T-Mobile CEO John Legere

Instead of focusing on the great things it already does, T-Mobile continues to waste its time poking fun at AT&T.

When T-Mobile sent out its intentionally odd and misquoting press release Tuesday to drive home the point that it really, really doesn’t like AT&T, it may have taken things a bit too far. There's a thin line between poking the bear and putting off potential customers. Making up quotes from a rival company's CEO might well have crossed that line — even more so when you're criticizing a company with over three times the customers and dozens of times the earnings.

But it's not just this one-off situation that is a cause for concern ... I'm worried that T-Mobile may not know when it's the right time to tone down the language and scale back the stunts.

You see, T-Mobile — mostly lead by the antics of CEO John Legere — has been doing its best to mix things up in the U.S. wireless industry. That's been a very good thing. What started as simply beating the other carriers by announcing genuinely consumer-friendly prices, service terms and network performance has been cast in the shadow of rude ads, foul language and now a pointless low-blow press release.

These actions certainly get attention, but do they translate into long-term customer growth and improved public opinion of the T-Mobile brand? I'm not so sure they do.

Building brand awareness by any means necessary


When AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile finally fell through, the carrier pivoted quickly in the next year to capitalize on the new influx of cash and spectrum it was due after the failed deal. At the same time, T-Mobile was ready to kick off a branding renaissance, led by the newly-appointed CEO Legere.

There's no doubt about it, Legere is a savvy businessman who knows his way around the wireless industry — even holding high-ranking positions at AT&T in the past. He's plenty qualified to run T-Mobile from a boardroom and business operations point-of-view.

Legere's job is to get the T-Mobile name out there and get folks excited to walk into stores.

So why does Legere feel the need to make a scene on stage, in papers, on TV, with press releases and tweets specifically to make fun of the other carriers for their branding or their CEOs physical appearance? His biggest job at the moment is to bring attention to the new "Uncarrier" brand by any means necessary.

And to be fair, this approach is working right now. T-Mobile is on the tip of everyone's tongues — not just the mobile enthusiasts, but average people who are potential customers for the carrier. Legere is on the evening news when he does a press conference, interview or starts going after folks on Twitter. Right now, his job is to get the T-Mobile name out there and get people curious enough to walk into stores — the process of converting those people into paying customers is secondary.

But at what cost?

T-Mobile SIM cards

The problem with this is that the average wireless customer in the U.S. really doesn't give a damn what your company thinks of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint or their respective CEOs. People care about the size of their bill at the end of the month, what phones and tablets they can buy and the size and speed of the cellular network.

T-Mobile has plenty of ammunition, on subjects consumers actually care about, to hit the others with.

T-Mobile's new Simple Choice plans really are cheaper for most U.S. consumers that currently shovel money to the other big three carriers. Its device portfolio closely matches (or even beats) the other carriers as well. T-Mo will pay you to leave your current carrier, and at the same time won't force you to stay with it for more than a month at a time after you switch. These are the pillars of the Uncarrier transition, and they're all things consumers love to see.

Taking into consideration that T-Mobile has so many tangible differentiators between it and the other carriers, it makes little sense to me why Legere and the company as a whole need to take the low road. It simply reeks of desperation and grasping at straws, especially when T-Mobile has plenty of ammunition — on subjects that consumers actually care about — to hit the other carriers with.

Keep making your plans and pricing simple and understandable, continue expanding your LTE network to even more people and above all do right by your customers. That's how you add 1.6 million customers in a single quarter, grow your earnings and most importantly become the one major U.S. carrier that people don't just need, but want to use.

'Stop the bullshit'

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

I like most of what T-Mobile is doing in terms of changing the wireless industry. I'd just like John Legere to take one tip from his own playbook and "stop the bullshit." Focus on making T-Mobile the best damn wireless carrier in the U.S. and leave the other guys in your rear view mirror, right where you postulate they belong every single day.


Reader comments

T-Mobile, this is the wrong way to try to gain customers


All these latest stunts are just a way to raise the price of T-Mobile for a sale. It's not sustainable over the long term.

Deutsche Telekom wants out, and they hired Legere to be the man to make it happen on the best possible terms for DT.

Why do you think it's not sustainable? AT&T and Verizon are making BILLIONS in PROFIT. They have significant wiggle room to lower prices. And T-Mobile is doing this and STILL making a profit. What is not sustainable?? And what would keep them from doing what they are doing?

They are not making a profit, they still are losing money.

What is unsustainable is that their cost per customer gained is going up in both acquiring them and keeping them at a faster rate than the money that they are bringing in.

That is what is unsustainable.

You are mistaken. I don't know where you are getting your information but they are making profits. So your point is baseless.

Who will buy them though? I doubt the US will allow any of the carriers with enough money to buy them which means it would have to be someone else with a lot of money, most likely a foreign company but it would seem they would have already done so if they thought it was a benefit.

Either Softbank or Dish. I have a feeling regulators will agree to a Softbank purchase if they make some concessions. Without thinking too deeply about those concessions, they might give/sell all redundant tower leases (where Sprint and T-Mobile service overlap) to Dish and host Dish's network for them while they build out. There may be some spectrum sold to Dish as well.

Wonder what happened to Dish's planned goal of having a carrier by the end of 2013, and what ever happened to the Dish Google partnership? A google carrier is what everyone wanted, and the last time we heard of Dish was the bids with clearwire. They also outbid sprint from the FCC auction of spectrum too. I wonder where they are sitting with this carrier, because no news is bad news, and I think everyone would want a Google Carrier even with Dish as a partner.

Tmobile won't be sold to anybody period. This is all in fun but the bottom line is business is business.

Rather people on this site or any other site doesn't like this banter then that's simply to bad.

I applaud and support Tmobile and Mr. John Legere 100% who cares what other people think.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

"immature way to conduct business"

So ripping customers off like AT&T and VZW are doing, is the correct way of doing it?

You are exactly what your name suggests, just some nobody.

In my way of thinking, if I went with T-Mobile, I'd be getting ripped off, because I'd be paying for something that's broken. Something that just doesn't work. Whereas, Verizon just works everywhere I go. No worries. Always connected. You get what you pay for. I don't feel ripped off paying for top quality service that's more expensive each month. I would feel ripped off paying for shit service that barely works but that's slightly cheaper each month. That'd be a waste of my hard earned money. That'd be a rip off.

Posted via Android Central App

Never said my experience is everyone else's experience. Show me where I said that and I'll consider your response a valid response. I was simply stating I don't mind paying extra for quality service for ME. Verizon is just that, for ME... T-Mobile is shit service, for ME... I DON'T feel like I'M being ripped off with Verizon... I WOULD be getting ripped off with T-Mobile because it doesn't work anywhere I travel. I know because I tested this, and also have many friends, who've been with T-Mobile a long time, have just switched over because they finally can't take it anymore. Regardless of what they're paying on a monthly basis, they've never been happier with Verizon. They were miserable with T-Mobile. I don't give a shit what kind of good service you get with T-Mobile... You're most certainly far from the majority in that regard. But good for you buddy, have a cookie.

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I agree whole hearted. I personally would love to switch from Verizon to Tmobile. I tried out Tmobile when the Note 3 was released. I wanted nothing more than a phone with an unlocked bootloader & a cheaper monthly bill. Guess what, I could not use the unlocked bootloader phone and cheaper bill beacause I could not get ANY service. Not at my house, nor at my work. Completely useless. And forget about traveling. 6 miles south or 8 miles west of my town, absolutely no signal, not even able to call 911.
Verizon, on the other hand, has been absolutely perfect in regards to u8sage. Can I unlock my bootloader? Nope. Do I get a break on my bill since I bought my phone outright? Nope. Do I EVER not have a signal, or data, even when I travel? Nope.
The higher cost is justified by that alone.

I agree whole hearten. I personally would love to switch from Verizon to Tmobile. I tried out Tmobile when the Note 3 was released. I wanted nothing more than a phone with an unlocked bootloader & a cheaper monthly bill. Guess what, I could not use the unlocked bootloader phone and cheaper bill because I could not get ANY service. Not at my house, nor at my work. Completely useless. And forget about traveling. 6 miles south or 8 miles west of my town, absolutely no signal, not even able to call 911.
Verizon, on the other hand, has been absolutely perfect in regards to usage. Can I unlock my bootloader? Nope. Do I get a break on my bill since I bought my phone outright? Nope. Do I EVER not have a signal, or data, even when I travel? Nope.
The higher cost is justified by that alone.

Well said. Not in relation to the carrier but in general. I also do not mind paying for quality. Everything is not about price to me.

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well the same can be said for any huge business. But they do care that's why there putting in the annoying marketing BS that is not really needed. They all care for your business and that's first and foremost for them.

Yeah, if I didn't read Android Central, I would have never known about the fake quotes. I think there's a very small population that actually knows and cares. When you see commercials in highly visible media, they are focused on the numbers, not fake quotes. T-Mobile is doing things differently, and they need all the free media attention they can get to educate consumers on how things are different. Specifically, how much the bigger carriers are screwing you over and how easy it is to jump ship. He doesn't even have to pay for the advertising every time he does something out of character for the typical CEO. What better way to advertise without spending a dime?

In my opinion, people care more about value than they do about whether a CEO is being mean. Face it, in the end, AT&T is being a helluva lot more "mean" than T-Mobile.

Legere is a genius, and I think this article doesn't quite reflect the true nature of what's going on.

No, they don't, because they already own Sprint. FCC/FTC would view it as either a conflict of interest or anti-competitive.

Yup. I guess he just likes business conducted in a traditional fashion.

Posted via Android Central App

Across the board this hits the nail on the head. T-Mobile is doing everything right with their network (which still has a ways to go in terms of sheer coverage, especially along interstates outside of big cities, but it's improving) and business plan. Yet the only thing they want to talk about is trash. Talk about how awesome you are without badmouthing people.

If Legere was really an exec at AT&T (which I didn't know before now) then most likely his behavior is personally driven, and in the end that's never good for business.

From Wikipedia:

"He first worked in telecommunications at New England Telephone. Legere then spent nearly twenty years at AT&T, where he spent a period working under Daniel Hesse, now CEO of Sprint Corporation. He served as chief executive for AT&T Asia from April 1994 to November 1997, and also spent time as head of AT&T Global Strategy and Business Development. From 1997 to 1998, he served as President of Worldwide outsourcing of AT&T solutions."

I think most people are aware of John's past with AT&T but in this context it means nothing in my opinion. I mean of course T-Mobile would tap someone with a ton of industry experience it would be completely negligent of them not to.

Posted via Android Central App

They are doing everything right according to customers. I would like to know what shareholders think of them and their profits... I doubt their current business model is sustainable.

T-Mobile's network is still craptastic compared to everyone else. When you're going up against someone with a bigger network, you don't compare your network to the opposition. T-Mobile is rightly focusing on what they have to offer that AT&T doesn't: no BS contracts that screw you over, better pricing, no contracts, more options, etc.

I can't imagine a T-Mobile ad saying, "Hey, we're almost a viable option!" going over well.

Don't make assumptions. It depends on your location. I live in the Eastern side of South Sacramento, CA and T-Mo is very dependable and is the fastest here. Now, I understand you have a different experience because you are in a different location. See, it's not too hard to be nice. Your mouth is craptastic coz of the shit coming from it. Shit, I guess it's hard to be nice.

+++1 I think some of them must be on Verizon and sad they are still paying so much. I switched to Tmobile and won't ever look back. Here in Pheonix the HPSA+ was great and now with the LTE on the N5 even better!!! It's better than many peoples broadband at home now. I know many others that are dropping AT&T and Verizon as well. I suppose if you live in the boonies and only get AT&T then maybe there's a reason to stick.

Its better than Sprint's, and in populated areas (where, you know, the majority of the US population lives) its comparable to AT&T and Verizon.

T-Mobile needs to expand their network. If I wasn't on VZW I'd be on At&t. Only other company with a large network that covers everywhere I go. Atlanta is too big and I travel back and forth across it to and from college everyday to have poor coverage. Then T-Mobile would get my money.

Posted via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

Awwwwwwww, how cute. You're worried that poor little T-Mobile might not know what's best for them. Your so sweet, mommy! I think they know exactly what they're doing. That's why John is the ceo of a multi billion $ corporation. You're a blogger so you can write what you want, but you really aren't in a position to advise T-Mobile on business strategy! So cute!

Aww how cute you're defending your idol thinking anyone cares what you think and acting like you're someone above bloggers. How cute.

Posted via Android Central App

There's better ways to support the company rather than personally attacking it's critics. Also Andrew is a professional blogger, that is he does this for a living. He has just as much of a right to say this stuff as anyone else.

Posted via Android Central App

You can accuse me of attacking the messenger because I don't like the message, but that wasn't the point. Sure he has a right to say what he wants, and a popular platform to say it on. That doesn't make him an expert on every subject he writes about. Anyone can offer an opinion, but I value the opinion based on the source. Not to put down the author, I read and enjoy his other articles. Again, T-Mobile knows what they're doing, and the author is not in a position to advise them on business. I love this site, and value their opinions on Android devices and related news. On this topic, I think they are mistaken and unqualified.

Regardless of qualifications for business strategies, I'm sure anyone can say this is probably not the most intelligent move on T-Mobile's part. If you want to be bold and have an aggressive marketing campaign against someone then that's great as long as you have the quality to back it up and most importantly that you've got your facts straight. If they're going to make a campaign based on nonsense then they shouldn't be surprised when (not if, when) potential and current customers are turned off from their services.

I say all of this as an employee who is currently wondering what the company was thinking.

I don't like this guys posts, attitude, or strange username!!!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Agree. Tmobile is on fire right now and largely do to Legere and his "antics." It's still very refreshing and humorous. I also agree between a professinoal blogger and a CEO of a major corporation, only one could rather easily do the other's job...

No one even knows who you are. Make fun of Andrew all you want but at least we all know who he is. You make fun of bloggers and yet here you are, reading a site that's entirely put together by bloggers with a common interest. We get that you love Mr Legere and have a very deep, burning desire to never look at T-Mobile in a critical way, but sometimes it helps to set aside your intense support for a company and consider the other view point.

Right. Because it's not like any CEO has ever made a mistake with their marketing before. New Coke comes to mind. :)

Posted via Android Central App

T-Mobile is in fourth place and that's why they are allowed to do the things they are. John is consistently working his fingers to the bone trying everything he can to make sure the company stays competitive. And you know what? It's completely working. T-Mobile has improved in literally every single area as a company that it could have compared to a year ago. If it wasn't for John this wouldn't be the case. The US telecommunications industry is probably one of the most cut throat industries in the entire world right now and for better or for worse T-Mobile has shown they won't go quietly into the night. They will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to not only survive, but thrive.

Posted via Android Central App

This! If T-Mobile wanted to keep laying around in 4th place they easily could with DT's deep pockets.

If they want to win... They've gotta start throwing punches. Disruption. Love it.

Posted via Android Central App

no DT wants nothing to do with them, that is why they spun them off (more or less) into their own company.

They have been living off the ATT breakup billions and that is just about gone now...

Yeah. DT wants ZERO to do with the Tmo USA brand.

I still don't think a sale of the company would get past the FCC.

They don't want the U.S market to be like Canada

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

Not true at all. The MetroPCS deal was specifically structured to maintain DT ownership. If they wanted to spin it off, they would have.

It won't be much longer before their #3. Sprint has been bleeding customers for 7yrs, that isn't going to stop, they have a ton of unhappy customers. End of 2014, beginning of 2015, T-Mobile will take #3.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

So take your embarrassment to a different company.

I wonder if John Legere would be embarrassed by you?

How's life in your glass house?

Posted via Android Central App

LOL @ you for only posting attacks on others comments rather than something original. Really?

This should irk xlDeMoNiClx. Watch what they post next. Tee, hee, hee...

Exactly! So I'm not the only one who noticed this guys crappy comments, strange username also.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Agreed, Legere's shtick is getting tired. The first few stunts were funny, but the latest press release reeks of sour grapes and pettiness. Just to be clear, I'm not a fan of AT&T, either.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

I understand that Legere 's tactics turn you off.

But you're flat out wrong - there is never a wrong way to get more customers. Never. Business 101.

Posted via Android Central App

The US Telecommunications industry is completely cut throat. T-Mobile has to do literally anything it can to thrive and it knows it.

Posted via Android Central App

If only you could convince the millions waiting to get in the USA to come to your great country. I have a few good friends who would love to jump to the front of the line.

One more reason I'm glad I do. 'MURICA.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.


Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

Don't need to run a business to know business. I could ask you the same thing though if you think you know better cause by your logic you don't know any better than I do. ;)

Posted via Android Central App

Lol. I don't run one. So I can only go by what T-Mobile ' s performance has been... Which is great, of late.

Posted via Android Central App

There are wrong ways. Ones that don't get you additional customers- Being petty is a good example of this.

Yeah. 4.4 million in one year.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

If the right way to gain customers is have me watch 1,000 times the commercial of kids telling bad jokes explaining 'more is better than less', then I much prefer Legere's way.

Yeah I completely agree, those fucking commercials are so condescending it's ridiculous.

Posted via Android Central App

All else aside, you cannot be serious that you think AT&T's "kids" commercials are quality? Hell, the one with the chubby Mexican boy trying to "make a funny" is downright racist lol. That's from someone who HATES how quickly plenty of people pull the race card...

Heck yes. Have her do 85% and the occasionally Legere does his shtick to keep it interesting.

Posted via Android Central App

Whatever happened to her? Those early commercials with her were great. They were even better than the popular iPhone "I am a Mac" and "I am a PC" commercials.

Yeah. She was a great face for T-Mobile. John Legere would probably scare someone if he was in a commercial. Where as Carly Foulkes wouldn't scare anyone.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

Sure, maybe misquoting att wasnt the best way as some could interpret in wrong, but i thought it was fine. Not their best advertisement, but nothing to make a big deal about

The writer of this article needs to get fired. Nobody cares about what you think. Your job is to write and publish the news as they happen, that's it. If you want people to listen to your opinion, make your own blog/website. You can call it: Bitching with Andrew.

LOL, this x 1000

Sounds like a butthurt at&t fanboy (I'm on verizon btw so I think the whole thing is hilarious)

Actually people do, that's why be has the job. It's people like you that no-one cares to know the opinion of.

Posted via Android Central App

If you note the tag at the top of this post, it says "Editorial." Which means it's an article stating his opinion. While a *part* of his job includes publishing news stories as they come about, another part of that job is to interact with the community and share a viewpoint from inside the Mobile Nations site. Just like ANY newspaper or magazine, which also have said articles from time to time.

Even though I love to hear about tech, this is well within the blogger Relm. Although, not exactly an argument I would pick considering Legere is getting his much wanted attention.

Posted via Android Central App

So T-Mobile shouldn't be poking at the bear. They shouldn't antagonize AT&T. Everything they are doing is wrong.

Yet, you wrote a piece about them and described what they are doing right.

It's easy to write a 140 character tweet to followers as to why the competition sucks and let the bloggers do the leg work. Three years ago no one was talking about T-Mobile. NO ONE. In fact, it wasn't long ago that many in the industry was predicting T-Mobile's demise. Fast forward to now the author has taken time out of his day to criticize T-Mobile for doing what they are doing by giving T-Mobile the attention it's looking for and it cost T-Mobile NOTHING. T-Mobile's ads aren't for the intellectual blogger. They are for the average consumer who is just tired of spending more money on their cell phones then on their car payment. I think bloggers need to get out of their ivory towers and think outside the box sometimes. Thanks for the free advertisement and publicity.

I recently switched from Verizon Wireless to T-Mobile, but not because of these antics. I switched because I can buy (almost) whatever phone I want, whenever I want, and pay a better monthly price without a contract. The coverage is also good enough for me and my family.

The more they deal this way, the more I am worried about them. The only good news - I am not in a contract - so if they go off the deep end it is easy for me to switch.

The reason there's only a Big Four and contract hell in the US wireless industry is because they played nice and didn't say anything about each other and all did the same thing. It's about time someone shake something up and actually point out the things wrong with the industry. If T-Mobile has to do it in this crazy over the top way, so be it.

But sure, have T-Mobile send AT&T a Band-Aid in the mail. They have to stop being so mean, otherwise someone might cry a little. Can't have that.

I do think he's running the risk of overselling and creating false expectations. A lot of customers who come over from AT&T are going to be in for a rude awakening when they experience first hand T-Mobile's limitations (i.e., indoor building coverage; rural areas).

Ah the glorious assumption that because you live in a Tmobile deadzone that most Americans do as well. Fact time...According to new numbers just released from the U.S. Census Bureau, 80.7 percent of the U.S. population lived in urban areas as of the 2010 Census, a boost from the 79 percent counted in 2000.

You see, MOST American's are VERY well covered by Tmobile. We'll see in the earnings reports how right or wrong you are.

As a T-Mobile supporter, I have to disagree here. While it's true the majority of people live in urban areas, which T-Mo has covered pretty well, you make it seem like all of those people live in a freaking bubble and *never* travel outside those metro areas. Which is wrong. T-Mo's network is pretty much swiss cheese in many, many thousands of square miles of land outside of the large cities which, even for those who don't live there, have to be traveled through at some point (with varying rates of frequency based on the individual).

That said, this latest chunk of spectrum they picked up from VZW should help tremendously fill in some of the dead spots and allow them to broadcast LTE in areas which are currently stuck on EDGE. Improvements are no doubt coming; it's just a matter of time. But to pretend that because they have the cities covered and that's good enough because the majority of people in the US live in cities is silly.

He never mentioned anything about people traveling or not traveling outside of urban areas, though. So, his comment still appears to be spot on.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I just heard a motivational speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger the other day. Rule number one work your butt off. rule number 2 break the rules not the law and Rule number 3 don't worry about what the naysayers have to say. With that said I don't give a shit if he don't stop the bull shit! Lol just keep the good prices and phones coming. I got alot of REAL shit to worried about.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't know . . something just seems wrong when older guys try to act hip and cool, walking around with red bull in a raggy t-shirt, talking smack instead of mature dialog . . Probably trying to set themselves apart, which is fine to a degree, but just seems a little "off" to my taste . . .

I have to agree with this article. They need to stop being on the edge of crazy and just keep working on improving their brand and service. I know my wife and I are considering leaving AT&T for T-Mobile assuming their coverage is good enough.

I love the fact that they'll pay my ETF if I have any and even give a credit of some sorts for trading in my devices to get a T-Mobile device which reduces the costs of moving over in the first place. I especially love that there are no contracts and they have unlimited data so if I leave it's whatever is left on the balance of the cost of my phone. However, if their service doesn't work in all the places I need it then all these features are of no value to me. Hell I even save about $60 a month with T-Mo over AT&T and get unlimited data.

I'm picking up a T-Mobile prepaid sim this week to through in my old unlocked/unbranded HTC 8X. We shall see how my experiment goes.

I think T-Mobile is stirring up the competition, and that is a good thing. However, the way that John Leger conducts himself makes me not want to support his company. Most people won't care, but as a matter of principal, I cannot in good conscience give money to a company led by someone who doesn't take his job seriously. He obviously hates AT&T with every fiber of his being. Leaders like him tend to bring down big companies. He will go too far, and do something that T-Mobile won't be able to bounce back from.

Anyway, at least I am reaping the benefits as AT&T strives to keep up with the changes in the market led by T-Mobile.

Yes you are reaping the benefits from his antics. So what's the problem? Lol let the big guys fight and us little guys cash in. Win win

Posted via Android Central App

Personally, I think they should get permission from the Simpsons to make a commercial where Mr. Burns is the AT&T (or Verizon)CEO...

Simple fact is that T mobiles currant advertising is working. The more media coverage they get, the more people might actually take a look at their prices, network coverages, monthly plans, and phones on their network. In some areas their coverage rivals the big dogs and this cutthroat ad campaign is exactly what is needed to garner the attention of the people in those areas. Besides who doesn't love an underdog or the little guy who's willing to stand up and give the big guy the middle finger. (E.g. the premise of a amount of Hollywood movies from star wars all the way down to pixar cartoons)

If T mobile could just get their coverage a bit better in the rural areas within a 100 mile range of my location I would quite likely switch as I know people in their network that have excellent coverage in the town we live as well as the 4 surrounding areas, but venture out a bit further to cornfields and horse carriage areas (where I hunt and where some of my work occurs) and their asking to use my phone. (Be it business or pleasure I prefer having 4g coverage everywhere I go and verizon is currantly the only company in my area that can do it. but at the same time I despise them so...)

Andrew, your likely better off just reporting the news than trying to throw around your buisness sense, as this article has pretty much demonstrated that you have none.

"The more media coverage they get, the more people might actually take a look at their prices, network coverages, monthly plans, and phones on their network."

Yes, then they see that important one 'network coverage' and they run, run away.

So like I've been saying.. all along, they're just blowing smoke up the industry's ass.

They're putting up improvements in a squandered manner, they're doing small things, and shaking things up with big talk advertising and marketing. The fact is, it's still a sub-par network with great customer service. It will never be more than that.

This is the best comment so far (I am only halfway through), and as it has been said a few times now, it is unsustainable.

This dog & pony show is just to help push them over the finish line for a buyout. I would say it is the worst kept industry secret, but it has already been said for several years that they are up for sale and that the money is coming together.

I read somewhere the other day that Sprint is already with the Federal regulators to get thing in motion and see what concessions they would have to make to get the deal done.

Improve your still sub-par network and then I'll consider switching. T-Mobile is HORRIBLE most of the places I frequent.

I think Andrew has a little bit of a valid point. I think it was necessary to have a guy like Legere create some controversy, shake things up a bit. Adding that many subscribers like they have is huge. Most people hate the hassle of switching any service so I think it has served them well.

However I agree that there comes a point, a line you cross to where people are going to get tired of it and then that new image of change you created starts to tarnish and people start to see through the cracks. That line is close, and I think now you take all that new subscriber money and really start investing in your network. Let AT&T take shots and offer bonuses. Then kill them with kindness, keep offering value and great support and in time it will continue to pay off.

I love what they are doing, I wish somebody in the cable industry would do it.

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T-Mobile needs to focus its energy on their network coverage which happens to be spotty to say the least. I was a T-Mobile subscriber for years until I left because I could not get them to focus on areas where there was absolutely no coverage. This still has not been corrected and instead T-Mobile offers wi-fi calling in those spotty areas. Not good T-Mo!

Sound bad for you guy... I get on the average 4 bars and haven't drop a call in like a year and a half. Also I get around 28mb down and 11mbs up. So yeah why in the hell would I ever care about the three carrier. Plus I only pay 88 dollars a month and can change my phone every 6 months. Lmao

T-mobile rule bitches! At least in my area it does

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Improve your damn network and I will view actions such as these with something more than slight amusement at best.

Being a hater of the other companies, they struck a chord with me and I signed up as soon as they offered to pay my verizon ETF, haven't looked back. Actually have better signal everywhere I go (portland, OR) and at LEAST 3 times faster speed.

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Bring back the girl!..

Let's all get with out friends and tell thier advertising to stop showing him for awhile.. bring back the girl... and see what happens. ..

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Everyone seemed to be loving it at first. Are people just tired of the act now?

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Yes, and paybacks are a B*tch.

He had better pull down one hell of a 4th quarter or ATT is going to be all over it like white on rice.

T-Mobile needs to shut it's trap and fix its shitty network. All this jabbing at AT&T is like a chuaua barking at a Grizzly bear

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Lesson to immature CEOs: if your gonna talk trash about competition, you better have the goods to back it up. And let's face it tmob, you don't have any right to trash talk until you get your own crap together. Case in point, I tried tmob, and literally got no service of any kind in my home. Stayed with them less than 24 hours, went with att and now always have full bars. So, tmob your immature trash talk is cheap and frankly comical without reliability to back your crap mouth up. Get real! Sure tmob service is cheaper, but you get what you pay for and they know it.

I mean what's next for this buffoon, trashing Verizon? Yeah you'll never touch their network will u!

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I went to T-Mobile from Verizon and it's ridiculous how much faster my service is, and I have signal in all the same places. And im saving so much money for the better service.

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They are just saying publicly what we all feel about carriers in the US. The carrier system is designed to trap us, tie us down.

Unfortunately, a majority of america does not seem to find cellular prices usurious like we do. Verizon, the most expensive carrier in the US grew by 1.6 mil last qtr. At&t announced in their quarterly earnings that 15% of its subscribers opted to pay their rates AND add on the monthly fee for a phone on the Next plan. Not the behavior of people who are fed up with the prices, yet.

I'm just saying...

It's because people are willing to take a hit for the good coverage.

Don't get me wrong. I was with ATT forever and found their prices ridiculous. i then became employeed with Sprint and think a lot of our prices and things we do are fair and whatnot, but I'll be the first to admit the coverage isn't close to what I had with ATT.

So many times I've thought about starting my ATT contract back up simply because when I travel I'm dead in the water, and would have never switched if Sprint didn't pay my phone bill for me and still will not let my family switch over, even though it would be GREATLY reduced in price.

Sometimes it's worth the extra money for convenience.

What you miss in those numbers is the corporate accounts, and discounts for corporate employees. If you could get Verizon signal and coverage at 20%-30% off the prices listed on their website, you're getting lower prices than AT&T for better coverage, slightly slower data, and marginally more than what you might pay at T-Mobile. T-Mobile is appealing to the consumer right now, not the business, which really is Verizon's bread and butter, and a healthy chunk of AT&T's customers.

So, yes, Verizon may have added 1.6 million lines (not individual customers), but I'd wager that many if not most of those were either business accounts or employee discounted lines. So, yes, the majority of America still finds their prices onerous, if they had to pay full price. What they miss is Verizon's insanely paranoid locking down of every phone they offer, and ridiculously slow lead times to get a new phone offered on their network. Add all the bloatware they force onto every phone, disabling Google Wallet, forcing users off their unlimited data plans, etc. etc. the list goes on. I have not looked back since I left them years ago.

I was curious about switching to T-Mo (coming from Sprint) and probably still will but I decided to follow Mr. Legere on Twitter because he seemed to actively engage. Well, as much as I like their recent no-contract and transparency-in-hardware-costs policies...I find him to be immature at best. His twitter feed reeks of mid-life crisis.

Has he really made cracks about other CEO's appearances? If so, wow. I believe that a quote from, I think, Elaine in Seinfeld sums him up, "..you aging hipster doofus".

Let's see... Legere brought back T-Mobile from the grave. All you've done is show a soft spot for at&t. No offense but if john legere took advice from a blogger T-Mobile would be known as pink pussy. Legere is king at what he does and if you don't think its mature go ahead and cry to yourself. Honestly I could care less what legere says in terms of vulgarity. I get free mobile hotspot with unlimited data and jump. Legere's humor is just a +1 in my book. Plus legere's trolling> liberal device bloggers trolling... Cause at least legere's entertaining.

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Andrew, first I wanna say thank you for taking a bold step in this article. I definitely understand where your coming from.

Allow me to play devil's advocate for a bit.....

The one thing you have to consider is that before UnCarrier, T-Mobile was on the outside looking in as the distant #4 carrier. They did improve their network, yes. But just improving a network isn't enough to attract customers. You have to be brash, you have to be bold, and you have to be loud.

Sometimes, you have to push the envelope.

If the plan is to eventually sell to a major company like Softbank or Dish (but I would throw Google's hat in there as a dark horse), then they need to show that T-Mobile isn't backing down from anyone and that it's here to stay. And more importantly that its a viable company to invest in, in the LONG TERM. And it can be with the right strategy.

The next move they need to do with all this wonderful spectrum and profit is to expand their HSPA+ and 4G LTE footprint, and do it with the same swagger that they have now.

It may seem braggadocio of T-Mobile to do it, but when has any carrier had the cojones to call out their competition for their faults? If AT&T is The Empire with the Death Star, then Legere is Skywalker (don't ask me who Han Solo is, but MetroPCS could be Chewie).

Your statement: "The problem with this is that the average wireless customer in the U.S. really doesn't give a damn what your company thinks of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint or their respective CEOs." is mostly true. But they also know that when its contract time, the company that's going to talk them away from their current carrier will get the business and their money.

HSPA+ and LTE (as we know it right now) are dying and they need to stop working on it now.

They need to skip ahead to getting LTE-A out and ahead of the game instead of always trying to play catchup.

Now I know they need the LTE tech to go to LTE-A, but they could start now with the upgrades.

Announcing 10 LTE-A markets would be a hell of better advertising than the constant ATT sucks twitter jabs.

Perfectly said. I agree 100%.

Though do you really think, even in the very back of your mind, that Google would even try to pick up a carrier? No regulators would ever allow this to happen as Google would be in a position to show favoritism and only put devices and faster updates to one network.

Nah, things are looking super strong for a Softbank buyout.

As a T-Mobile customer, I love what T-Mobile is doing. But I don't really care for the swearing and all of the extra antics I see John Legere doing. I would like to see him act a little more professionally. And I do see Andrew's point but then again it really seems to be working. A lot of people are either talking about T-Mobile or looking into switching to T-Mobile.

This is an excellent article, and hits the nail surely on the head. It's great journalism! I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Lately, the comments on this site are making CrackBerry look like Easy Street, lol.

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Not to mention, more fanboy than iMore. If you do not have a Nexus or are on T mobile, you cannot have a valid point about anything.

Yeah, it's sad, really. And, it's really sad, when an Editor (Andrew) gets attacked for having an opinion that doesn't mesh with what the unwashed masses think or agree with.

What happened to the days when people were simply happy with what they had?

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"there is no such thing as bad publicity"

but there is such a thing as bad etiquette, and coming from someone who swears like a trucker, the stage (in front of a gang of press and cameras) is not the place to be swearing. at first i laughed ("holy shit, this guy's got balls to swear on stage like that!!") then after about the fifth swear in ten minutes i was tired of it. this is not a bar, hanging out with your boys, tying a few on. this is a place of business, and if you can't accept that, there's the door!

for the record, this is coming from a self-admitted tmo fanboy, and a hater of all other networks! so what's that tell you?

John legere is probably going to turn out to be as crazy as John Macafee, but know what? Their both rich and Im not so crazy works for some people

I have to agree with you, Andrew. In an area where we live, we are on the border of having 1 or 1-1/2 bar signal level. The area is very populated and has continued growing in the last 8 - 10 years. Yet, when we had T-Mobile service for a brief period of time, T-Mobile would tell us that "you live in cow pastures" and there is little chance that T-Mobile will expand there. Mind you, we are in an SMSA that has a population of over 5 million. So, when John Legere bad-mouths AT&T (which serves us well in the area we are in and also places we have visited), I feel like I should say one thing to him: "It's the signal level, stupid!" My son recently purchased an LTE Nexus 7 (2013) and the TMO signal level is the same as it has always been - 0 to 1 bars!

In the area I am currently located in (a major university town), people complain about T-Mobile's quality of service (or a lack thereof) all the time. On the Gulf Coast in Alabama, there are towns that have little or no TMO signal! No problems with AT&T in either of the locations! There is little chance that I will ever move to TMO. It is time for John Legere to figure out what is actually wrong with TMO's services. No amount of blaming AT&T or bluster will help him do that.

I live in a state capital that has 10s of millions go through it every year and T mo is horrible so I know exactly what you are saying.

Tmo is decent in the center of town, if you stay out of buildings, and on the highways coming in, but that is it.

Sprint is much better, so it ATT and VZW

When I lived in Las Vegas I lived in the far northwest side of town. Same experience as you. It has to do with the band. The lower the MHz the better the indoor signal.

Which is why Verizon (700 Mhz) gets good indoor coverage and T-Mobile (1700-1900) doesn't.

Good news is that we have some spectrum auctions coming up and T-mobile and Verizon did a spectrum swap

"The problem with this is that the average wireless customer in the U.S. really doesn't give a damn what your company thinks of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint or their respective CEOs."

I have to disagree with that. Many consumers take their bills VERY personally, which is one of the reasons that Allstate's "Mayhem" character plays so well in the US (bad things didn't just happen, someone brought it to me!). Many consumers see increased prices and reduced services as (and I quote many customers) "stealing my money for years". The "Average Joe" sees someone offering reasonable service at a lower price and says, "Why can't my carrier do that?" However, instead of figuring out why T-Mobile is lower than Verizon, they are assuming that Verizon has been siphoning off huge profits so the CEO can go swimming Scrooge McDuck style in a vault of money.

I am not saying I like the style of the last press release (but I like the accompanying advertising copy!). Fake quotes ala "The Onion" cross a fairly clear line in business practices and there could be trouble for that. Very Bad Form! However, it got people's attention and reframed the way many people will think about the option of switching from AT&T to T-Mobile.

Only people that find him funny are the people that need to be reassured that they made the right choice in T-Mobile. Fourth place forever is still last place. Get over it

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Lol, T-Mobile still works for me, regardless of whether Legere is funny or not.

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That's fine but they been around too long to have that spotty of coverage.this guy thinks paying off etc acting like a douche is going to change that. Coverage will still suck five years from now.

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"Coverage will still suck five years from now."

Not if T-Mobile is bought by Sprint. =)

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If you add both together still comes up short then there will only be 3 big carriers and still in last place

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Because neither of them are going to improve their network anymore than this moment in time, and neither are going to gain any more customers from the Top 2.

Wrong, if TMO and Sprint combined, with SoftBank's money, TMO's uncarrier ideaism, both of their customer service, and the growing hate for the top 2....

... Unstoppable.

This fusion is what will potentially pull those two off the top shelf.

Not true sir. I find it funny and I have AT&T personally and Republic Wireless through work (my office is a wireless frag grenade: Once you are inside the building no cell phone service). T-Mobile has been an indirect benefit to me because now when something goes wrong with my bill or my service, they have been quick to fix it because they believe that T-Mobile, after all these years, is now a threat.

I don't mind the poking of fun at people. Happens all the time. It hasn't really gotten out of hand or anything and as long as T-Mobile doesn't do something drastic (no I don't see this as anywhere close; it has just been joking around) then their platform for the products and mobile realm is what is going to keep my attention. Political fluffing is not of interest to me outside my mobile bills and service.

While I am on att they r not the best but a fact is a fact they are a hell of a lot better than T-Mobile. The map coverage speaks the truth not that bafoon up on stage.

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Lmao, you are making my day, brother.

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Well, this editorial surely has gotten some traffic for Android Central.... good job Andrew.

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Well, according to numbers... people seem to love it. T-Mobile is gaining a young crowd then the likes of AT&T. Whether its right or not...its working.

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The beauty is tmobile has pockets of edge in rural areas so basically they cater to urban areas....not a bad thing...those who need rural 3g or higher connections get other carriers why waste time bitching lol

Man bro I was about to post a similar comment just now. But I agree with you 100 percent. T-mobile is great for me on every level where i live but if its not for you then go to a different carrier. WTF

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Too much negative comments on T-Mobile from this site.

Most of the customers coming into the T-Mobile store to switch are from AT&T and they say the new advertisements were very convincing.

They mad because some people got good coverage, better deals and fast ass data speed while paying reasonable prices on a top notch phone.

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Just because some people don't travel is irrelevant. You pay T-Mobile for there coverage as a whole not just your area same goes for all the others. If T-Mobile's coverage as a whole is a lot I mean alot smaller than the big two then you BETTER get a better price or it is a ripoff

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I said nothing about traveling. But for the rest of your comment I agree with you. I just don't have those problems so I can't relate. Wait I think I know why you put the travel part in there. I won't say because I'm not sure if that's the case

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It cost less to maintain less so if your coverage around you is good but you travel outside that zone and it sucks which you have a better chance with tmobile like it or not than there plans should be cheaper

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Agreed. I'd like to see less obsessions over AT&T and more about how good the plans, value and uncarrier strategy is. They've got a good product. I don't think they need to get down in the mud or do negative advertising anymore.

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This site is posting almost daily articles about T-Mobile and its antics.

It is frankly click bait. It invites inflammatory debate in the comments between ridiculous fan boys who are giving their money to T-Mobile and want to brag about a company they are actually paying their money to and internet trolls who honestly just want to stir the pot because T-Mobile is really nothing more than a poor forever 4th place wireless carrier.

The shitty spelling and lack of coherent points are laughable.

I pray daily for news to arrive that SoftBank has closed the T-Mobile deal so this garbage stops. Would I like to see some innovation come out of a deal? More than I want to post this comment. But it is tiresome. And for the record, I am not a T-Mobile fan and I think their fan boys are stupid. But this whole thing has gotten stale.

Stop the drama, quotes, and marketing. Get absorbed by SoftBank, lose the annoying CEO and hopefully the new carrier can push the big two.

oh give me a break. who cares what he says or does? It is good to see a CEO go against the grain and poke fun instead of going by the book. It doesn't bother me or anyone else what he says as long as the bill is cheaper at the end of the month. So let him keep poking fun cause their isn't any feelings being hurt. What ever he is saying isn't taking away anything from t mobile or hurting the business so I don't even know why you care what he keeps poking fun of or saying. this isn't stopping lte deployment or hurting their network. The people who see this as the "low road" need to stop being so serious and lighten up. This is just having some fun. Get a grip and quit being so lame

And all of this is irrelevant until they actually expand their network.... Something that is hard to do if you aren't making money.

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And all of this is irrelevant until they actually expand their network.... Something that is hard to do if you aren't making money.

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Well....I say poke at at&t. Their prices are too high for what you get when it comes to data. There is no reason why at&t customer don't have unlimited data. If they did, Tmo and Sprint would have been gone long ago. I think Vz will bring unlimited back and then at&t will follow like they always do.

I think something that might be missed is that the readership here sees all these articles and pays attention to the industry in a way that 99% of the rest of the world does not, so while it may be "getting old" for a lot of people in this neighborhood, I don't think the general public is anywhere near the fatigue factor point yet.

This is a good tactic, for now anyway. TMO is catering to all the people who feel ripped off by their carriers and doing its best to exploit that anger by figuratively standing beside them and giving the other companies the finger. Legere and TMO need to capitalize on that discontent to grow their subscriber base, and this is a good way to get people to pay attention. I don't think this can be a long term strategy, but nevertheless little TMO's gadfly act is changing things, and those ripples are affecting the way AT&T and VZW does business, even if only slightly so far...

He needs to tone it down a bit. John Legere is hardly in a position to criticize anyone's appearance.

That being said, I don't really feel sorry for an AT&T exec who is pulling in millions a year.

I think T-Mobile is doing this because it's ringing true of what wireless customers feel in this country. People are pissed off because of confusing bills, high rates, and contracts. Because T-Mobile is acting just as pissed off, people empathize.

I'm not saying they should do this forever, but right now, I think it's actually the right tone. I was pissed off at my carrier too--that's why I just switched to T-Mobile.

My real hope is that they continue to back up their bombastic statements with actual innovation in the industry. To me, it's mostly white noise until the next phase of the "uncarrier" plan is revealed.

I would rather they add Conditional call forwarding to the 30 dollar prepaid plan then keep trolling there competition.

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There's a right way and a wrong way to conduct business. Slamming your competitors to the public is the wrong way. What T MO is doing IS revolutionary in the mobile world. If they left it at that, cool. Talk about what your company does right and not what your competitors do wrong. I've closed deals by our competitors saying something slick about my company. People really don't appreciate that and a lot see it for what it is.

Then again, I'm only the COO of a company, not the CEO. What would I know?

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This reminds me of Apple's Mac vs PC ads. I think it is effective. It gets customer attention. They may not always take this style, but right now, are playing the part of the feisty underdog well.

I agree, while I get a chuckle at the latest antics of Legere, it is a little bit of T-Mobile just shaking the shiny object over here so no one looks over there. I like T-Mobile, I have been very happy with them since switching from Verizon but I would like to see them take it down a notch and focus less on what the other carriers are or aren't doing and more on what it's doing for its customers.

Man people sure get all pissed off in these comments, I guess that's just the internet. As someone who was looking to move off of verizon with all this stuff going on T-Mobile caught my eye and I'm currently testing their network in my area...which works honestly better than my Galaxy nexus did on verizon, but maybe that was the phone. It works where I need it and I'm not worried about overages for data, but that's my personal story so far. I think this last stunt may have started to cross the line but hopefully they will kinda hone in on a sweat spot its a little in your face and its getting their name out there. The part that keeps my mind at ease is I'm not on a contract so I can move my phone to AT&T if they start to flounder.

Somethings got to give with t mo that's all I'm saying what I hear from them is too good to be true and after all all good things just come to an end

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I just can't believe how many people in here are hurt by the way HE decides to run his company. Do you people enjoy making a car payment but wait, that's your phone service? On one hand all I hear about is how CEO's are making tons of money and ripping off consumers while the economy sucks and the middle class is being destroyed. Then, finally, one CEO comes out with crazy antics and actually makes things better for the middle class Joe by not only lowering prices for Tmobile customers, but also all the other carriers as well and your complaining???
Like Jack Nicholson once said in a few good men "I'd rather you just said thanks"

For years AT&T treated people with their plastic corporate attitudes. It's about time they woke up and stopped ripping their customers off . I personally left AT&T & took up T - Mobiles Offer & They did just fine by me .I liked it so much that at the time of this writing My entire Organization switched over.Most people agree & like the actions of T - Mobiles CEO.John Legere
What is that telling us as a { "MOBILE NATION" } Maybe its time the plastic , phony, corporate image gets reviled for what it really is . Just maybe people are catching wise that their being ripped off big time not just on service but the price of their hardware. Just got to love corporate - capitalist America {What ever the market will bare & fools will be fools.} What a price to pay for bragging rights on a piece of plastic, ))) HAILS \,,/(òÓ,)\,,/ (((

I don't see what's wrong with this. John Legere is right that the wireless carriers has been screwing with customers for years and he telling for what it is. I mean that Apple dissed off Microsoft for years and Microsoft's bing is dissing off Google's search engine.

FYI I am not a t-mobile customer, rather I am currently using RingPlus' free phone service.

Im sorry but this article is very over the top. I work for T mobile, there is no bullshit when customers come into my store and are very tired of ATT and other carriers. I understand our CEO just is very open and expresses himself not like most CEO's but thats why I like him. I actually had a customer come from ATT and say the only reason I switched to T Mobile is because of your CEO. I was like wow, well he really opened up the books last year I can see why. Just because he went overboard and criticized ATT doesnt mean its the wrong way to gain customers.

Andrew, I agree that the "gentleman's quotient" of the recent T-mobile stunt is pretty low, but I disagree that it's likely to hurt the company. Watch Superbowl advertising sometime...tasteless doesn't exactly cause companies to shed consumers. I also suspect that the comments were aimed less at making converts but more at reassuring current (or recent) T-mobile customers that AT&T's offer isn't worth their time.

Don't get me wrong, I too would prefer a world where companies competed with straight-forward and accurate talk, but alas that doesn't appear to the world we live in (or at least not the world that our marketing lives in).

I walked into a T-Mobile store today. Their pricing isn't really all that cheaper than AT&T's at all. Once you add in JUMP, the mandatory 2.0 GB High Speed Data and phone payment your at a $100. Same story with AT&T and they have no contracts either and NEXT.

Why is AT&T made out to be so expensive and bad? if ANYONE is, its Verizon!

"2.0" gigs of data? I have unlimited on Tmo. Not that useless "2.0" gigs that you mentioned.

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Ok, I just did a comparison to pricing with Tmobile.
I have 4 lines at Tmobile with unlimited talk and text and 2.5gbs data on all 4 lines with throttling after I reach 10gbs. No overage since no caps, just slower than 1st 10gb.
Line 1 $60.00
Line 2 $40.00
Line 3 $20.00
Line 4 $20.00

Total $140.00 plus tax

I could go 100% unlimited (no throttling) on all 4 lines for $40.00 more
Total $180.00 plus tax

Since my usage is a little over and a little under 2.5 I'm fine with a little throttling.

I added 4 lines to ATT with 10gb data = to my current Tmobile plan and same unlimited talk and text.

To get the subsidized phones (saving $385 per line x 4 $1540) on lumina 1520 I get
Line 1 $140.00
Line 2 $40.00
Line 3 $40.00
Line 4 $40.00
Total = A WHOPPING $260.00.
This difference gets worse if I add more lines, say a 5th or 6th at $40.00 extra per line shooting me up to 300 or more with ATT.

So $120 difference per month x 24 months (2yr contract req for subsidy) = $2880 - $1540 subsidy = $1340 savings by paying monthly at tmobile or just buying all 4 upfront.

So let's compare NON subsidy plan.

Line 1 $100.00 + $40.00 - $15.00 non subsidy = $125.00
Line 2 $40.00-$15.00 non subsidy = $25.00
Line 3 $40.00-$15.00 non subsidy = $25.00
Line 4 $40.00-$15.00 non subsidy = $25.00
Total $200.00 plus tax on non subsidy plan with 10gb data

That's $60.00 per month with just 4 lines and $100.00 to $140 more if you add just 1-2 lines.
Assuming you stay with 4 lines only, $60.00 x 12 months = $720.00 per year, (or 2-3 car payments) x 2 years = $1440 x 3 years = $2160, etc. And If you think your never going over 10GB then your fooling yourself and if you don't go over ever then you have too expensive of a plan anyway in which case you could drop cost on the tmobile and save even more.
So make sure you add in some amount for overage each year. Maybe $30 bucks over 4 times a year would be a low estimate. That's another $120.00 in overages per year pushing that $720.00 to almost $900.00 a year! WOW that's a mortgage payment for most ppl.

So the truth is it is a heck of a lot cheaper than ATT, but nice try.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention, ATT does not have unlimited, BUT you can get 50 GB shared for the low price of $400.00 per month, but wait, they still charge 15 per gb over that LOLOLOLOL. WOW what a joke ATT is.

Well it seems like what T-Mobile is doing is working. It has you all talking about it now doesn't it. Press is press and the comments section here sure has a lot of people who claim to not care talking a whole lot.

No such thing as bad press.
This "article" that hosted it was complete with whining and playground hurt feelings - but it certainly got everyone talking.
The math doesn't lie. if Tmo service is strong in your area and it can stand up to your travel then it will provide comparable service at a lower cost. In order to get sustainability out of the smaller profit per customer its opting for by undercutting the competition Tmo needs more customers. A-la back to the topic at hand - getting your name out there in any way because there is no such thing as bad press. Tmo has shareholders who care about their dollars like any other major company and putting a lot more hamsters on the wheel is the only way to get that with their current strategy.

I'm amused by people who don't really need to use their smartphones. I do, and I need coverage everywhere, in every state. I'm home 6-8 days a month on average.

When T-Mobile becomes a nationwide carrier, not a glorified regional one, and offers a lower priced unlimited no contract plan, and an signal to use it on, I'll leave Verizon.

And that will not happen in my lifetime.

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I think poking fun is a great way to show and disprove common belief.
Majority of technological illiterates get apple products. They dont know why, they just see apple and think its the best automatically.

Meanwhile Windows and Amazon Kindle are poking fun of the "mighty" ipad showing that their products can do more, look sharper, weigh less, and cost less. I am constantly showing up iphone users by showing what my android can do and their iPhone cant.

Same goes for phone companies. If you dont want to pay for verizon really good call coverage, then there is no reason to go with sprint or ATT. Tmobile (just like android) has been seen as the poor version. But now in days with vast improvements tmobile still offers the bargain price but with amazing service. the idiots are those who pay high prices for something that isnt high quality anymore.

haha, I love the iphone vs analogy! Great points. I'm not the kind of person who likes to brag about how much I paid for my car, rather, how much I saved!
Now the itards will start defending their iphones now that you brought "i" up. It's like they all have software that tells them someone just bashed apple on a forum somewhere.

I love this editorial. Great work!

I enjoyed T-mobile's stunts for awhile, but it keeps going on and on and I see no improvements to their network. Enough is enough - you're absolutely right that they should focus on their own positives over AT&T's negatives. I had to give up T-mo this month for an AT&T mvno. Legere and the marketing department's stunts are entertaining enough, but they're not going to get me to switch back. Only improved coverage will.

This is just my experience...but tmo's service is sh*t. I have been with them for 8 years and never realized how crappy it was until my wife and I got a family plan. We used to be able to speak with few problems...you know typical tmo stuff (I'd drop a call a few times a week), now with both of us on tmo...its horrible... multiple dropped calls per day, unsent texts, never received texts...etc. We are both switching to at&t next month. So to sum up, we fell for the new marketing scheme, but the product is crap. I agree, tmo needs to quit the smack talking and look at economical ways to improve their network.

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I used to have t.mobile like two days ago. I used the JUMP! which they refused to let me use due to a clerical mistake. Fine. But if u go outside the city where I am in u Have NO DATA! At least at&t has DATA?!

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What concerns me about Mr. Martonik's article is not his opinion, opinions are just that personal feelings, but the fact the one of Android Central's sister sites, iMore ran approximately the same article.

That is concerning because it smells (could be coincidence just as likely) like there was an editorial decision to write a negative story about T-Mobile and Mr. Martonik was handed the task for Android Central while another writer was handed the task at iMore.

I would have been happier if there was a small disclosure that there is a similar story over at iMore, but that Mr. Martonik wrote his story separately or if it was in conjunction with iMore that Mr. Martonik wrote his story in conjunction with or in collaboration with whoever at iMore.

Just my two cents,

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If TMO had a reasonably priced international roaming package that included the cruise ships (Verizon does) they would be perfect. I know that Verizon's $25/100Mb international data roaming isn't a smokin' deal, it's a lot better than AT&T's $21/Mb TMO's $15/Mb at sea. The $25/100Mb at Verizon is what is keeping me there right now...