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T-Mobile USA is in a bit of a transition phase right now to say the least. After picking up a new CEO, it is now pushing forward into its acquisition (really a reverse takeover) with MetroPCS. There's now a little more shakeup going around, and T-Mobile is appointing a new CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to the company. Michael Sievert is a marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, formerly holding positions at Clearwire, AT&T Wireless, Microsoft and IBM.

The appointment of a new CMO will be important to the future of T-Mobile's branding and image, which has suffered as of late. As the company attempts to transition from postpaid to prepaid and move away from its dependence on device subsidies, T-Mobile is going to need plenty of marketing help to figure things out and keep customers on board.

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This is a good thing, Michael Sievert is a very smart guy who knows his stuff. I expect to see Positive changes soon from him. My first suggestion? get rid of the Motorcycle.... yea, I said it!

SebastianNap says:

Keep Carly the T Mobile girl PLEEEAAASSEEEEEEE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcmfCXwAFs4

AngstKeiner says:

Keep Carly AND bring back Katherine Zeta Jones - that way you can appeal to more than one generation! ;)

I concur. Keep Carly or I'll leave you T-Mobile. You have been warned.

Oh BTW, please don't have a douchebag looking guy like that guy on AT&T.