint is losing some customer base, you have to remember one thing and if you don't know here's a little education for you. Sprint biggest customer base is the government segment, unfortunately they can't count each individual phone on the government contracts, just like they don't count me twice with two lines.

If Sprint were so unreliable do you really think federal, state, county and city governments would be contracted with Sprint?

VZW just recently required smartphone users to have a data plan along with your new smart phone... But that is an interesting question as I never heard anything mentioned about requiring the voice side of that plan.. I tried to find something on VZWs website on it, but couldn't. So all I can throw you is a guess. I would think you could. Lot's of companies assign their employees with smartphones and just have the data plan set up on them (for company emails). That's how it works with a lot of employees of Lockheed Martin and Boeing and Northrop Grumman, I know that for a fact. Now I would presume you can apply that on an individual level as well. But otherwise you would have to call them to get a for sure answer..
I see where you're going though.. Skype away.

I recently looked up pricing for a smartphone on both carriers.

On Verizon the PDA/Smartphone Nationwide Email & Messaging with 450 minutes at $100/mo did not show the "5 Family and Friends" numbers as included. The 900 minute plan at $120/mo did show that feature. Also Nights & Weekends start at 9pm

On Sprint the Everything plan with 450 minutes at $70 includes unlimited calls to *any* mobile number. Nights & Weekends start at 7pm.

Our corporate discount for Verizon is 19% ($89/mo) and our corporate discount for Sprint is 20% ($56/mo). That is $33/mo more or over 50% more. Quite a difference.

Especially in light of those very large overall costs cited, I think it's important to remember that there are methods for effectively keeping cell bills in check. We tend to think of wireless costs as fixed, but you can tinker with your plan to optimize your features to best suit your usage and often save significant cash in the process. I know this because I work in the consumer advocacy division of the company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website, (and I'll add that 22 percent equates to over $450 per year for the average user). Put simply, Validas guards against frivolous and unnecessary charges that inflate your cell bill more than it should be for your usage. You can find out for free if can modify your plan to better suit your needs by going to the website.

For more info, check out Validas in the national news media, most recently on Fox News at .

Good luck to everyone reading on cutting costs, especially in light of this unforgiving economy.

Consumer Advocacy,



tmobiles base plan starts at 29.99 for 500 mins on the EM+ plan. WITH unl messaging AND email its 59.99, no 79.99
BOTH SPRINT AND TMO give you unlimted text for the "cheap price" so to be fair, you should have unl text for VZW cheap pricing which makes it 89.99 for the "cheap plan"

THE SAME TRUE UNLIMTED EVERYTHING ON VZW (incl corperate email and tethering because thats incl in tmos plan) is $165 a month.
99 for voice + 20 for txt + 30 for email + 15 for tether = 165.

the same truer unlimited everything on SPRINT is 120.
UNL everything 99 + 20 for corperate access. = 120.

both the moto droid and moto cliq come with EXCHANGE SERVER ACCESS.

so, cost of ownership is:
2 year on cheap plan with TMO = 1439
2 year on cheap plan with vzw = 2159
2 year on cheap plan with sprt= 1679

tmo = 1919
sprt= 2880
VZW = 3960

so unlimited spread is $2041 more on VZW than on TMOBILE
"cheap" spread is $720 more on VZW than TMOBILE.

granted noone beats VZW's network.. not even close.. but for those of us who live in cities and well populated areas (most of us), is 700 - 2k more really a good deal? If your that worried about it, you can have a pay as you go VZW prepay on the side just in case and still save big $$$$$
With TMO FINALLY expanding its coverage, rolling out 3g, and rolling out 21mb/s 3g which is 7x faster than VZW 3g, id say its a no brainer.

your TMO rates are based on the project dark rates that just came out oct 26th. give the author a break. you are right to cite the new rates and inform the group but you dont need to be so aggressive to the author about it. you must be a tmobile sales rep or something

There are 2 access data plans for vzw. On the site it will force the 45 corperate access option. In store or on the phone u can get the "email n web" option. (Kinda sneaky) for 30. The unl everything plan is 150 regardless of corperate access.

Personally I'm loving sprint at the minute.
I would like a Droid though Motorola's hardware has always been great ='(
But thats a different story

450 Minutes
Unlimited Text
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
Full Insurance
Free Upgrade Every year
With my 25 percent BECU discount for 55 bucks a month
It's not really hard at all to get a discount, join a credit union and sprint will fork over discounts from 10 and up percent

i think this would be more fitting on family plan, 9.99 for shared line + 29.99 for unlimited data, if you already have family plan you'd be looking more in the range of 39.98, not sure how the other carriers family plans work, perhapes someone could compare the unlimited data family/secondary lines?

Has any existing VZW customers tried calling customer service and threaten to cancel their account because a competitor(like Sprint or T-mobile) offered a more affordable rate plan for more minutes/ultd msging? I'm curious if they would match or not.
I live in the SF bay area and have been on Sprint and At&t and experienced a lot of dropped calls. With VZW, I hardly drop calls. I can't remember the last time I dropped a call! So I've been very happy and am willing to pay a little more for the reliable coverage. I want to upgrade to a Droid and am looking for the best possible deal.

Amazing that I was jus having this conversation with someone. I decided to say forget droid AND android, UNTIL HTC comes out with their Android 2.0, with Keyboard device. I don't know when this will happen, but I'm sure it is in the works. In the meantime, I will get the TouchPro2. It has a huge screen and keyboard and flows between programs better (like a real computer). I need my phone for business and these Android phones and even Iphones just seem too "kiddy" for me. Likely google will have Eclair ironed out and i can switch to it after HTC adds the Sense UI to it.

What's the difference between Verizon's Email and Web for Smartphone which costs $29.99 and Unlimited Data Usage which costs $44.99? Will Verizon let you get Email and Web for Smartphone with the Droid?

The math is wrong on the Verizon 2 year Unlimited Plan:

129.99 / Month * 24 Months = 3119.76

Cost of the Phone = 199

Total 2 year cost (w/out tax) = 3318.76

Looks like whoever did the adding fat fingered the phone cost and tacted on an extra 199 dollars to the total.

Guys, don't forget activation fees if you are switching carriers. Verizon will charge you $35 for the 'privilege' of giving them your money for two years. I believe Sprint charges you the same. If you're already on Sprint, they will charge you an upgrade fee!

I almost joined Tmobile last week when i heard about the new even more plans. I was all ready to go but once i told the rep i wanted the MyTouch, she told me i would have to add an additional $10 onto my plan to use a smartphone. That was a total deal breaker for me. Verizon wireless has great though and i would love to join them but i can't deal with the high cost of the bills.

Assuming it's possible to buy a Droid from outside sources without a contract, does anyone know if it would be possible to use it on a Family plan with Verizon Connect?

Sprint does have what they call pick 5. Which is free calling to any 5 numbers including lanelines. You have to call Sprint retentions directly to get it. I have it on my account. Also the chart shows $5.00 for 250 texts on Verizon to keep the price closer in comparison to Sprint. Sprint has unlimited text both sms and mms included in the $69.99.

Verizons messaging plans:
5000 messages $20.00/month
1500 messages $15.00/month
500 messages $10.00/month
250 messages 5.00/month

Plus Sprint includes Sprint TV, Navigation, and Visual Voicemail in that $69.99.
Verizon charges $2.99 just for visual voice mail.

So honestly add it up and compare. Not just pick and choice which plans / options to compare. You get a lot more with Sprint for your money than Verizon.

I had Verizon for years. Im not bashing them at all. They have excellent coverage nationwide and excellent customer service. I only siwtched to get the Palm Pre and stayed with them for the Hero after seeing the savings me and my wife save on Sprint. But to each his/her own.

An add-on line would only cost the extra $30 a month?? I already have unlimited messaging so that wouldnt factor into it...

You can use the Droid on a Family Share Connect plan. If it is the shared line for 9.99. You will still have to add the 29.99 email and web pkg on.

It's simple logic. Verizon=Highest rates (more expensive) Verizon=More coverage in more places (fewer dropped calls). Those extra dollars your spending per month for "better coverage" are actually applied to better Verizon's coverage ie.. It's a simple "you get what you pay for". You want to save a few bucks a month? Drop some calls. Don't want to lose clients because of dropped calls? pay a little extra. It's simple.

i dont find myself driving across the country very often and i doubt anyone posting here does either so the silly back and forth arguing about the biggest/best coverage is pointless, so buy the best service in your area because they are all better than each other in different areas of the country, so everyones service is the best and worst depending on where you live

Quick Question ...

What is the difference between the " PDA/Smartphone Nationwide Email - 450 " plan on Verizon vs the plan the blog poster posted.

The PDA/Smartphone Nationwide Email - 450 costs $5 more than the $39.99 450 voice plan + the 29.99 + $5 = $75 vs $79.99 for the PDA/Smartphone Nationwide Email - 450 plan.

Why the $5 difference?


I would like to know if you can do this also. I already have a cheap phone from work with voice. I would get a droid if i could just get it with the nationwide messaging for 54.99.

Who gives a c*ap it's just wireless service and a phone. Why do people get so defensive about their wireless carrier? Pick one that serves your area and need. I could care less who my service provider is, as long as they provide the service I am paying them for. Do you people realize they you are just a statistic to them. Why all the loyalty?

I have a blackberry curve on the verizon network. i have a close friend who moved to chicago, dropped verizon and picked up an Iphone. When he was in his office verizon wouldn't hold a call. When he comes back into our hometown, his Iphone becomes a very expensive Ipod Touch. I have dealt with At&t's customer service. They are truly terrible. Verizon's is a little better, but not much. My brother in law has sprint, and he has service everywhere i have seen him go. Even when my Verizon network gets choppy. All networks are going to have patchy service areas, thats part of the deal. You have to make your decision based on where your service will most often be needed. I would love to switch to the Iphone, but unfortunately the service isn't as good as i have with verizon. I am looking at the android because it is the closest thing vzw has to the iphone. My other concern is if i switched carriers, most of my friends and families wouldn't be able to text me as they are all on verizon and have the unlimited vzw texting, but not unlimited to other networks. Sorry, i'm only loyal to my needs, not to any company. So quit all of your complaining about who is that much better of a carrier, because they all have pros and cons, and most of them are region based.

Watch out for verizon. They don't deliver on customer service. I have been a loyal verizon customer since about 2000. I refused to switch to ATT to get the iphone. Upgraded on Nov 6th by picking up two Droids and one LG env3. Paid for everything with a credit card. Chose the $90 family plan with 2nd and third phone for 9.99 each. That's unlimited texting, picture messaging, 700 minutes, and unlimited data on the two droid phones which verizon's website told me was $29.99 per phone with a $6 corporate discount on each data plan (feature option) - $23.99 each droid. Got my first bill yesterday - $697.26. We did not even approach the 700 minutes. Talk about wow!

They added a $361 equipment back charge because they claimed I didn't accept the two year agreement for one of the lines. Wrong. I had nothing but problems activating the phones and spent about three hours with tech support to finally get them working. They claimed they will take it off once I return a signed contract.

Had a forty dollar charge for data even though I had an unlimited data plan. Verizon claimed that $7 of the data charges were from an old phone and $32 were incorrect. WRONG. We never used data with out old phones. After arguing with me for 5 minutes she offered to give me a courtesy credit. I told her she could call it whatever she wanted but the charges did not apply.

Had trouble with a duplicate accessory order because Verizon couldn't find my first order and told me to redo it. Both orders came through so I had to refuse the order. Got sent back to Verizon and after sitting in their bulding for 13 days, I still had not received the credit.

Now here's the kicker. They removed my $6 per month corp discount because they said their system was in error. The 20% feature discount only applies to the primary line and no others. I made a major purchase and agreed to a two year commitment based on their pricing only to be told a month later that the price was incorrect and I have to pay more money. Talk about fraud. I am contacting my state attorney general over this.

Just beware - you see the commercials all over TV about how verizon is supposed to be the best cell phone company. I heard the message for about twenty minutes while I was on hold. They do a nice talk, but they don't walk the walk. If I keep my phones (I have about 7 days left in the "30 day worry free guarantee") this will probably be the last time I use Verizon. I am tired of their poor customer service. Thanks Octavia (ext 1003), you were VERY arrogant.........

Switched to Sprint from Verizon about three weeks ago for the hero. I have had perfect reception on the Sprint network so far, no dropped calls, blazing fast data speeds, and at my parents' house where my verizon phone would be lucky to get 1 bar, my sprint phone now has perfect coverage! The only reason Verizon has such a large network is they bullied their way into hostile takeovers of every wireless provider possible! Maybe once they manage to implement their state of the art 4g network they can brag, but for now they are just the microsoft of wireless, bullying and buying their way into increased market share.

I got the Droid recently and it has been a great phone so far; really fast with lots of apps and good 3g coverage in my area. Only $150 at cellular store with 900 min plan or greater. I talked to a guy at Best Buy who said they would price match. Just wanted to pass on the info if you are interested in Droid because prices I've seen other places are $199.

Everything is so damn expensive these days! A couple grand for a 2 year cell phone contract, WTF?! The thing that blows the most about the "online" age is that it's getting to the point where every electric thing you own is going to come with it's own online service plan and separate charges just to be able to use it. I like the Droid because of how it looks, the 5 mp camera and the full keyboard for texting. I could give a sh*t less about going online with my cell phone, and it's complete BS that you can't use a certain phone without bending over and taking the over-priced online service plan up the backside! Honestly, if I want to go online that bad I can wait until I get home to use my desktop computer. I don't ever plan on acting like 90% of the zombified teen's who walk around all day with their faces pinned to their cell phones like moth's to a flame.

I'm just sick and tired of T-Mobile. I have been a customer of thiers for years with no problems until I moved about 20 minutes west of where I used to. I get poor service around my home and barely get service in my home. I get zero service where I work and the biggest problem I have with that is that T-Mobiles coverage map shows I should have service in areas I don't. My contract is up in a couple more months and I don't know where I'm going next but T-Mobile can stuff it as I'm done with them. They have some of the cheapest plan prices and are rated with better cutomer service than AT&T or Verizon but they fail miserably in coverage which if I can't get coverage nothing else really even matters. The Motorola Droid is an awesome phone as I just got the chance to demo it. The iPhone is cool but there are drawbacks to both phones so it's going to take me up until my contract expires to see which way I go. Most major carriers are starting to get pretty competitive on plan pricing so all the bickering about money won't matter it will just be personal choice based on personal experiences. They are going to have to step up to their "A" game if they want to keep us as customers.

Why do people always quote Verizon's bogus plan rates rather than their actual rates?

From the Verizon web site:

· Tolls, taxes, surcharges and other fees, such as E911 and gross receipt charges, vary by market and as of April 1, 2010, add between 6% and 37% to your monthly bill and are in addition to your monthly access fees and airtime charges.

· Monthly Federal Universal Service Charge on interstate & international telecom charges (varies quarterly based on FCC rate) is 15.3% per line.

· The Verizon Wireless monthly Regulatory Charge is 7¢ per line.

· Monthly Administrative Charge (subject to change) is 92¢ per line.

In regards to cost of ownership you can knock $5 off the Verizon cost if you use Google Voice for text messaging rather than the built-in messenger (in other words don't buy a text plan). Of course this requires people sending you texts to use your Google Voice number instead, but that is what I do. I don't have a text plan and rarely get texts at my actual phone line, and when I do I message back via Google voice and ask folks to use my new number. My business cards have my Google voice number on it as does my email signature, so really only some of my original contacts from way back still use my old number anyway. Just saying.

The Motorola Droid Verizon wireless phones, boasts a gorgeous display and the benefits of Android 2.0, including a faster Web browser, Google Maps Navigation app, and better messaging and contact management. It also offers excellent call quality, long talk time, and improved speed over previous Android devices. The solid 3G connectivity is more than sufficient for web surfing and keeping in-touch with social networks. Despite of some design issues and a couple of missing features, the Motorola Droid wireless phones are the most powerful and fastest Google Android device to date.

If the phone is replaced after a few months under warranty and the second phone lasts less than a year and now since the warranty is up you have to pay to replace the defective phone even though you are paying for insurance, The costs just went up another $200-$400. That is uncalled for.